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Best Wet Food For Cats With Urinary Problems

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The Best Urinary Cat Food Reviewed

How to Prevent Urinary Issues in Cats

Brands such as Royal Canin, Blue Buffalo, and Hills Prescription Diet are among the top brands on Amazon and Chewy selling urinary cat foods. Plus, urinary diets come in different forms, including dry and canned foods. Here are some of the best options reviewed.

Summary: This cat food is specially designed to help maintain your cats urinary health by reducing urinary pH and providing low dietary magnesium. It is made with real turkey and has an excellent taste. It also contains linoleic acid, which is an omega-6 fatty acid in the dry formula that nourishes your cats skin and coat. It also contains calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals to maintain strong bones and teeth.

Type: Wet cat food

Best for:Adult cats and kittens

Price: $1.5/can

  • Supports a healthy immune system


  • Contains meat by-products& colors

Ingredient Analysis

  • Meat : Adds protein to your cats diet and also provides the essential nutrientsrequired for their health. However, it is not recommended by some vets.
  • Turkey: This is the primary protein source and offers a great flavor to the meal. It is loved by most cats.
  • Poultry : This adds a great poultry flavor to the meal making your cat come back for more. However, some vets do not recommend this product.
  • Taurine: This offers numerous health benefits for cats, helps improve digestion, and boosts immunity.

Type: Dry cat food

Best for: Adult and senior cats

Price: $12.5/pound

  • Often out of stock due to high demand

Ingredient Analysis


What Should I Look For In A Urinary Cat Food

When shopping for urinary health food, there are several things to consider. Here is a closer look at those factors.

  • Ingredients. The constituent ingredients in urinary cat food play an important role in the treatment process. Ingredients such as corn gluten meal, brewers rice, and meat by-product meals are not recommended.
  • Nutrients. It is best to discuss with your vet the kind of nutrients your cat needs to recover from urinary problems. These can fast-track the healing process. Amino acids, fatty acids, and antioxidants are health-boosting.
  • Grain-Free. Since grains are usually difficult for cats to digest, it is best that they are avoided. However, some cat foods contain grains to add bulk and volume. Discuss with your vet if your cat needspet food with grains.
  • Probiotics. Probiotics not only improve your cats digestive health but also enhance healing from various disorders. Urinary infections can lead to blood in urine and damage through stones and crystals. Probiotics can help heal these internal wounds.
  • Texture. We all know that cats are picky eaters, and therefore it is crucial to be aware of what food texture they would like. If going for kibble, get one with a crunchy texture. However, wet cat food replicates the cats natural diet better.

What To Look For In A Good Cat Food For Urinary Tract Health

You may not think that your cats diet matters much when, in fact, it is a key factor for his health. What your cat eats is directly linked to his short-term and long-term health. The higher the quality of his diet, the better his digestion and immunity will be which also means that hell be healthier over the long haul. If your cat has urinary issues, making healthy changes to his diet could help with those as well.

Here are some of the things we look for in a good cat food for urinary health:

It is important to remember that diet is not the only cause of urinary health problems in cats and therefore it is not the only treatment. Urinary issues in cats can be caused by numerous things, so youll need to talk to your veterinarian to determine the underlying cause and the best course of treatment.

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What Are The Symptoms Of A Urinary Tract Infection In Cats

Wet Food for Cats with Urinary Tract Problems

A cat that suffers from a urinary tract infection has difficulty urinating. He goes frequently on his litter but only manages to expel with difficulty. The urine is often pink, tinged with blood, and you can even find blood clots. A sick cat may also change its behavior and relieve itself next to its litter box or in other rooms. As cats are usually very clean animals, this behavior should alert you.

If there is a heavy infection, the cat may also develop a fever. He hurts when you touch his loins. He also licks his urinary tract a lot, trying to relieve the pain he is feeling.

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Prescription Brand Alternative: Hills Science Diet Urinary & Hairball Control Dry Food

Many prescription urinary diet brands also make non-prescription diets as well.

While these non-prescription versions dont have clinical trials backing them, they often have a similar ingredient profile considering that theyre made from the same brand and if youre looking for a close substitute they can be a good place to start.

Thats where Hills Science Diet Urinary & Hairball Control dry food enters the picture.

But whats the difference between the C/D prescription diet from Hills and this recipe?

The biggest difference is, of course, the lack of clinical trials supporting this diet when it comes to urinary health, and as weve already discussed thats what really sets prescription diets apart from the rest.

Beyond that, the list of ingredients is quite similar. We can see that the first 8 ingredients for the prescription C/D diet are:

Chicken, Whole Grain Corn, Corn Gluten Meal, Whole Grain Wheat, Brewers Rice, Pork Fat, Chicken Meal, Egg Product

Compared that to the first 8 ingredients in the non-prescription urinary and & hairball diet and we see:

Chicken, Whole Grain Wheat, Corn Gluten Meal, Pork Fat, Powdered Cellulose, Wheat Gluten, Chicken Liver Flavor, Dried Beet Pulp

While some smaller ingredients have been shifted, the big protein sources are similar across both recipes. But as Ive said before, theres more to these diets than just the first 8 ingredients and this is only to give you an idea of whats inside.

You can read some of those reviews and .

Get 30% Off And Free Shipping On Cat Food

As cats age, they develop different urinary problems and because your kitty is sneaky about it, you wont notice the symptoms unless you are very attentive. Sometimes this can be dangerous because if there is a blockage in the urethra, it can be fatal.

More often than not, the problem could be caused by Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease , which is a collection of various symptoms. There are several reasons for urinary health issues in cats but the most common ones are kidney stones, debris in the bladder and/or urethra, blockage in the urethra from urine build-up, and inflammation.

Stress, injury, congenital abnormality, and problems with the spinal cord can also be the contributory factors. However, theres one aspect that often goes unnoticed but it could be playing a major role in aggravating urinary problems and its symptoms.

It is the dietary intake of your cat. If your furry feline isnt getting proper nutrition, it will show up in form of health issues. Ingredients in cat food influence the pH of urine, its concentration, and volume.

In fact, manipulation of the pH of urine through food has proven to be effective in treating and preventing several urinary health issues in cats. There has been a study on this and it concluded the source of protein has a significant impact on urinary composition in cats.

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How To Order A Prescription Cat Food Online

If youre ordering a prescription cat food, you dont need to head to any specific store to get it. In fact, the most affordable way to order your prescription cat food is to do it online!

If youre worried about how to order a prescription cat food online, a site like Chewy makes it easy. You have two options. First, you can simply order the food and input your vets information. Chewy will reach out to your vet and get the prescription, and thats all you need to do!

Second, you can simply upload a picture of the subscription and then order the food. Afterward, Chewy will verify the subscription and send the food! Ordering a prescription cat food online couldnt be easier.

Best Raw Cat Food For Urinary Problems

Don’t Feed ‘Veterinary Diet’ for Urinary Disease in Cats?

Best raw cat food for urinary health: Darwins Natural Pet.


The solution to this dilemma, holistic veterinarians consistently point out, is to feed a cat the natural food it evolved on: raw meat. Cats in the wild dont develop this problem. They eat raw meat, which creates a naturally healthy level of acidic urine.

  • Most natural diet for cats
  • High in meat-based protein and moisture
  • Recommended by vets
  • Premade and sent to your door

Their natural selections are non prescription premade raw foods.

Please transition cat food slowly. Switching food too quickly can make your cat sick.

Tell Darwins about your cat and get 10 lbs of raw food for $14.95.

Check out my homemade cat food guide if youre interested.

Consider the natural remedies below .

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Best Dry Cat Food For Urinary Health

  • Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet Weight Management + Urinary Care for Cats
  • Pros

    • First ingredient here is boneless chicken
    • Fortified with vitamins, minerals, and natural fiber, this recipe is balanced and holistic for total feline health
    • This provides 38% protein, 11% fat, and a good amount of L-Carnitine for healthy metabolism
    • With chicken fat and flaxseed, it also offers Omega fats for lustrous coats and
    • Gives 352 calories per cup to encourage beneficial weight loss.


    • Compared with many other products, we consider this one of the best cat foods for urinary tract health. So no cons!
  • Hills Prescription Diet c/d Feline Urinary Tract Multicare, Chicken
    • Contains limited amounts of magnesium to encourage fewer struvite crystals
    • Includes egg for Omega-3, which encourages stronger, more radiant fur
    • Formulated to lower urinary tract pH levels and maintain good functioning
    • Uses wholesome chicken for a great flavor that your cat will adore and
    • Has a unique kibble texture to clean your cats teeth while she eats


    • The label suggests it contains zero fillers, however, corn gluten meal and ground corn are less nutritious than real meat.
  • Veterinary Diets Purina Feline UR Urinary Tract Dry Cat Food
  • Pros

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    How Much Magnesium And Phosphorus Is In Hills Science Diet C/d

    The last thing we need to consider is how much ash, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus is in the Hills diet. While theres much more to this diet than just these three metrics, its important to keep them in mind as we review our alternatives.

    Tiki Cat doesnt actually market itself as a urinary diet but still meets many of the standards wed want to see with a low ash content and even has less magnesium than Hills Science Diet C/D. Im a big fan of the Tiki Cat brand and I think theyre one of the more underrated cat foods on the market. Their branding can be a little silly but their cat food is anything but and their founder has a long history in the pet food industry.

    When you open a can or see a picture, youll notice that this food looks like a can of chicken- which is great news for our carnivorous kitties. Theres really no guesswork as far as whats inside and you can easily understand most of the ingredients.

    This cat food is also one of only a handful on the market that doesnt feature any of the common thickening agents like guar gum or xanthan gum. While some folks might not have an opinion on these ingredients, its a great quality for others.

    However, this is a premium cat food and if the price is the major motivator this might not make a great option. But if you want high-quality cat food without a prescription this Tiki Cat flavor could be a great option.

    You can see the latest price and .

    1. Chicken

    2. Chicken Broth

    3. Sunflower Seed Oil

    5. Taurine

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    How Many Times A Day Should I Feed My Cat Wet Food

    According to most vets, it is suggested that cats be fed wet food twice a day. Take a look at the recommended portion size for your cat and divide it into two meals.

    These two meals should be given to your pet 8-12 hours apart. However, depending on your cats requirements and your vets suggestion, you can alter the daily amount for the best results.

    Final Thoughts: 5 Best Cat Foods For Urinary Tract Health

    How to Treat and Prevent Urinary Tract Infections in Cats

    The best food for your cats urinary health is one thats grain-free, low in magnesium but high in moisture.

    The reason is that dry cat food can lead to FLUTD, so its better to choose something thatll keep your cat in good health and be at a low risk of more diseases.

    Your cat needs some sort of hydration because of their urinary tract and only a high quality canned food or a balanced raw diet can provide adequate health for your cat. Also, adding a small amount of water to your cats favorite food can improve digestion too.

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    What Is Considered Low Magnesium Or Low Ash

    Looking back to the guidelines from Tufts, we know that increasing hydration and decreasing the stone-causing compounds in the diet are the best options. We also know that one of the main culprits is magnesium.

    But what is considered low in terms of these minerals?

    For this article, were going to go with the guidelines set by veterinarian Dr. Debra Primovic who explains the best low magnesium cat food is one that has less than 0.12% magnesium on a dry matter basis.

    Establishing a baseline for low ash is more difficult and even after months of research, I wasnt able to find an industry standard for low ash. And after consulting some veterinarian friends it sounds like there isnt one. So for this list, well be considering 2.6% ash content as low which is the same number we used in our list of the best cat foods with low ash.

    My Cat Has A Bladder Problem What Do I Do

    There are several signs that a cat may have a bladder or urinary problem.

    They may be peeing outside the litter box, peeing more frequently, straining, or vocalizing in the litter box. Another sign of a urinary or bladder problem is blood in their urine. You may also notice behavioral changes like increased vocalization, hiding, avoidance, or aggression, which may be a sign that theyre in pain or feeling anxious.

    If you recognize any of these signs, contact your vet immediately. Cat urinary problems can be serious, and if a cat has a blockage thats preventing it from urinating, it could be a medical emergency.

    For more detailed information, visit our urinary signs and symptoms page.

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    Best Cat Food For Urinary Tract Health Reviews Of The Top Wet And Dry Brands

    If your cat is suffering from urinary tract issues, including pain and trouble urinating, one of the most likely reasons is that hes not eating the right food.

    One of the biggest reasons for urinary tract issues in cats is an over-reliance on dry cat food.

    Most urinary issues in cats will be cleared up by introducing much more moisture into their diet, by switching to a wet, canned cat food, and ensuring plenty of water is consumed.

    Since dry cat foods are almost entirely to blame for the most common urinary issues, we do not recommend feeding them if your cat is suffering.

    Instead, well be reviewing only wet cat food below that will aid in urinary health.

    Our review process is unbiased and based on extensive research. If you buy through the links on our site, we may earn a commission.

    Faq To Cats Urinary Tract Health

    Diarrhea in Cats: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment

    Here are some frequently asked questions about treating a cats urinary tract problems.

    While you can optimize your cats water intake and diet via specially formulated cat foods for urinary tract health, not all UTIs will just wish themselves away.

    To reduce your cats discomfort and suffering as much as possible, always consult a veterinarian. The UTI might be a side effect of another underlying illness.

    It is best to visit your veterinarian to treat your cats UTI. You just dont know if the UTI is worse than your cats symptoms lead on. Also, to effectively eliminate your cats urinary infection, oral antibiotics will likely be administered.

    However, you can help treat your cats UTI at home holistically by adding a 1/4 teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar to your cats water bowl. The acidity can help break up any present UTI crystals and disinfect your cats urinary tract.

    Apple cider vinegar also supports healthy bacteria like a prebiotic, which will help replenish healthy bacteria in your cats gut.

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    Instinct Limited Ingredient Grain

    We wouldnt recommend this brand if youre looking for wet urinary tract cat food because it is not primarily designed for cats that experience urinary problems. It does have the right ingredients, but its not marketed as such.

    The food has a limited number of ingredients, which means that the likelihood of your cat developing a food allergy to it is very low. Plus, it is both high in moisture and rich in protein, and unlike some of its competitors, it is made with some of the highest quality natural ingredients.

    On top of everything, the Instinct Limited Ingredient Grain-Free Cat Food also contains chelated minerals, vitamin supplements, as well as fiber for a good digestion. As a drawback, wed like to add that it contains some plant protein derivatives .

    Adult cats are supposed to be fed two 3-oz cans daily or 1 5.5-oz can per each 6 to 8 pounds of body weight.

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