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Foods For Urinary Tract Health

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Hills Science Diet Adult Urinary Hairball Canned Cat Food

Which healing foods prevent urinary system infections?

Hills Science Diet Urinary & Hairball Control falls just in between our other two wet cat food picks on price and nutritional value.

It ranks as one of the most affordable foods for promoting a healthy urinary tract and has the added bonus of reducing furballs by incorporating a natural fiber blend.

As with the other urinary health cat foods weve picked out for you, it contains the optimal level of magnesium to help restore a balance to the pH levels of your cats urine.

Hills science are well known for manufacturing some of the best healthy cat food that combats a range of different common illnesses in cats. Much like the Purina formulas, each of their veterinarian developed cat foods are nutritionally complete, so can be used daily for each meal.

Hills 100% satisfaction guarantee will have you covered even if your cat doesnt like it. Money back guarantees are a great sign that manufacturers have confidence in their product, and this makes it a great option for fussy felines.

As with most diet changes, Hills suggest that you gradually introduce your cat to this food. You can transition by feeding an ever increasing amount of the new food and decreasing amounts of their old food over a 7 day period. This should be plenty of time to avoid any disturbances in their appetite or gut.

Best For Senior Cats: Blue Buffalo W+u Weight Management + Urinary Care Wet Food

Key Ingredients: Chicken, chicken broth and liver, pea protein, potatoes, whitefish, carrots, cranberries | Calories per Serving: 68 | Balance: Crude Protein min. 8.5%, Crude Fat min. 2.5%, Crude Fiber max. 4%, Moisture max. 78% | Life Stage: Adult, senior | Texture: Paté

  • Manages two problems with one food

  • Grain-free

  • Prescription required

Obesity can be a problem for senior kitties who become less active as they age, especially for indoor only cats and those with health problems that sap their energy or reduce their mobility. Since some urinary problems are more common in senior, overweight and/or obese cats, it makes sense to consider a food that provides ideal levels of fat, calories, and fiber to help your cat manage its weight as well as controlled mineral levels to keep urine pH lower to prevent crystal and stone formation.

Blue Buffalo W+U Weight Management and Urinary Care canned wet food is an excellent choice carried by many veterinarians. With chicken as the first ingredient, this food also has added plant fiber in the form of powdered cellulose so your cat will feel fuller despite being a lower calorie food. Levels of magnesium and sodium are controlled to promote balanced urinary pH.

Blue Buffalo reports that its science-based formulas are developed by a team of PhD animal nutritionists, food scientists, and veterinarians.

Do’s And Dont’s While Following Diet Plan For Urinary Tract Infection

To Avoid urinary tract infection, you can start doing some simple changes in your lifestyles and food habits which are mentioned below, along with the diet plan:

  • Do consider cotton. Women should wear cotton underwear or cotton-lined panty hose to help stay fresher and dryer. Guys should go for boxer shorts.
  • Don’t drink alcohol. Alcohol is an irritant to your bladder, just what you don’t need when you’re dealing with an infection.
  • Do cut the caffeine. Also avoid caffeine-loaded drinks such as caffeinated soda pop, coffee, and tea.
  • Do pull out a nonprescription pain reliever.
  • Do go with the flow. After urinating, be sure to wipe from front to back to keep bacteria from getting close to the urethra.
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    What Foods Calm The Bladder

    The American Urological Association also recognizes some foods as potentially having a calming effect on sensitive bladders. These foods include pears, bananas, green beans, squash, potatoes, lean proteins, whole grains, nuts, bread, and eggs.

    Remember that these are general guidelines and mainly apply to sensitive bladders. In the following section we will discuss what is known regarding food and cancer/ bladder cancer. For specific guidelines related to other bladder conditions you may wish to refer to American Urological Association resources available at If you are concerned about your bladder symptoms, seek advice from your doctor.

    Artificial Sweeteners May Worsen Bladder Symptoms

    Pro Plan Focus Urinary Tract Health Canned Cat Food

    When you’re trying to cut calories at every corner, artificial sweeteners may seem like a healthy replacement for sugar. But if you’ve got a urinary tract infection, its possible that your bladder infection symptoms may worsen if you use artificial sweeteners. While one study found that artificial sweeteners worsened bladder symptoms in people with chronic interstitial cystitis, there’s no real proof they irritate the bladder when you have a simple UTI. But if these fake sweeteners bother you, skip them.

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    Common Bladder Problems And When To Seek Help

    Bladder problems can disrupt day-to-day life. When people have bladder problems, they may avoid social settings and have a harder time getting tasks done at home or at work. Common bladder problems include urinary tract infections, urinary incontinence, and urinary retention.

    Some signs of a bladder problem may include:

    • Inability to hold urine or leaking urine
    • Needing to urinate more frequently or urgently
    • Cloudy urine
    • Pain or burning before, during, or after urinating
    • Trouble starting or having a weak stream while urinating
    • Trouble emptying the bladder

    If you experience any of these symptoms, talk to your health care provider.

    Treatment for bladder problems may include behavioral and lifestyle changes, exercises, medications, surgery, or a combination of these treatments and others. For more information on treatment and management of urinary incontinence, visit Urinary Incontinence in Older Adults.

    Dont Suffer With Bladder Problems Norman Urology Can Help

    Even when you eat the right foods, bladder problems can occur. Whether youre suffering from incontinence or a suspected urinary tract infection, or just want more advice to keep your bladder healthy, Norman Urology has the answers and the most current treatments. And you can count on superior, specialized care from experienced, compassionate professionals.

    Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment. We cant wait to meet you!

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    Castor & Pollux Organix Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe

    Wholesome natural ingredients are the most digestible for your dog and improved digestibility means that he gets more nutrition from the food he eats.

    This Castor & Pollux Organix Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Canned Food is a nutrient-rich and highly digestible recipe because it features a selection of organic ingredients.

    This USDA certified organic formula also includes minimally processed fruits and vegetables to provide natural sources of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for skin and coat support, plus optimal levels of calcium and phosphorus for bone and joint health. It is also crafted in small batches to ensure optimal nutrition and is completely free from corn, wheat, soy, and artificial additives.

    • Pros: Rich in moisture and wholesome natural ingredients, certified organic ingredients, rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, rich in antioxidants for urinary health
    • Cons: Somewhat more expensive than the average canned food

    Super Foods For Bladder Health

    How to Treat Urinary Tract Infection | Food & Healthy Recipes

    July 11, 2018 by Digital Production

    Many of us take our ability to rid our bodies of urine at will for granted and dont realize how lucky we are to have a healthy bladder until an issue arises. However, bladder complications are quite common, especially among women who are often prone to urinary tract infections. While a UTI is temporary, other bladder conditions may be ongoing when injury or illness is involved. No matter the cause or duration of your situation, everyone can take steps to improve overall bladder health to potentially reduce the severity of any undesirable symptoms. One way of doing that is through proper nutrition and consuming foods supercharged with nutrients that aid with the functions of the bladder and other elements of the urinary system. Here are some of our superfood recommendations:

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    Health Benefits And Nutritional Value For Urinary Tract Health

    Chicken is an excellent source of animal protein also rich in niacin, selenium, phosphorus, vitamin B6, etc. The green peas supply him with vitamins A, C, and K, etc. Pumpkins are known to be a great source of vitamin A, and it protects the eyes. The natural sugars in bananas and the high phosphorus content of them make it a healthy dessert for your dog!

    How To Treat And Prevent Urinary Stones

    Urinary crystals are sometimes a by-product of urinary tract infections. So if your dog has urine with crystals, then the first thing you should do is, take the dog to the vet and, according to the prescription, give him antibiotics to kill off the bacteria thats causing the UTI.

    A prescription diet is always helpful to soothe the irritation and help dissolve the crystals and stones that have formed. However, if the stones do not go away with diet and medicines alone, then surgical procedures might be needed to be performed on your dog. Nowadays, your dog doesnt have to undergo any major surgery, and you can have a laparoscopy performed on your dog for the removal of any bladder and kidney stones.

    Maintaining a prescription diet before the stones form and drinking lots of water can prevent the formation of stones and help flush out any minor stone formation.

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    What Causes Urinary Tract Infections

    Normal urine is sterile and contains fluids, salts, and waste products. It does not contain bacteria, viruses, or fungi. A UTI occurs when germs, most often bacteria from the digestive tract, get into the opening of the urethra and start to multiply.

    Most UTIs are caused by E. coli bacteria, which normally live in the colon.

    What Can I Do If I Have Bladder Pain From Foods


    Living with bladder irritation can be uncomfortable. But you can take steps to remove irritants from your diet and reduce pain. Avoid foods that irritate your bladder, and remember that water is important. Drinking enough water helps you feel more comfortable after you eat foods that irritate your bladder.

    A note from Cleveland Clinic

    Bladder discomfort can be frustrating and even embarrassing. Conditions like IC can make you feel like you need to pee even after youve already gone to the bathroom, and your bladder can hurt a lot. But you can get help to reduce irritation. Talk to your healthcare provider about your bladder irritation and possible food and drink causes.

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    Consider Reducing Your Caffeine Intake

    Drinking caffeinated beverages may irritate your bladder and serve as a diuretic . The more caffeine you drink, the more you may have to urinate.

    Too much caffeine can also result in dehydration, which can increase your risk of kidney stones, bladder infections, and other problems. There is some evidence that women with interstitial cystitis, also known as IC, should avoid caffeine.

    Best Homemade Dog Food Recipes For Urinary Tract Health

    Urinary tract infections, also known as UTIs, are a common health condition in dogs. Dogs are clueless about germs, and they tend to get dirty a lot. Sometimes your dogs urinary tract can get infected with bacteria, and the consequence can be painful for him or her. Female dogs tend to catch urinary tract infections more than male dogs. It also seems to target diabetic dogs, dogs with kidney problems, and Cushings disease. But it can happen to any dog.Your dog can also have bladder stones or other urinary tract health problems. The good news is, its treatable with medicines and special care like homemade dog food for urinary tract health.

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    How Are Urinary Tract Infections Diagnosed

    Your doctor will review your medical history and do a physical exam. Other tests may include:

    • Urinalysis. Lab testing of urine is done to check for various cells and chemicals, such as red and white blood cells, germs , or a lot of protein.

    If UTIs become a repeated problem, other tests may be used to see if the urinary tract is normal. These tests may include:

    • Intravenous pyelogram . This is a series of X-rays of the kidney, ureters , and bladder. It uses a contrast dye injected into a vein. This can be used to find tumors, structural abnormalities, kidney stones, or blockages. It also checks blood flow in the kidneys.
    • Cystoscopy. In this test, a thin, flexible tube and viewing device is put in through the urethra to examine the bladder and other parts of the urinary tract. Structural changes or blockages, such as tumors or stones can be found.
    • Kidney and bladder ultrasound. This imaging test uses high-frequency sound waves to make images of the bladder and the kidneys on a computer screen. The test is used to determine the size and shape of the bladder and the kidneys, and check for a mass, kidney stone, cysts, or other blockages or abnormalities.

    What Are The Symptoms Of Bladder Cancer

    Homemade Dog Food for Urinary Tract Health Recipe
    • Blood in the urine is the most common symptom of bladder cancer and often the first sign noticed. Depending on the amount of blood present, urine can appear red, pink, or brownish in color. There may be no associated pain, and long periods of time between episodes of hematuria .
    • Changes in urinary habits and symptoms of urinary irritation, which may include increased frequency and urgency of urination, pain or a burning sensation during urination, and/or difficulty passing urine.
    • If bladder cancer has grown in size or spread to other areas of the body, the symptoms experienced will depend on how far and to where the cancer has spread. They may include, for example, lower back pain on one side of the body, appetite and/or weight loss, general weakness, or bone pain.

    As hematuria and urinary symptoms are common to several bladder disorders, including bladder cancer, it is important to see your doctor if you are experiencing any of these symptoms so that the cause can be determined.

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    Can Drinking Alcohol Cause A Uti

    You may know that beer, wine, and liquor can irritate your stomach if youve got reflux or an ulcer, and alcohol can irritate the bladder, too, particularly if you have a bladder infection. Though you want to get plenty of fluids when youve got a UTI, its important to avoid alcohol. So, take a hiatus from cocktails at least while youre trying to flush out the bacteria and recover from a urinary tract infection.

    Foods To Avoid With Uti

    1) Beer and UTI:

    Alcohol, particularly beer, may cause irritation in your bladder and even worsen the infection. Hence, you should avoid alcohol and other caffeinated drinks, especially when recovering from a urinary tract infection. UTI symptoms may worsen after drinking alcohol.

    2) Acidic fruits and vegetables:

    Undoubtedly, eating fruits is good for health. However, fruits that are too acidic can worsen the bladder. So, avoid taking lemons, oranges, tomatoes, and grapes when you are trying to recover from UTI. Similarly, pineapple, strawberries, peaches, and plums are also some of the UTI foods to avoid.

    3) Skip spicy food:

    Spicy foods also cause irritation and make the situation even worse. So, opt for unflavored and unappetizing, foods since these are the best diet for UTI prevention. Also, stay away from artificial sweeteners since they are known to increase the risks associated with UTI infections. E.coli loves sugar. With the increased consumption of sugar in the body, the acid level of urine becomes more welcoming for the bacteria. This allows the infection to grow more rapidly.

    Your diet plays a crucial role in maintaining or deteriorating overall health. The diet you follow has a more significant impact on UTI contractions.

    A healthy diet of antioxidant-rich food and beverages can help reduce the symptoms in the first place. But, if the infection continues to persist for long, consult your urologist.

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    Beverages That May Increase Or Reduce Uti Risk

    Studies have also found a connection between the consumption of certain beverages and UTIs.

    Older research has shown that soda intake may be associated with recurrent UTIs. An older study from 1985 involving 225 women demonstrated that drinking cola soft drinks was strongly associated with UTIs .

    Some studies have likewise shown that certain beverages can act as irritants to the bladder and are connected to lower urinary tract symptoms.

    A study in 30 women found that reducing potentially irritating foods and beverages, including coffee, tea, alcohol, and carbonated and artificially sweetened beverages, reduced lower urinary tract symptoms, including how urgently and frequently they needed to urinate .

    However, the researchers could not determine whether the reduction in symptoms was caused by the reduction of one or all of the potentially irritating beverages .

    Another study that included 4,145 adults also found associations between coffee and soda intake and infections of the lower urinary tract .

    Conversely, some studies have shown that certain foods and beverages may help reduce the risk of UTIs.

    A 2003 study that included 324 women found that frequently drinking freshly squeezed, 100% juice especially berry juice, as well as consuming fermented dairy products like yogurt, was associated with a decreased risk of UTI occurrence .

    Additionally, increasing water intake may help reduce UTI occurrence in certain populations.

    How To Make This Homemade Food For Dogs:

    Purina Pro Plan Focus

    Cook the white rice in a bowl the usual way. In the meantime, brown the ground beef. After you have prepped the rice and the ground beef, mix all of the ingredients together. You can store this in a sealed box for at least 3 months or keep the leftovers in the refrigerator for three to five days. You can also make the food in bulk and feed it to your dog for months.

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