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Pro Plan Focus Urinary Tract Health

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Our Point of View on Purina Pro Plan Urinary Tract Cat Food
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Pro Plan Urinary Tract Health Chicken Adult Canned Wet Cat Food 85gm x 24

Complete and Balanced nutrition designed to support the urinary tract health of adult cats

Urinary Health

  • Helps maintain urinary tract health by reducing urinary pH and providing low dietary magnesium
  • Helps prevent struvite crystal formation

Ideal Body Composition

  • Contains 31% protein for lean muscle maintenance
  • Real chicken is the #1 ingredient and is a fantastic source of lean protein

Heart Health

  • High quality protein along with essential vitamins and minerals helps support a healthy heart

Strong Immune System

  • Complete nutrition with vital antioxidants help nourish the immune system

Healthy Digestive System

  • Highly digestible formula enables your cat to receive optimal nutrition from the food with less going to waste

Skin & Coat Health

  • Omega fatty acids, vitamin A and high quality protein help support skin and coat health

Healthy Eyes & Vision

  • Formulated with vitamin A and taurine for bright, healthy eyes and good vision

Exceptional Flavour

  • High quality ingredients, beginning with real chicken as the #1 ingredient, for a taste cats love
  • No added artificial colours or flavours

Feeding instructions

  • Every cat is different, but these guidelines can help keep your cat at an ideal weight
  • Feed adult cats 70 grams of food per 1kg of body weight daily
  • You can split the daily feeding amount into 2 or more meals
  • Adjust as needed
Ingredient List


Nutritional Analysis

Metabolizable Energy

Purina One Urinary Tract Health Adult Formula Dry Food

So the Purina FOCUS food we chose as the best also has a dry variant, and its a wonderful all rounder.

You lose some of the incredible value for money you get with the wet food, because the competing dry foods are good value themselves. However, you dont lose any of the nutritional value that made us favor it.

The easily digestible formula contains healthy omega-6 fatty acids that not only work to boost your cats digestive system, but also improve coat and skin health.

Of all the dry foods on this list, this comes in the most convenient quantities 3.5 lb, 7 lb 16 lb and 22lb bags are all available for purchase.

It also has a respectable 31% minimum crude protein content, which is up there with some of the best dry cat foods around. This means its a little heavy on the calories though. At a meaty 452 kcal/cup, you should take extra care to portion this food appropriately.

Check out more consumer opinions and the current price using the button above.

Purina Pro Plan Dry Cat Food Focus Adult Urinary Tract Health Formula 35

  • One 3.5-pound Bag of Purina pro plan focus adult urinary tract health formula
  • Helps maintain urinary tract health by reducing urinary ph and providing low dietary magnesium
  • Made with real chicken, for a taste cats love
  • No added artificial colors or flavors
  • Omega fatty acids and high-quality protein helps support healthy skin and a lustrous coat

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Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Urinary So Dry Food

This brings us on to the dry cat foods, and theres no better place to start than with the Royal Canin dry equivalent of the wet food weve just looked at.

Though using a dry food to combat urinary health issues means youll have to ensure your cat also drinks plenty of water, there are some upsides.

One of the biggest upsides to buying any dry food is that you get a lot more for your money. This is especially true when the food addresses health concerns. You can also leave the food out without spoiling, or make use of a cat feeder to schedule meals for you.

You get the same nutritional value as you would with the wet food, but with significantly less moisture and usually a few more calories in the same volume.

Providing you keep your cat hydrated, then this is the best dry food available for cats suffering with urinary tract problems. Since you get a bit more for your money here than with the wet foods, we think its a better all round option than the other two brands.

Hills Science Diet Adult Urinary Hairball Canned Cat Food

Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Urinary Tract Health Formula ...

Hills Science Diet Urinary & Hairball Control falls just in between our other two wet cat food picks on price and nutritional value.

It ranks as one of the most affordable foods for promoting a healthy urinary tract and has the added bonus of reducing furballs by incorporating a natural fiber blend.

As with the other urinary health cat foods weve picked out for you, it contains the optimal level of magnesium to help restore a balance to the pH levels of your cats urine.

Hills science are well known for manufacturing some of the best healthy cat food that combats a range of different common illnesses in cats. Much like the Purina formulas, each of their veterinarian developed cat foods are nutritionally complete, so can be used daily for each meal.

Hills 100% satisfaction guarantee will have you covered even if your cat doesnt like it. Money back guarantees are a great sign that manufacturers have confidence in their product, and this makes it a great option for fussy felines.

As with most diet changes, Hills suggest that you gradually introduce your cat to this food. You can transition by feeding an ever increasing amount of the new food and decreasing amounts of their old food over a 7 day period. This should be plenty of time to avoid any disturbances in their appetite or gut.

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Hills Science Diet Adult Urinary Hairball Control Dry Food

Again, with this dry variation of the Hills Science Diet Urinary & Hairball cat food, you get much of the same benefits as with the Royal Canin.

You get more for your money, a longer lasting product, and the same nutritional value. Its down to you to ensure your cat has a constant supply of fresh water and that theyre drinking it, something which some owners find hard to accomplish.

With Hills dry cat food, you get a considerable amount more for your money than you do with the Royal Canin, but the reasons are much the same as they are for the wet foods reviewed above.

You still get the same increase in fiber content that the wet food offers, and an optimal level of magnesium to help correct any imbalance in your cats urine pH levels.

As with all Hills products, there are no artificial colors or preservatives, just healthy natural ingredients with added vitamins, minerals and amino acids .

Its one of the best dry cat foods out there, and the added benefits of dissolving urinary crystals and hairball reduction make it a food worth trying for any loving owner.

Purina Pro Plan Cat Food Review : Advanced Nutrition For Cats

For decades, the Purina brand of pet food products has been a household name for all homes with cats and dogs alike. It is home to some of the most well-known cat food brands such as Purina Cat Chow, Purina ONE, Fancy Feast, and Friskies.

With the hundreds of cat food options available, how do we pick the best for our pets? To help you narrow down your search for the best cat food, we have created this 2021 Purina Pro Plan cat food review.

Established as a farm animal feed business in 1894, the Robinson-Danforth Commission Company was eventually named Ralston Purina. To perfect the palatability and nutrition of their pet foods, the company established their first pet nutrition and care center at the Purina Farms near Gray Summit, Missouri.

Today, it is known as the Nestle Purina Pet Care Center in Northwest Missouri.

Here at FelineLiving.Net we have a dedicated mission to provide cat owners like you with well-researched information so they can provide the best care and nutrition to their cat.

Our readers rely upon the cat food reviews, articles and recall alerts that we research and publish. We also routinely update and review our own reviews ensuring that any changes by manufacturers are brought to your attention.

FelineLiving.Net is maintained by Mary Nielsen & her staff. Mary is an animal lover of both cats and dogs. She and her staff are passionate about animals and work hard to provide you with a wealth of information for you and your cat.



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Purina Pro Plan Kitten Dry Cat Food


Helped resolve digestive issues. Kittens who previously had digestive problems such as chronic diarrhea have shown significant improvement since being started on Pro Plan SAVOR Shredded Blend Kitten Chicken & Rice Formula. This food contains guaranteed live probiotics that help kittens digestive systems.

Kittens love it! This cat food is popular with little kittens. They love the crunchy kibbles and the meaty shredded pieces. It is rich in protein and flavor from real chicken and beef fat.


A bit pricey. A handful of buyers find the price slightly expensive compared to other grocery store kitten food products.

Pro Plan SAVOR Shredded Blend Kitten Chicken & Rice Formula Dry Kitten Food is a good dry food to try for kittens below 1 year old. It has 40% protein that kittens need to grow lean muscles. The crunchy texture is also good for kittens developing teeth.

The guaranteed probiotics in this SAVOR kitten food seem to benefit many kittens who previously had digestive issues such as chronic diarrhea. Their issues have been significantly reduced or completely resolved. Kittens also love this crunchy food. Some however, find this product a bit too expensive.

About Purina Pro Plan

Purina Pro Plan Focus for Cats | Chewy

Pro Plan believes in always advancing and never compromising on the food your pet eats every day. That is why they never stop researching and enhancing their formulas to give your pets the most advanced nutrition possible. Pro Plan is trusted by experts and loved by the pets whose daily adventures it fuels. Because for all our pets give us, they deserve the best we can give them, too.

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Best Dry Cat Food For Urinary Health

  • May 9, 2020

Urinary tract disease is a typical issue in cats. Issues, for example, peeing outside of the litter box, pain and stressing during pee, blood in the pee, and frequent urge to pee are all signs of urinary tract disease. These indications can happen in both male and female felines of all ages, anyway male felines are at a higher danger of urethral blockage, which can even be life-threatening.

If your pet is showing any of the above-mentioned warning signs, you need to consult a veterinarian immediately.

The nourishmentyou give to your cat plays a big role in her overall wellbeing. Cat foods high in magnesium, phosphorus, protein, and calcium have been linked to the formation of stone. Veterinarians suggest that switching to the best dry cat food for urinary health can prove to be helpful in reducing the effect of symptoms and providing great relief to your pet.

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Urinary So Canned Cat Food

Royal Canin are widely regarded as the industry leaders in pet health and nutrition, so it should come as no surprise that this is a very effective cat food for urinary health.

Well tell you up front though that its also likely to be the most expensive. You can shop around and get good deals, though, so its worth including especially given how effective it is!

You might even want to try a combination of this food and the Purina FOCUS food to keep things a little more fresh for your cat, and a little more affordable for you. Youll need to check with your vet that both are suitable for your cats specific condition, though.

The compounds are designed specifically to balance your cats urine pH levels to between 6.0 and 6.3, values that are well within the healthy range for felines. It also utilizes boosted omega-3 fatty acids to prevent inflammation throughout your cats digestive system.

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Purina Pro Plan Focus Urinary Tract Health Formula Chicken Entre In Gravy Adult Wet Cat Food

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Give your darling cat extra-care nutrition to meet her specific needs with Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Urinary Tract Health Formula Chicken Entree in Gravy adult wet cat food. This wet urinary tract cat food reduces urinary pH and provides low dietary magnesium to help maintain her urinary tract health. Every serving provides 25 essential vitamins and minerals plus taurine, an amino acid, to help support her overall health and wellness, and this recipe is formulated to help support your cat companion’s healthy immune system for added peace of mind. This urinary cat food features real chicken and other high-quality ingredients you can trust, while the delicious taste and tender texture help to keep your cat engaged during feedings. Give your cat the nutrition she needs to be her best self when you fill her dish with this Purina Pro Plan wet cat food recipe at mealtime every day.

Product Features:

  • Helps maintain urinary tract health by reducing urinary pH and providing low dietary magnesium
  • Helps support a healthy immune system
  • Provides extra-care nutrition for specific needs
  • Provides 25 essential vitamins and minerals plus taurine, an amino acid
  • Delicious taste cats love
  • Backed by Purina’s 85+ years of innovation
  • Packaged in a convenient pull-tab can for easy serving
  • Checked for quality and safety to provide added peace of mind
  • Proudly manufactured in our Purina-owned U.S. facilities

How Does Wet Cat Food Help Urinary Tract Health

Purina® Pro Plan® Focus Urinary Tract Health Formula ...

Moisture is so incredibly important in a cats diet, especially if they are experiencing discomfort due to inflammation, unnatural pH, and crystal formation.

Cats in the wild survive by eating only the prey they catch. They rarely need to drink. If you stop and consider than animal meat is made up of roughly 70% water, its no surprise that wet cat food is a favorite for tackling UTIs in cats.

Through its superior moisture content, wet cat food can help UTIs by flushing the system through, dissolving any crystals, returning the pH levels to their natural state and allowing urine to take control of any bacteria in the tract.

Although any premium wet cat food will provide adequate nutrition, choosing one thats best equipped to solve the other symptoms of urine disorders can help resolve things a little quicker and easy the discomfort your cat is experiencing.

So wet or dry?

Well, thats up to you and your cat. If you can get your cat to drink, the dry food is fine long-term, especially as its more affordable. But for difficult cases, or those that relapse, wet food might be more effective.

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Pro Plan Focus Adult Urinary Tract Health Formula


Helped resolve urinary issues. True to its promise, this Purina Pro Plan cat food has helped kitties who were previously suffering from various urinary tract conditions. Issues like crystals, blockages, and infections cleared up after being regularly fed with this turkey and giblets recipe. This particular product has been called a life saver by some cat parents.

Good alternative to prescription food. Many owners of cats who require urinary health prescription food have found that this canned food from Purina is a great alternative to more expensive prescription foods. Some vets have actually recommended this as a comparable alternative. Their cats conditions have improved, and they were able to save money on food as well as vet bills.


Needs more moisture. A few cat parents stated in their own reviews that they wish this recipe had more moisture in every serving.

Pro Plan FOCUS Adult Urinary Tract Health Formula Turkey & Giblets Entrée is a highly recommended wet cat food for kitties who have urinary health issues, or those who require urinary health food maintenance. It has helped resolve various conditions from blockages to infections in many cats. It has also been called a life saver by some cat parents.

This product is much cheaper than prescription cat food. Many have found it a good alternative to save on prescription food costs.

Hills Science Diet Dry Cat Food

This happens to be one of the costliest ones on the rundown of best dry cat food for urinary health. However, you wouldnt fret a little cost for the exceptional quality that you are getting. Hill is one such brand that makes premium quality feline nourishment and addresses the requirements of grown-up felines with/without medical problems. This exceptional formula is made for felines with hairball issues. The primary ingredients are chicken, wheat, corns feast, pork fat, and cellulose. It additionally contains nutrient enhancements including the nourishment and omega unsaturated fats for skin and coat of the cat.


Where to buy it:

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Purina Pro Plan Urinary Tract Health Dry Cat Food Focus Chicken & Rice Formula

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  • Made with real chicken and a taste cats love
  • Helps maintain urinary tract health by reducing urinary pH and providing low dietary magnesium
  • Linoleic acid, one of the omega-6 fatty acids, helps support healthy skin and a lustrous coat
  • New Look and Name Coming Soon. May Receive Either Bag During Transition.
  • Calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients help support strong bones and healthy joints

Corn Gluten Meal Chicken Wheat Flour Brewers Rice Ground Yellow Corn Animal Fat Preserved With Mixed-Tocopherols Egg Product Sodium Caseinate Phosphoric Acid Calcium Carbonate Potassium Chloride Animal Digest Salt L-Lysine Monohydrochloride Dried Whey Choline Chloride Dicalcium Phosphate Taurine Zinc Sulfate Ferrous Sulfate Manganese Sulfate Vitamin E Supplement Niacin Citric Acid Vitamin A Supplement Calcium Pantothenate Thiamine Mononitrate Copper Sulfate Riboflavin Supplement Vitamin B-12 Supplement Pyridoxine Hydrochloride Folic Acid Vitamin D-3 Supplement Calcium Iodate Biotin Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex Sodium Selenite. U-4625

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