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Supplements To Reduce Urinary Frequency

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Natural Remedies For Overactive Bladder

Top 6 Home Remedies for Frequent Urination (DAY and NIGHT!)

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Herbs have long been used as botanical medicine and have been popular throughout Europe and Asia. Here in the U.S., there has been growing interest in natural supplements that may help overactive bladder and urinary leakage.

The herbal supplements youve seen advertised on the internet or lining the shelves of your local pharmacy may claim they can relieve your overactive bladder with virtually no side effects You might have wondered, do these herbal remedies really work for overactive bladder, or are they nothing more than marketing hype?

There is no substantial evidence to support all natural herbal remedies, although few herbal remedies are formulated specifically for overactive bladder. Most of the herbal preparations contain not one, but several different herbs combined. Incorporating a variety of herbs is thought to have a synergistic effect possibly addressing a urinary problem from several different areas.

Here are some of the most commonly used herbal remedies for overactive bladder, and how some experts think they work:

Saw palmetto: Several studies have focused on saw palmetto for urinary symptoms, particularly in men who have an enlarged prostate gland. Doctors arent exactly sure how saw palmetto works, but they say its benefits might have something to do with its ability to fight inflammation, as well as its effects on testosterone levels .

Symptoms Causes & Risk Factors

When you feel like you have lost control of your bladder to the point that is so frequent that it adversely affects your quality of life, its probably time to see a doctor.

Age and gender have a big role to play in determining urinary incontinence risk.

Urinary incontinence in women is much more common than it is in men, and the risk of urinary incontinence increases with age .

Other risk factors for urinary incontinence include:

There are a number of different types of urinary incontinence, each brought about by different causes. Three of the most common types include:

  • Stress Incontinence Despite what it sounds like, stress incontinence does not actually have to do emotional stress. Rather, it means that the muscles of your pelvis may be weakened or damaged and may leak urine as a result of the strain from coughing or physical activity.
  • Urge Incontinence Sometimes referred to as an overactive bladder, this type of urinary incontinence arises when you consistently feel the need to use the washroom even your bladder is essentially empty. It can occur in both men and women, especially postmenopausal women and men who have prostate issues.
  • Overflow Incontinence This type of urinary incontinence is more common in men with prostate issues and occurs because of a blockage in the bladder which means it does not empty properly and eventually leads to urine leaking out because it remains too full.

So what can be done about it?

Vitamins That Cause Frequent Urination

A healthy, balanced diet rich in essential nutrients provides many benefits, including urinary health. Eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water will go a long way in promoting normal frequency and quality of urine. Some vitamin supplements, when taken in excess, can cause frequent urination.

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Havasu Nutrition Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto reduces the symptoms of frequent urination by inhibiting the production of DHT which is responsible for overactive bladder thus reducing frequent urination. Count this supplement to one of the best supplements for frequent urination.

How Does It Work?

The saw palmetto fruit inhibits the production of two molecules that are converted to dihydrotestosterone which stimulates tissues in the prostate and the urinary tract thus causing an overactive bladder. It also contains antioxidants that reduce inflammation.

Side Effects

You may experience headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting when you first start taking saw palmetto but this side effect disappears after a few days of use as your body adjust to the supplement.

How to use:

Take one saw palmetto pill daily for some time depending on your suitability and medical condition.


  • It reduces the symptoms of frequent urination by inhibiting the production of DHT which is responsible for overactive bladder thus reducing frequent urination.


  • It may cause nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting as you first start taking saw palmetto but this side effect disappears after a few days of use as your body adjusts to the supplement.

Kegel Exercises And Muscle Training

PROSTATOOL natural vegan prostate health supplement lower urinary ...

You can also do special pelvic floor exercises, or Kegel exercises, in addition to regular exercise. Kegel exercises strengthen the muscles to minimize involuntary contractions and improve posture. Its also one of the safest behavioral therapies without side effects and complications.

To do Kegel exercises:

  • Try stopping your urine mid-stream when going. The muscles you use are pelvic floor muscles. This is what youll focus on contracting during Kegel exercises.
  • Focus on tightening those muscles when you have an empty bladder. Hold this position for about five seconds at a time. Relax the muscles and then repeat five times. As your muscles get stronger, increase the duration to 10 seconds and 10 repetitions. Perform the exercises 10 or more times a day.
  • Breathe normally when doing these exercises.
  • Avoid squeezing your stomach, thighs, or buttocks instead of your pelvic floor muscles.
  • You can also talk to a physical therapist to see if youre squeezing the right muscles.

    Yes, Kegel exercises works for men, too »

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    Other Herbs And Supplements

    These herbs and supplements may work for OAB, but they still lack clinical scientific data and studies to support their effectiveness. These herbs and supplements include:

    • gosha-jinki-gan, a Chinese herbal blend, which is shown to improve symptoms, but may also cause nausea and diarrhea
    • corn silk, no direct study for OAB
    • capsaicin, no direct study for OAB
    • kohki tea, not yet studied in humans

    You can read more about the studies behind these supplements here.

    Mind-body treatments may be very helpful for your OAB. The following approaches may ease symptoms as well as help you cope with symptoms.

    What Causes A Uti

    These infections are the result of enhanced levels of bacteria colonizing the urogenital tract. It is a commonly acquired type of infection found in both hospitalized and non-hospitalized individuals, per Estimates are that up to 50 times as many women as men experience UTIs, and that 40 to 50 percent of women will suffer at least one UTI in their lifetime. If treated properly and promptly, UTIs rarely turn into a serious illness, although a UTI left untreated can lead to kidney infection and possibly involve permanent damage.

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    The Top 6 Supplements For Uti Prevention

    If you have ever had a UTI, you probably want to make sure you never have another one. We have researched which urinary health products have the best science to support their use.

    Our selections are the top 6 urinary tract health products, with a link to find them on Amazon.

    Why we love it: This product contains many of the best-researched supplements to help prevent UTI. D-mannose, cranberry, hibiscus and dandelion are all packed together in a vegan-friendly cellulose capsule.

    The product is free of gluten, soy, wheat, dairy and additives. It also contains no genetically modified organisms and is, therefore, non-GMO.

    The product is made in the USA and is cGMP certified, meaning that it complies with the FDAs Good Manufacturing Processes. A single bottle contains 120 capsules. As the serving size is 2 capsules a day, the item will last 60 days. Each serving contains 1000mg of D-mannose, 150mg of cranberry juice powder from the fruit, 150mg of hibiscus flower, and 100mg of dandelion root extract. Since dandelion is related to ragweed, you may want to avoid the product if you have a ragweed allergy. Further, because hibiscus is in the mallow family with marshmallow and hollyhock, it may cause a reaction if you are allergic to those plants.

    Amazon users like this product, which is a strong seller among urinary health products. Many reviewers have noted that it seems to prevent or reduce their UTIs.

    Amla Banana And Honey

    Overactive Bladder Diet – Key Foods to AVOID with Urgency

    Amla, or also called Indian gooseberry, is widely used in various medications that are prepared by Indian medicine. The high sources of antioxidants in amla help you to cleanse your bladder as well as improve the strength of its muscle. In addition, amla juice can also aid in increasing the strength of your sphincter. Therefore, it is a good way for people whose sphincter and muscles of the urinary bladder are weakened.


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    Promising Clinical Study Results

    In 2003, 38 women between 35 and 78 took BetterWOMAN for 60 days as part of a clinical trial. These women reported bladder control symptoms like leakage, urgency, and high frequency before trying BetterWOMAN. After the 60 days, the participants reported:

    • Reduced urinary urgency *

    These results suggest that BetterWOMAN may help ease symptoms associated with bladder control problemsall without the need for prescription medications.*

    Vitamins That Irritate The Bladder

    While some vitamins can help with bladder health, its important to know that others can worsen your symptoms if you have bladder troubles.Nonetheless, some vitamins you may wish to avoid are:

    • Vitamin C many patients with interstitial cystitis report that taking a Vitamin C supplement causes bladder flares and trigger a need to go in women. However, Vitamin C found naturally in food doesnt appear to cause issues
    • Iron supplements excess iron can cause constipation, which puts pressure on the bladder, causing leaks and discomfort1
    • -cryptoxanthin this is a vitamin found in food such as tangerines, red peppers and pumpkin.2 In a 2016 study, it was found to worsen voiding symptoms in individuals with lower urinary tract symptoms3
    • Any vitamin buffered with aspartame may increase urinary frequency and urgency4

    iD would recommend you speak to a doctor before making changes to your diet or taking supplements.

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    The Bottom Line On Supplements For Nocturia

    There are many causes of nocturia, and some supplements may be helpful in certain situations. For example, beta-sitosterol, pygeum bark, pine bark extract , lycopene and cranberry seem to help reduce nighttime urination in men with BPH and other prostate conditions. On the other hand, although saw palmetto is commonly promoted for improving symptoms of BPH , many studies suggest it doesn’t help. Among women, melatonin, cranberry, D-mannose and a specific product called AZO Bladder Control with Go Less, might improve nocturia caused by conditions such as overactive bladder or UTIs. Supplementing with vitamin D or probiotics is not known to help. In both men and women, glycine supplementation seems to be beneficial for nocturia associated with overactive bladder, prostate inflammation or other conditions. Valerian seems unlikely to help.

    Dietary Habits That May Affect Nocturia

    Natures Craft Prostate Support Supplement Formula for Gland Health ...

    As noted above, drinking too much fluid or consuming excess alcohol or caffeine can cause nocturia. In addition, getting too much sodium from dietary salt may increase thirst and subsequent fluid intake, which may increase the need to urinate at night. A study showed that even reducing daily salt intake from 10.7 grams to 8.0 grams reduced nocturia episodes by about 1 episode per night . See our CL Answer about salt substitutes for information about replacing regular table salt with salt substitutes.

    On the other hand, getting more of certain foods has been linked with reduced episodes of nighttime urination. For example, a 4-year study in China among men with LUTS and erectile dysfunction found that those who consumed high levels of dark and leafy vegetables had decreased storage symptoms, including nocturia, by about 33% compared to consuming only a moderate amount . On the other hand, there was no link between higher intake of soy foods, cruciferous vegetables or citrus fruits and reduced storage symptoms 2016).

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    Dietary Changes And Fluid Management

    One of the most straightforward methods in the treatment of OAB involves making dietary changes. This involves cutting out several known food irritants from the diet and limiting fluid intake.

    Foods to avoid

    Foods and drinks, which are known to cause or worsen the symptoms of OAB include:

    As triggers from food vary from person to person, it can be helpful for people to keep a diary detailing food intake and bladder symptoms. A diary can help people work out which foods are causing the greatest problems.

    Manage fluid intake

    Drinking enough water is essential for health. Too little water can lead to concentrated urine, which can irritate the bladder lining, increasing urgency. Too many liquids may worsen frequency symptoms. Fluid intake before bed can contribute to urinating during the night.

    A , published in Research and Reports in Urology, recommends limiting fluid intake to 6 to 8 glasses of water daily, and avoiding liquids for 2 to 3 hours before bedtime.

    Herbal Remedies For An Overactive Bladder

    Bladderwrack: This is a form of seaweed rich in iodine. Although commonly used to treat an underactive thyroid, it can also be beneficial for treating an overactive bladder.

    Gosha-jinki-gan: Studies have found this Japanese herb to be effective in reducing overactive bladder symptoms, particularly in men with an enlarged prostate. Horsetail: This herb has been found to aid in urinary leaks, bladder stones, and urinary tract infections.

    Goldenseal root: This is considered a great treatment for urinary tract infections. You can drink it as a tea or take it orally as a supplement.

    Uva ursi : The leaves of this plant have been found to help treat urinary tract infections.

    Buchu: Dried leaves of buchu can be steeped in a tea to reduce bladder infections.

    Hachi-mi-jio-gan: This Chinese herb has been found to relax bladder muscles to prevent spasms.

    Cleavers: The leaves are usually brewed in a tea to help relieve urinary tract infections. Some patients have noted it can soothe an overactive bladder too.Cornsilk: These fine threads are packed with antioxidants and vitamins to help fight bladder infections and have recently been used to treat overactive bladder.

    Ganoderma lucidum: This mushroom is common in Chinese medicine, and a Japanese study found it can prevent prostate enlargement to reduce the risk of overactive bladder in men.

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    When To See A Healthcare Provider

    If you suspect that you have a UTI, consult your healthcare provider as soon as possible.

    Even mild infections can quickly worsen and spread to other parts of your body, potentially leading to very serious health consequences.

    Thus, attempting to diagnose and treat yourself for a UTI without the guidance of a medical professional is not recommended.

    Instead, communicate openly and let your healthcare provider know if youre interested in trying herbal alternatives instead of antibiotics. They will be able to help you create the safest, most effective treatment plan for your infection.


    Even mild UTIs can quickly worsen and cause more serious complications. Thus, its important to seek help from a qualified healthcare professional and discuss your desire for a more natural treatment plan.

    The Best Vitamins And Supplements To Support The Urinary System

    This Vitamin Is Proven To STOP Proteinuria FAST and Repair Kidneys

    Many of us take for granted the routineness of going to the bathroom simply to urinate. Most often were at home, at the office or in school and when we get the urge, we get up and go and dont think much of it. After all, its nature calling. Its a different story, though, for anyone with a urinary system problem such as a urinary tract infection , which usually is accompanied by pain as well as other symptoms that tell us something is wrong.

    For anyone suffering from a urinary tract infection, there is nothing routine or normal about it the pain can be sharp and unsettling. Yet, it is a relatively common affliction that affects millions of people every year, per, with women much more likely to contract a UTI.

    Symptoms of a UTI include:

    • Pain or burning when urinating
    • Frequent urination
    • A strong odor to the urine
    • Pain even when not urinating
    • Nausea/vomiting
    • Pain below the ribs, either in the back or on the sides
    • Women might feel discomforting pressure above the pubic bone

    Another problem for men is a change in urinary health related to an enlarged prostate, also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia , per When the prostate enlarges, it can press in against the urethra, with that squeezing action hindering the ability to thoroughly empty the bladder, producing residual urine, possibly leading to a UTI.

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    Havasu Nutrition Apple Cider Vinegar

    Cider vinegar is an excellent home remedy to get rid of frequent urination in men and women. It contains various types of acids, enzymes, and minerals that work in the same way as antibiotics do. It is capable to be added to the list of the best supplements for frequent urination.

    How Does It Work?

    The main ingredient comes with anti-adhesive properties that stop the bacteria from sticking to your urinary organs so it becomes quite easy to get rid of frequent urination. Consequently, this helps you maintain a healthy urinary tract efficiently.

    Side Effects:

    • There are no side effects of using the product if you happen to be allergic to cider vinegar.
    • It does not have any chemicals, filler, added sugar, or gluten.

    How to use:

    You can take two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar twice every day with plain water before eating or drinking anything. But, make sure you do not exceed the dosage as it may lead to adverse reactions.


    Cleavers And Corn Silk

    Cleavers, or sticky willy, is a plant that clings to everything, as its name implies. Cleavers tea is marketed as detoxifying and as providing lymphatic support, but no evidence documents its use to reduce OAB symptoms.

    Corn silk, the strands you pluck from corn before eating it, is also used to make a tea. This tea is said to ease urinary tract infection symptoms, but no data backs up that claim. Nor is there scientific proof that corn silk would help OAB.

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