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What Is The Best Food For Cats With Urinary Problems

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The Best Wet Cat Food Can Help Prevent Urinary Problems But You Shouldnt Rely On Diet Alone

Don’t Feed ‘Veterinary Diet’ for Urinary Disease in Cats?

If your cat starts straining in the litter box, having bloody urine, or is unable to urinate at all, he likely has some form of urinary tract disease.

Cystitis , urinary crystals, and urinary tract infections are all painful conditions that necessitate a trip to the veterinarian. A veterinarian can diagnose the type of urinary tract disease and determine which type of treatment is appropriate.

And if your cat has a complete blockagehe cant urinate at alltake him to the veterinarian immediately. Complete blockages can be fatal if not treated quickly. Immediate veterinary care is required to clear the blockage and treat its underlying cause.

Purina One Urinary Tract Health Dry Cat Food Best Value

Purina is known as a budget company. However, its ONE line is exceptionally high-quality while remaining inexpensive. For cats with urinary problems, Purina ONE Urinary Tract Health Dry Cat Food is a solid option. This food is formulated with low magnesium, which can prevent the creation of bladder stones and similar problems. This brand adds antioxidants, which may help prevent urinary problems. As a pH-reducing food, this can also keep infections at bay.

However, this food does have lower-quality ingredients than other options. This is one of the reasons that Purina can keep the foods cost so low. The first ingredient is corn gluten meal, with the second being whole ground corn. Corn is a starchy vegetable and is often considered a grain. Cats do not need it to thrive, though it does provide a few nutrients. However, cats can have difficulty absorbing and using nutrients from plants like corn, so it likely isnt doing much for your cats nutrition.

Chicken is included as the third ingredient. This is a high-quality option and suitable if your feline is not allergic to chicken. This is the best cat food for urinary tract health for the money.

This does require a veterinary prescription, so it is only available to felines with diagnoses of urinary tract problems.

To conclude, this is our third pick for the best cat food for urinary health available this year.

  • Large amounts of grain included

Ziwi Peak Lamb Recipe Canned Food

Best Cat Food for Urinary Tract Health and Sensitive Stomach: If your cat has a sensitive stomach, you want to feed him something that is made with whole food ingredients. It is also a good idea to limit the number of ingredients in your cats food to reduce the risk of triggering a food allergy or sensitivity. We recommend this Ziwi Peak Lamb Recipe Canned Food for cats with urinary problems because it contains a single source of animal protein, it is rich in moisture, and it contains a short list of high-quality, natural ingredients. This formula features fresh lamb as the main ingredient with lamb lung, kidney, liver, tripe, and heart as supplemental sources of protein and nutrients. The only other main ingredients are chickpeas and New Zealand green mussels. Youll also find that this recipe contains chelated minerals for nutritional balanced and it is supplemented with DL-methionine as well.

  • Pros: Single source of animal protein, high in moisture content, complete and balanced nutrition, easy to digest, supplemented with DL-methionine, limited list of ingredients
  • Cons: Fairly high in calories , may be too high in fiber for some cats

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Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Urinary Tract Health Formula Canned Cat Food Editors Choice

This cat food is made from a by-product of beef and chicken. It can be bought without a veterinary prescription.

Its main objective is to ensure that cats have a healthy and properly functioning urinary system. It is made from either beef or chicken and it is recommended for mature cats only.

It has all the necessary ingredients to ensure your cats remain healthy and strong.

Where Is Royal Canin Urinary Cat Food Made

The Best Foods for Male Cats with Urinary Tract Cysts

This product is a property brand of Royal Canin. This company started its business by providing pet meals in France. A veterinarian, Jean Cathary, discovered that essential nutrients in a pets food could improve their health. So, he called it soup for pets.

Later, through an Americans help, Jean could sell more products in the United States. His products reached the European Markets in no time. Royal Canin Headquarters is in France. Yet, they have manufacturing plants in Missouri, South Dakota, and Canada.

In 2001, Mars PetCare bought Royal Canin, and it became one of the largest pet food brands in the world. They help plan various pet meals for the different health needs of dogs and cats. Thanks to their unique products, the brand has taken the marketplace like wildfire.

A trusted brand produces trusted products to meet your cats health needs.

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Helping Cats With Urinary Problems

Often the most important aspect of helping your cat is detecting the problem at an early stage when treatment is more likely to be successful. This can only be done with regular veterinary visits. Cats are well-known for masking signs of pain, resulting in very subtle symptoms that are difficult for cat owners to detect. In addition, it can be difficult for cat owners to spot changes in litter box habits. Needless to say, if you do notice changes in your cats routine, you should consult with your veterinarian immediately.

Nutrition can also play a part in managing many of the diseases that can cause inappropriate urination. However, the best diet for your cat will depend on your cats individual situation. Diets that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates are often recommended for cats with diabetes, while diets that help control urine pH are often advised for cats that tend to develop stones or crystals in the urine. There are even cat foods which contain glucosamine and/or fatty acids such as DHA or EPA. These are beneficial for cats with arthritis or other inflammatory conditions. Your veterinarian can help you determine which diet is best for your cat.

Best Variety: Purina Pro Plan Urinary Tract Health Variety Pack Canned Cat Food

Courtesy of Chewy

  • Nutritional and flavor diversity for your cat

  • No prescription needed

  • Meat by-products are the first ingredient

If your cats digestive system can tolerate more than one type of food, a variety pack is a wonderful way to give them a broader range of flavors and nutrients at the same time.

Purina Pro Plan Focus Classic Urinary Tract Health Formula Adult Wet Cat Food Variety Pack comes as a case of 12, 24, or 36 cans. It can be purchased as four, eight, or twelve cans each of three flavorsOcean Whitefish or Beef & Chicken, Chicken, and Turkey and Gibletsor as twelve cans each of two flavorsOcean Whitefish and Salmon.

Each recipe has low dietary magnesium and has been designed to reduce urinary pH. Purina products are also manufactured in the U.S. and are widely available and among the more affordable brands on shelves today.

Price at time of publish: $108.96, case of 36 cans

Key Ingredients: Varies by flavor | Calories per Serving: 82 to 107 depending on flavor | Texture: Wet, varies | Balance: Varies but most are Crude Protein min. 10.0%, Crude Fat min. 6.5%, Crude Fiber max 0.5%, Moisture max. 78.0% | Life Stage: Adult

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Lotus Turkey & Vegetable Pate Grain

Though it isnt formulated specifically for urinary issues, this Lotus Turkey & Vegetable Pate Grain-Free Canned Food could be a good option for your cat because it is made with high-quality animal proteins and plenty of moisture. Turkey broth and fresh turkey are the top two ingredients, supplemented by additional proteins including turkey liver, ocean fish, and chicken liver. This recipe contains fresh fruits and vegetables as natural sources for key nutrients, including cranberries for urinary tract health. Another feature that makes this recipe a good option is the fact that the calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium content is listed on the can. If your veterinarian has prescribed specific levels for your cat, youll find it easy to determine whether this food is an option.

Does Hairball Control Gel Work

How to Prevent Urinary Issues in Cats

Aside from experimenting with foods specially intended to remove hairballs, you can also consider using the gels that we mentioned above. These lubricated gels contain various substances that are intended to help hairballs slide through the GI tract.

Ultimately, you need to avoid giving your cats too much of this substance, because it can make them feel sick or lead to issues like diarrhea. However, if you follow the guidelines given by your vet, then using a gel could be a safe strategy.

Vets recommend substances like the Nutri-Vet, Multi-Vite Paw-Gel for cats. Vets are responsible for this particular gels formula. The great thing about this lubricant is that you dont have to force it into your cats mouth. All you need to do is apply the gel to your cats paw, and theyll consume it as they groom themselves.

Another bonus for this particular gel is that it comes with a flavor designed to appeal to your kitties. That could make encouraging them to eat it is a much easier process.

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Wysong Uretic Feline Diet Dry Cat Food

This dry diet contains: chicken, fish and turkey, in that order. Wysong was created by a veterinarian and grew in popularity by word of mouth and through the veterinary community. Their new formulation contains: higher levels of fresh/frozen and dried meats and organs, protein, and fat, and a comprehensive spectrum and higher levels of micronutrients/nutraceuticals including prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes, omega-3s, antioxidants and more. Additionally, excess minerals have been eliminated and natural sourced, urinary-important amino acids added.

Cat Foods For Urinary Health

The urinary health of your cat is incredibly important. If your cat begins displaying symptoms of feline lower urinary tract disease such as straining in the cat litter box, having increased urination, showing blood in the urine, urinating in an unusual spot or excessively licking the genitalsyour cat should see a vet right away. The syndrome can have many causes, some serious. Get facts on urinary tract disease in cats. Many foods, both prescription cat food and over-the-counter cat food, can help prevent and heal lower urinary tract disease. Here are five:

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What Ingredients Should Not Be In A Urinary Cat Food

Urinary cat food should have limited amounts of specific minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. It should also be free from potentially harmful ingredients such as:

  • BHT, BHA, and Ethoxyquin. These are basically preservatives that are used in pet foods. They are not only difficult to digest, but they also have cancer-causing properties.
  • Meat . These are secondary products or, better said, leftovers from the production of the main ingredient. Often, the source of the meat is not disclosed.
  • Fillers. These are rich in carbs and used to add bulk to the food. They do not have nutritional value and are not recommended.
  • Artificial Ingredients. Artificial ingredients are dangerous, and long-term exposure is devastating for the cats health.
  • Twenty Four 5.5 oz. Cans Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Classic Urinary Tract Health Formula Turkey & Giblets Entree Adult Wet Cat Food
  • Made with real turkey and giblets
  • Helps maintain urinary tract health by reducing urinary pH and providing low dietary magnesium

Wysong Uretic Dry Cat Food For Urinary Tract Health

  • Last but not least, if you are hunting for a highly palatable urinary tract formula for all life stages, try it now.
  • Moreover, this recipe contains exceptional fresh and dried meat with 42% protein and 15% fat for your felines wellness.
  • Furthermore, it contains rosemary to fight with allergies plus taurine to improve heart and eye health.
  • Additionally, this food creates robust vitality in improving urinary and immune health.
  • Lastly, if you want an immediate difference in solving UTI problems, then grab it.

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What To Consider In A Cat Food For Urinary Tract Health

Plan to carefully read labels when deciding which brand is right for your cat. First, pet parents should work with their veterinarian on what their cat specifically needs, says Dr. Bernal. A veterinarian will be able to provide the key attributes that the cat parent should look for to support their cats urinary tract health.

Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet Weight Management + Urinary Care Cat Food Review

If youre looking for some decent grain free urinary cat food, well tell you right off the bat that this a good one to pick. Its actually made with digestible grain-free carbs and it has deboned chicken listed as its first ingredients.

Plus, unlike other brands of cat food for urinary problems, this one doesnt have any fillers, by-products, or artificial additives.

While some urinary tract cat food reviews speak highly of its ingredients and how palatable it is for the cats, the truth is that it does contain some plant protein .

The drawback of feeding your cat this diet would be that it does tend to cost a pretty penny, especially when compared to others. However, it does have a protein content of 38%, which is admirable, yet at the same time, it might be less recommended for cats with kidney problems.

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How To Order A Prescription Cat Food Online

If youre ordering a prescription cat food, you dont need to head to any specific store to get it. In fact, the most affordable way to order your prescription cat food is to do it online!

If youre worried about how to order a prescription cat food online, a site like Chewy makes it easy. You have two options. First, you can simply order the food and input your vets information. Chewy will reach out to your vet and get the prescription, and thats all you need to do!

Second, you can simply upload a picture of the subscription and then order the food. Afterward, Chewy will verify the subscription and send the food! Ordering a prescription cat food online couldnt be easier.

What Is A Good Cat Food For Urinary Health

Homemade Kidney Diet for Cats and Dogs

5 Cat Foods for Urinary Health Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Urinary SO Canned Cat Food. Pro Plan Focus Adult Urinary Tract Health Formula Canned Cat Food. Hills Prescription Diet c/d Multicare Feline. Wysong Uretic Feline Diet Dry Cat Food. Purina One Cat Adult Urinary Tract Formula Cat Food.

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How Proper Nutrition Can Help Prevent And Treat Urinary Tract Disease In Your Cat

While it is often hard to imagine, our modern housecats are the descendants of desert felines, who lived in places where water was scarce. As a result, they evolved to get most of their hydration from their prey and did not rely on a separate water source. These felines ate small prey like mice, which are high in protein and moisture, and low in carbohydrates. The only carbohydrates that a cat ate in the wild is whatever was in their preys stomach.

Cats evolved like this for tens of thousands of years until the last 50-100 years or so, when we started keeping cats indoors and feeding them commercial pet foods. While the lifestyles of cats changed drastically in a short period of time, however, their biology has not.

When you take a look at modern cat food, it is often dry kibbles that are high in carbohydrates, low to moderate in protein, and void of any moisture, the exact opposite of cats natural diets. Not only do these foods fail to add any hydration to your pets bodies, but they require water from the body to process. This causes many housecats to live for years in a chronically dehydrated state.

There is a misnomer that cats with kidney issues need a low-protein food. This is only true when the proteins you are feeding are of inferior quality, such as by-products or plant-based proteins, which are hard for the kidneys to process. In reality, cats with kidney disease can often process moderate amounts of high quality proteins with ease.

Buyers Guide: Tips For Choosing The Best Cat Food For Urinary Health

Choosing a urinary cat food for a feline can be difficult, especially if your feline has an underlying health problem that needs to be offset by diet, such as chronic urinary tract infections or stones. Many cats with common urinary tract problems are diagnosed with FLUTD, which stands for feline lower urinary tract disease. Felines with this problem have reoccurring bacterial bladder infections, develop bladder crystals, and have inflammation in their urinary tract.

This problem is more severe in males, as it can cause urinary blockage and be life-threatening. Females are more prone to bacterial infections, but they dont suffer blockages as often.

Diet can often be used to manage these problems, though it isnt the end-all to treatment. Often, different medications and supplements are needed as well.

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Weruva Nine Liver With Chicken & Chicken Liver Review

If youve been going to find the best cat food for cats with urinary tract problems that are overweight or obese, its a good thing that youre reading this. This product is highly recommended for cats who are overweight as it is lower calorie compared to some of the others that we have come across.

Other than that, the Weruva option contains chicken, chicken broth, chicken liver, and sunflower seed oil, but it does have a pretty problematic ingredient potato starch. It could have done without the starch, in my opinion, especially since it is not a nutrient that cats cant live without.

This food is also low in magnesium and it has about 1.33% phosphorus on a dry matter basis. However, its moisture percentage is 85, so thats worth considering. Cats tend to not drink enough water, so making sure that they get it from their food is paramount.

All in all, this option has relatively low ash, magnesium, and phosphorus contents and some cat guardians say that it has slowly improved their cats urinary tract health.

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