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Walgreens Urinary Tract Infection Home Test

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Can You Get Rid Of A Uti Naturally At Home Or Do You Need Antibiotics

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Sometimes, you can get rid of a UTI naturally by resting, drinking lots of water, taking dietary supplements, and giving the infection some time to heal. Research from 2017 suggests that somewhere between 25% and 42% of UTIs resolve naturally without the use of antibiotics.

However, there are certain situations where wait and see just isnt an acceptable approach. Untreated UTIs can cause potentially life threatening complications, including .

Why Are Females At A Higher Risk For Utis

People with female reproductive organs are at a higher risk for UTIs because of their anatomy. The female urethra, the tube which empties urine from your bladder out of your body, is shorter than someone born with male anatomy.

The female urethra is also quite close to female reproductive organs. That means bacteria from sexual intercourse as well as products like spermicide can be in close contact with the urethra and bladder.

Females also experience menopause and pregnancy. These two biological events change the bacteria in your reproductive and digestive tracts and create conditions that make UTIs more likely.

What Are Bladder & Urinary Tract Infections

A bladder infection or urinary tract infection is an infection in your urinary system. Your urinary system is composed of the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra. Any part of your urinary system can become infected, but most infections involve the lower urinary tract the bladder and the urethra. Women are at greater risk of developing a urinary tract infection than are men. A urinary tract infection limited to your bladder can be painful and disruptive. However, serious consequences can occur if a urinary tract infection spreads to your kidneys.

Risk for developing a bladder infection/UTI increases with:

  • Infection in other parts of the genitourinary system. Bacteria can reach the bladder from another part of the body through the bloodstream. Bacteria can enter the urinary tract from skin around the genital and anal area.
  • Frequent or vigorous sexual activity
  • Pregnancy
  • Certain types of birth control
  • Urinary tract problems
  • Injury to the urethra
  • Use of a urinary catheter to empty the bladder
  • Incomplete bladder emptying

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Bladder And Urinary Tract Infections

Home Test For Uti Walgreens

Urinary tract infections can affect any area of your urinary tract, such as your bladder, kidneys, or urethra. They happen when bacteria enter your urinary tract. Most commonly, bacteria enter through your urethra and grow in your bladder, affecting the lower part of your urinary tract. UTI symptoms may include frequent urination often only small amounts of urine burning during urination, strong-smelling urine, or urine thats cloudy, red, bright pink, or brown. Women may have pelvic pain. Its important to get treatment for a UTI so that it doesnt cause complications, such as kidney problems or recurring UTIs.

You can get expert treatment for urinary tract and bladder infections from the UHealth Clinic at Walgreens team for both children and adults. We learn about your symptoms, talk to you about treatment options, and tell you how you can help prevent UTIs. You get expert advice and treatment to help you feel better as quickly as possible. With virtual visits, evening appointments, and convenient locations throughout South Florida, the UHealth Clinic at Walgreens makes it easy to get the care you need.

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Nurses Have A Central Role

One study shows that doctors often choose to prescribeantibiotics on the basis of a positive urine dipstick test until aculture is available . This approach has, however, turnedout to have a margin of error of 20 to 40 per cent. Sucherroneous diagnoses are very unfortunate as treating older adultswith antibiotics may lead to the development of resistance andunwanted side effects. In worst case it may keep one fromdiscovering other, underlying, causes of the patientssymptoms .

The nurse has proved to have a central role in diagnosing UTI inthe elderly. The nurse observes the patients conditionand symptoms on a daily basis, prescribes the urine culture, usesthe urine dipstick and influences the initiation of antibiotics. That is why it is important that nurses have knowledgeon UTI in the elderly, so that they may make the correctassessments. Part of this assessment is to be able tointerpret and know the limitations of the urine dipstick.

Do You Need To See A Doctor To Get Antibiotics For A Uti

You need to speak with your doctor or a licensed medical professional to be prescribed antibiotics for a UTI. This can usually be done in person, at the doctor, or over the phone.

If this is your first UTI or your symptoms are severe it may be helpful to get treated in person to rule out the possibility of sexually transmitted infections.

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Finding Relief Until You See The Doc

Easy@Home Urinary Tract Infection Tests

If youre just feeling that first hint of an infection, the powerful antibacterial agent in AZO Urinary Tract Defense® can help control your infection. If youre already in the throes of a painful infection, you can get fast UTI relief from the pain and urgency of urinary tract infection symptoms with AZO Urinary Pain Relief® and AZO Urinary Pain Relief® Maximum Strength, the #1 pharmacist recommended, over-the-counter brand.

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Ask A Laboratory Scientist

This form enables patients to ask specific questions about lab tests. Your questions will be answered by a laboratory scientist as part of a voluntary service provided by one of our partners, American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science. Please allow 2-3 business days for an email response from one of the volunteers on the Consumer Information Response Team.

For Standard Uti Testing Always Keep A Urine Sample Container On Hand Why

If you frequently experience UTIs, and plan to collect your urine sample at home, youre more likely to get an accurate result if you collect your urine sample at the height of your symptoms.

Symptoms tend to flare up when the concentration of bacteria in your bladder increases, so this is the perfect time to get a snapshot of what is happening in your urine.

If you suffer from recurrent UTIs, ask your doctor or your chosen lab for a sterile sample container to take home or order a UTI test kit online. Make sure this is provided inside a sterile package, to prevent contamination before you need to use it.

Next time you get acute symptoms, pee in that container before you start guzzling fluids, trying home remedies, or popping pills. Drinking excessive amounts of fluids before collecting your sample will only dilute your urine, decreasing the likelihood of an accurate test.

Other things to avoid before collecting your sample:

  • Diuretics

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Protein In Urine Home Test Walgreens

Online Weekly Ads at Walgreens. Get the best sale prices. Weekly specials for your nearest store. Never pay more than you need to The UTI Urinary Tract Infection Test Strips are for the detection of Leukocytes and Nitrite in urine. It is used as an aid in the screening of urinary tract infection . The test is a firm plastic strip onto which Leukocyte and Nitrite test pads are attached. If the test is positive, the Leukocyte test pad should be beige to dark purple.

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Lets Start With A Symptom Check

Kidney Infection Test Strips Walgreens

Not everyone with a urinary tract infection develops symptoms, but most have at least a few tell-tale signs.

Do any of these apply to you?

  • You experience a burning sensation when you urinate.
  • You feel a strong, persistent need to urinate, yet only pass a small amount.
  • Your urine is cloudy or contains blood.
  • Your urine has a strong odor.
  • You have pain in your back or lower abdomen.
  • You experience nausea, vomiting and/or just feel ill.

Two or more? Time to see your doctor. And the sooner you get UTI treatment, the better. UTIs are no joke left untreated the infection could lead to serious complications.

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Home Use Urinalysis Test Strip Color Chart

Urine Leukocytes Home Test

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There Are A Lot Of Variables To Consider When Diagnosing A Uti

Women who have had UTIs before most likely recognize their symptoms. However, something that causes you to urinate more frequently and causes discomfort isnt necessarily a UTI.

My first goal when speaking with a patient is to get as much information as I can, so I can determine the best diagnosis and treatment plan, says Dr. Talbott. Urinary tract infections can be confused with sexually transmitted diseases, or they can be more complicated if you have diabetes or other diseases that contribute to a suppressed immune system. It is also challenging when addressing a pediatric patient, or in the elderly with multiple complex health issues.

If youre experiencing fever, nausea, or pain, you most likely have a kidney infection. However, if you have thick white discharge, you might have a yeast infection. Blood in the urine may also suggest a bladder infection, while a discharge with a fishy odor may indicate bacterial vaginosis.

Giving your doctor as much information as you can helps him or her determine the most likely way to get you feeling better fast, says Dr. Talbott.

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Understanding The Test Results

  • 1Use the color chart that came with your dipstick to read the results. Packages of dipsticks typically come with a helpful color chart that indicates what different colors on the dipstick mean. The rows are on the chart will correspond to a particular test strip on each dipstick.XResearch source
  • For example, a row labeled pH or Acidity that begins with a light pink square indicates that the light pink test strip on your dipstick measures your urines pH level.
  • The color chart is usually displayed on the package itself, although it may also be provided in the form of a separate sheet.
  • 2Check the pH row to determine your urines acidity. Urine is usually acidic, with a typical range of 5.0 to 8.0. A high acidity level may indicate some kind of kidney disorder, such as the formation of urinary stones. A low acidity level may point to a urinary tract infection .XResearch source
  • Note that your urines acidity level may also be influenced by your diet. Eating a lot of protein may make your urine more acidic, while eating a lot of dairy or vegetables may make your urine less acidic.
  • Certain medications, such as urinary acidifiers, may also impact the pH level of your urine.
  • Tip: To avoid interfering with the results of your dipstick test, avoid eating a lot of protein, vegetables, or dairy products in the 24 hours leading up to your exam.

  • The normal range of specific gravity is 1.001 to 1.035.
  • This test strip specifically measures the concentration of particles in your urine.
  • Fda Clears Diagnostic Urinary Tract Infection Test Strips

    UTI l Urinary Tract Infection & Pyelonephritis Treatment for NCLEX RN & LPN

    Innovus announced that the Food and Drug Administration has granted clearance for UriVarx urinary tract infection test strips for use in patients with overactive bladder and urinary incontinence .

    UriVarx UTI test strips detect the presence of leukocytes and nitrites to help screen for UTI during self-testing results can be seen in 2 minutes.The new test strips are complementary to the UriVarx supplements that are already available. The supplements are intended to reduce urinary urgency, accidents, and day/night frequency in patients with OAB and UI.

    UriVarx UTI test strips are anticipated to launch this quarter and will be available over-the-counter .

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    What Home Uti Strip Test Indicators Mean

    – Fever
    Sugar The most common cause of sugar in the urine is diabetes, but it can also indicate other rare health conditions.
    Ketone Ketones in the urine can also be caused by diabetes, but can also be a result of a state of ketosis, where the body burns fat instead of sugar for fuel.
    Bilirubin Bilirubin in the urine may be an early indicator of liver damage, however, this indicator is known to be highly inaccurate.
    Urobilinogen Urobilinogen is a by-product of Bilirubin production and may indicate issues with the liver, among other health issues.
    Nitrite Some bacteria that cause UTIs make an enzyme that changes urinary nitrates into nitrites. So if the strip is positive for nitrites, the conclusion is that you have a bacterial UTI. Note that many bacteria do not create nitrites in your urine.
    Red blood cells Blood can appear in urine due to strenuous exercise, but generally, blood in the urine is taken to be a sign of infection, inflammation, disease, or injury to the urinary tract.
    White blood cells A positive strip result for white blood cells in your urine indicates an infection in your urinary tract, or possibly, kidney disease.

    Can Home Remedies Quickly Treat A Uti

    As resistance to antibiotics is becoming more common, many people are looking for ways to avoid using them. While this can be a good thing in some cases, it can draw out your illness in other instances.

    The most commonly asked about home remedy for UTIs is cranberry. Drinking cranberry juice or taking cranberry tablets has been long-touted as a natural alternative for treating UTIs. The thought is that cranberry makes your urine more acidic which, in turn, kills the bacteria causing your infection.

    Unfortunately, cranberry does not treat UTIs very well. On the flip side, though, it can be useful for helping to prevent infections if youre prone to them. This seems to also be the case for other acidic fruits like lemon. Just be sure if youre going to try this for preventing future UTIs that you drink unsweetened juice, as sugar actually helps bacteria to grow.

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    Urinary Tract Infections And The Role Of Nonprescription Products

    W. Steven Pray, PhD, DPhBernhardt Professor, Nonprescription Products and DevicesCollege of Pharmacy

    Gabriel E. Pray, PharmD CandidateCollege of PharmacyWeatherford, Oklahoma

    US Pharm

    For years, patients with urinary tract infections have asked pharmacists what they can take without seeing a physician.Several products promise relief of UTI symptoms and/or claim to have anantibacterial effect that inhibits progression of the infection, butthey are not proven safe and effective for any nonprescription use atpresent.

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    How The Uti Home Screening Test Works

    walgreens pharmacy: AZO Urinary Tract Infection Test Strips, 3

    The vH essentials UTI Home Test is a quick and simple test that detects urinary nitrite and the presence of protein in the urine. Subsequent to the application of urine, color differentiation determines whether the test is positive or negative. For example, a color change from white to pink and from yellow to green develops when nitrites and proteins are detected, respectively. A deeper color signifies higher concentrations of proteins and nitrites.

    The accuracy of this test is limited by certain circumstances that may skew the results. For example, false-negative results may be observed following high consumption of ascorbic acid, antibiotics, or fruit juices, or if the urine is not in the bladder for at least 4 to 6 hours. False positives may present if the urine specimen appears red due to any cause for example, recent ingestion of common UTI pain relief medication containing phenazopyradine dye or contamination with menstrual fluid. In the event of a positive nitrite or protein result, patients should contact their primary health care provider. And even if both nitrites and proteins are negative, patients with persistent symptoms need to see a health care provider for further evaluation. Patient instructions may be found in TABLE 1.

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