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Can Smoking Weed Cause Urinary Problems

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Cannabinoid Receptors Fueling Drug Discovery

How Does Smoking Cause Cancer?

The distribution of these CB1/CB2 receptors at key sites involved in nociceptive processing is instrumental in the analgesic effects of phytocannabinoids or synthetic cannabinoids developed in last 30 years. Synthetic cannabinoids are chemicals having action similar to cannabis on their cognate receptors. Studies have shown that synthetic and semi-synthetic cannabinoids that lack psychotropic effects are effective against severe pain states refractory to even opioids. The activation of nociceptive sensory neurons leads to nociception. However, CB1/CB2 agonists are capable of altering nociceptor activity without producing nociceptive behavior. CB1 /CB2 agonists have been able to suppress the nociceptive transmission and inhibit pain-related behavior in animal models of acute and persistent nociception by their activity at spinal, supraspinal and peripheral sites.

Swallowing Marijuana Smoke Could Be The Cause Of Bloating

Another possibility is that youre swallowing smoke. Dr. Perry Solomon suggests that this could be the reason the person who posted the original question above is having stomach bloating. It sounds as if you are having some of the cannabis smoke entering your stomach, in essence swallowing the smoke, Dr. Solomon explains, adding: This may result is some burping as you release it. With the other methods you spoke of, the amount of smoke that enters your stomach may be less.

Another HelloMD member agreed with Dr. Solomons assessment, adding their own story: I do recall a few times before when I would keep in the vapor/smoke too long and sometimes swallow it and it made me feel excessive bloating, more than what I feel from smoking daily today, they explained. Its happened a few times, and I’m pretty sure it was from swallowing the smoke. So, hes right, that can cause bloating.

Pay careful attention to your inhale and see if you can reduce the amount of smoke you swallow. If this helps the bloating, swallowing smoke may be the cause. You can also consume via methods other than smoking if you have a hard time ensuring you dont swallow on the inhale. This is what seems to help our original poster lessen the bloating.

How To Use Cbd Oil For Restless Legs

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Where To Buy Cbd Oil In Shawnee Ok

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How To Break The Cycle

Diseases caused by smoking.

Symptoms of cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome typically ease in no more than 48 hours, if no additional marijuana is used.

But a brief hospital stay might be needed to get IV fluids to treat dehydration. And if someone has a difficult time stopping marijuana use, a drug treatment program may be needed.

Dr. Cline says more awareness of the connection between marijuana use and vomiting is needed both in the public and the medical community.

Doctors need to ask about marijuana use to avoid expensive testing and more promptly get to the root of a patients vomiting problem, he says. And patients need to be honest with their doctors about marijuana use, so they can get the relief they need.

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Bladder Control And Cannabis

The 2010 study discovered the specific cannabinoid receptors and a family of the ligand within those receptors in the bladder acting in accordance with the lock and key theory1. More recent findings seem to confirm the link between cannabinoid receptors and bladder regulation.

Due to these receptors, cannabis works directly with natural cannabinoid receptors in the bladder control pathways. This means that the cannabis plant may improve urinary incontinence conditions.

But, of course, more extensive research is needed.

Weed & Utis The Scientific Research

A study by Tyagi et al., published in the Indian Journal of Urology in 2010, looked at the functional role of cannabinoid receptors in the urinary bladder. It concluded that the growth-inhibiting action of cannabinoids acting on these receptors expressed on transformed cells might be useful for the management of malignancy in the bladder.

A more recent study, by Bjorling and Wang, published in Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience in 2018, looked at the potential of endocannabinoids when controlling bladder pain. The research involved mice, and it was discovered that when the mice received cannabis, their CB2 receptors were activated. As a result, their level of swelling and bladder weight was reduced.

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Is It Bad To Smoke Weed Every Day

Occasional use of pot isnt really harmful however it affects the mind and body as it gets inside the system.

Regardless the route, it produces its effect on every body organ including the nervous system and the immune system. When smoked, TCH present in pot is absorbed immediately. Smoking weed elevates the heart rate up to 2 times for almost 3 hours and because of this some people get a cardiac arrest right after using pot. Aside from its effect on heart it can also cause prolong bleeding, hypotension and alter the blood sugar levels. Its not known for sure if marijuana has any association with lung cancer however it causes irritation to the lungs. Therefore smoking weed everydaycan lead to persistent cough and some lungs related health issues like lung infections and chest colds. Marijuana also produces the following physical effects:

  • Dizziness
  • Shallow breathing
  • Increased appetite

Driving after smoking weed may double your risk of a car accident. Using it for a prolonged time period can bring about withdrawal symptoms when you quit such as decreased appetite, sleeplessness, irritability and cravings.

In men it tends to lower the levels of testosterone when consumed heavily and leads to declined sperm quality and count. As a result you may suffer from fertility and libido related issues.

Does Marijuana Hurt Or Help Kidney Disease

Will Secondhand Marijuana Smoke Cause A Positive Drug Test?

The scope and opportunity with regard to the use of Cannabis in kidney disease has been debated for some time.

However, the paradox of Cannabis is that it is a widely used illicit drug in the United States and known by names such as marijuana, pot, weed, Mary Jane, reefer, the devils lettuce, loco weed and ganja.

is also a federally banned substance although many states have liberalized their laws to facilitate medical use, leisure use, and decriminalized laws governing its possession and use.

This dried flower bud of Cannabis indica plants has a high content of Phytocannabinoids including Tetrahydrocannabinol and Cannabidiol called as Phytocannabinoids.

Many studies have been looking into the prospects of using cannabis and derivative cannabinoids in treating patients afflicted with kidney-related issues.

Studies have indicated that Cannabis contains more than 200 phytocannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenoids. They collectively provide an entourage effect and reinforce more than the efficacy of the individually isolated compounds.

The Plight of People With Chronic Kidney Disease

In the U.S, there are more than 1.5 million people with advanced CKD and 750 000 people suffering from end-stage renal disease .

Nearly half of such patients with CKD undergo chronic pain, nausea, depression, anxiety, anorexia, and sleep disturbance. Most of these are approved indications for medical cannabis.

Cannabis Can Have A Role In Pain Alleviation

Widespread use of Cannabis CBD

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How Cannabis Compares To Other Treatments

The medications currently employed to fight chronic GI disorders include many that produce serious side effects. These side effects frequently threaten the health of the patient and require other medications to combat them. Drugs commonly prescribed to combat GI disorders include:

Megestrol acetate , an anticachectic. Serious side effects of this medicine include high blood pressure, diabetes, inflammation of the blood vessels, congestive heart failure, seizures, and pneumonia. Less serious side effects of this medicine include diarrhea, flatulence, nausea, vomiting, constipation, heartburn, dry mouth, increased salivation, and thrush impotence, decreased libido, urinary frequency, urinary incontinence, urinary tract infection, vaginal bleeding and discharge disease of the heart, palpitation, chest pain, chest pressure, and edema pharyngitis, lung disorders, and rapid breathing insomnia, headache, weakness, numbness, seizures, depression, and abnormal thinking.

Sulfasalazine -The most common adverse reactions associated with sulfasalazine are anorexia, headache, nausea, vomiting, gastric distress, and apparently reversible oligospermia. These occur in about one-third of the patients. Less frequent adverse reactions are pruritus, urticaria, fever, Heinz body anemia, hemolytic anemia and cyanosis, which may occur at a frequency of one in every thirty patients or less.

Biphasic Gut Inflammation May Lead To Stomach Bloating


In part, this is because of how it reduces stomach inflammation. While normally cannabis would ease inflammation, cannabis is known for its biphasic effects. In other words, when cannabis can cause an effect in one direction, it can often cause it in the other direction as well because of a dose thats too big. For some, its possible that cannabis is actually triggering gut inflammation, but more studies would need to be done to confirm this possibility.

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Physiology Of Cerebrovascular System

The word cerebrovascular consists of two parts: âcerebroâ means large part of the brain and âvascularâ refers to arteries and veins. Thus, the cerebrovascular system refers to the blood vessels through which blood is carried out to and from the brain. The cerebrovascular anatomy has an endocranial and exocranial component that can be further divided into the anterior and posterior circulation based on the contribution of blood flow through the internal carotid arteries and vertebral arteries, respectively .

Blood-brain barrier , a part of the neurovascular unit , is a unique, dynamic, physical, and biochemical regulatory boundary/barrier which restricts and regulates the exchange of molecules, ions, and cells between the peripheral circulation and central nervous system and maintains cerebral homeostasis precisely as well . It transports essential nutrients which are required for the normal metabolism of the brain cells . The BBB is primarily composed of endothelial cells, pericytes, and astrocytes restricting the communication between blood and the brain parenchyma . As a result, the BBB plays a pivotal role in restraining the entry of neurotoxic plasma components, xenobiotics, blood cells, and pathogens in the brain thus protecting the CNS from inflammation, injury, and different types of diseases . On contrary, the BBB also limits drug delivery into the brain to treat different neurological diseases .

How Can I Prevent Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome

34,600 lung cancer cases blamed on smoking

The only proven way to prevent cannabis hyperemesis syndrome is to avoid cannabis.

If you need help quitting cannabis, you should speak to your primary care provider or connect with your local addiction treatment services. You can also call the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration National Helpline at 800.662.HELP . This free, confidential, 24/7, 365-day-a-year service provides treatment referral and information in English and Spanish.

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Do You Have A Problem With Marijuana Ma Can Help

If you are using weed on a regular basis, chances are you have a problem. If you do, youve probably already tried quitting on your own and found that you are unable to do so. Addiction is a disease that can only be arrested through complete abstinence and a strong support system.

Have you ever considered attending a Marijuana Anonymous meeting? MA is a 12-Step fellowship of men and women for whom marijuana has become a major problem. There are thousands of MA meetings happening around the United States. You can search for a meeting here. If you want to get help for your problem, MA can help.

Heart Attack. Breathing problems. Psychological problems. Obesity. Sexual performance and fertility issues. Memory loss. Hypertension. These are all serious problems caused by the chronic and continued use of pot. These should give you plenty of reasons to quit. Need more reasons to stop using marijuana? Here are seven reasons why being sober is the best decision youll ever make.

Can You Get Addicted To Cannabis

It’s possible to get addicted to cannabis, especially people who are considered regular or heavy users.

If regular users stop taking cannabis, they may get withdrawal symptoms, such as feeling moody and irritable, feeling sick, difficulty sleeping, difficulty eating, sweating, shaking and diarrhoea.

Regularly smoking cannabis with tobacco also increases the risk of becoming addicted to nicotine and experiencing withdrawal symptoms from nicotine as well as cannabis if you cut down or give up.

Regularly using tobacco also increases the risk of tobacco-related diseases such as cancer and coronary heart disease.

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How Does Medical Weed Cause Urinary Retention

Through extensive research, professionals in the medical field have provided patients and physicians with an answer as to why medical weed causes side effects, like heightened sensory perception or hunger. Urinary retention, however, is one side effect researchers are still working to unravel.

So far, studies have found that medical cannabis-induced urinary retention affect more men than women. The study also noted a correlation between the use of Ativan, a medication for seizures and anxiety, and urinary retention.

Often, the cause of both medical marijuanas benefits and side effects stems from cannabinoids. More than 100 are found in cannabis, though the two primary cannabinoids, cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol , are credited with specific effects, such as pain relief or drowsiness. As CBD tends to deliver a more calming, relaxing experience, its possible that THC influences urinary retention.

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Effects of Smoking and Sexual Problems | Smoking Tobacco Causes Cancer: Dr. Magesh Thirunavukkarasu

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A New Alternative Treatment For Oab

The body of scientific evidence on the specific medial benefits of marijuana is just now beginning to bulk up, which is good since marijuana is legal here in Colorado. New studies indicate some interesting applications, such as evidence showing that cannabinoids can help women with overactive bladder .

That gets a urogynecologists attentionparticularly one who practices at one of the few institutions in the country where it is legal to do medical research on marijuana. University of Colorado has grants for researchers to study just this kind of lead. And CU Urogynecology may pursue this in the future.

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