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Cranberry Extract Urinary Tract Infections

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The Facts About Cranberries And Utis

Cranberries Protect Against Urinary Tract Infections

More than 20 national and international studies were examined, including randomized controlled research trials, considered the gold standard for evaluating effectiveness of a treatment. These studies evaluated the role cranberries play in preventing or treating a urinary tract infection among a variety of populations, including children, adults, men, women, pregnant women, and those with certain medical conditions.

As of 2020, the current research shows cranberry products provide very little or no benefit in the prevention or treatment of a UTI when compared to a placebo.

Cranberry Capsules Reduce The Prevalence Of Uti

The team studied 160 patients aged 23-88 years who were undergoing elective gynecological surgery between 2011-2013. Normally, 10-64% of women undergoing this kind of surgery will develop a UTI following the removal of the catheter.

Half of the patients received two cranberry juice capsules twice daily the equivalent in strength to two 8-ounce servings of cranberry juice for 6 weeks after surgery. The others took a placebo.

Cranberry capsules lowered the risk of UTIs by 50%. In the cranberry treatment group, 19% of patients developed a UTI, compared with 38% of the placebo group.

So, how does it work? For a UTI to occur, bacteria must adhere to and invade the lining of the bladder. Cranberries contain A-type proanthocyanidins , which interfere with the bacterias ability to the bladder wall, reducing the likelihood of infection.

What Juice Is Good For Kidney Function

The potassium content of grapes, apples, and cranberries is lower than that of oranges and orange juice, so they are good substitutes. Potassium is a major component of orange juice and should be consumed only on a renal diet. Instead of grapes, apples, cranberries, or their juices, try grapes, apples, or cranberries.

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Eligibility Criteria And Study Selection

We included RCTs comparing the effectiveness of cranberry extract with any other treatment for acute uncomplicated UTIs in patients aged 18 years and above. Non-randomised studies assessing the use of cranberry in treating acute UTIs were also eligible. For inclusion, cranberry extract needed to be orally administered as juice, fruit or as capsules/tablets/pills. In studies in which a cranberry product was combined with another intervention/exposure, data allowing the effect of cranberry on the outcome of interest to be isolated were required. Included studies needed to report at least one of our primary or secondary outcomes. Primary outcomes were assessment of participants symptoms/clinical status/wellbeing assessment , antibiotic use and clinical cure. Secondary outcomes were microbiological cure/assessment biochemical assessment assessment of mechanisms of action and assessment of harms/adverse events.

We excluded studies of exclusively complicated UTI studies assessing recurrent UTI animal studies case reports and systematic reviews. Systematic reviews were used as sources for references.

Cranberries For Preventing Urinary Tract Infections

Billioncheers Cranberry Extract For Urinary Tract Infections, Super ...

Cranberries have been used to prevent urinary tract infections . Cranberries contain a substance that can prevent bacteria from sticking on the walls of the bladder. This may help prevent bladder and other UTIs. This review identified 24 studies comparing cranberry products with control or alternative treatments. There was a small trend towards fewer UTIs in people taking cranberry product compared to placebo or no treatment but this was not a significant finding. Many people in the studies stopped drinking the juice, suggesting it may not be an acceptable intervention. Cranberry juice does not appear to have a significant benefit in preventing UTIs and may be unacceptable to consume in the long term. Cranberry products were also ineffective , possibly due to lack of potency of the active ingredient.

Cranberries have been used widely for several decades for the prevention and treatment of urinary tract infections . This is the third update of our review first published in 1998 and updated in 2004 and 2008.

All randomised controlled trials or quasi-RCTs of cranberry products for the prevention of UTIs.

Two authors independently assessed and extracted data. Information was collected on methods, participants, interventions and outcomes . Risk ratios were calculated where appropriate, otherwise a narrative synthesis was undertaken. Quality was assessed using the Cochrane risk of bias assessment tool.

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Fact Or Farce Do Cranberries Cure Urinary Tract Infections

By Urology Associates

When does the population consume more cranberries and drink more cranberry juice than during the holidays? For some who suffer from urinary tract infections they have a little cranberry juice or even a cranberry pill every day.

Urinary tract infections are common, in fact, they are the second most common infection that people seek treatment for. Over a lifetime, a woman has a fifty percent chance of having a bladder infection. But its not just women at risk for these pesky infections, men get UTIs too. It just happens to be more common in women because they have a shorter urethra, in comparison to men, and that makes it easier for bacteria to get into the bladder.

The most common cause of a UTI is bacteria, but viruses and even yeast can also travel through the urethra and into the bladder causing an infection. There are also several medical conditions that can put one at higher risk for a UTI. Individuals with diabetes are at a higher risk, as we age the risk goes up, and women in menopause can have a higher incidence. Sexual intercourse can increase the risk and bowel conditions such as constipation or loose stools can also increase the risk of a UTI. Its important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of an impending bladder infection, because if you catch it early, you may not need medical intervention.

Early symptoms of a UTI include:

Advanced symptoms include:

Cranberry Juice Fights Urinary Tract Infections Quickly

Study Shows Cranberry Juice Works Against Bacteria Within 8 Hours

Previous studies have suggested that the active compounds in cranberry juice are not destroyed by the digestive system after people drink them, but instead work to fight against bacteria, including E. coli. This latest study, presented at the national meeting of the American Chemical Society in Boston, affirms that and provides evidence of the medicinal value of cranberries.

The new research suggests that the beneficial substances in cranberry juice could reach the urinary tract and prevent bacterial adhesion within eight hours.

Researchers from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts grew strains of E. coli in urine collected from healthy people before and after they drank cranberry juice cocktail.

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But Many Of The Antibiotics That Worked In The Past Dont Seem To Work Anymore

Many physicians can tell you that they see patients who are particularly susceptible to urinary tract infections. For a long time, we had inexpensive antibiotics that worked really well for this. But over the last 10-15 years, we have seen a huge jump in bacterial infections of UTI that are resistant to many of these drugs.they produce bacteria that are similarly resistant to the antibioticsUnless we take significant actions to improve efforts to prevent infections and also change how we produce, prescribe and use antibioticsâ¦. the implications will be devastating.

Implications For Future Research And Clinical Practice

Facts About Cranberry Juice to Treat UTI

Few studies have assessed the utility of cranberry in treating symptoms of acute UTIs further adequately powered, well-conducted randomised clinical trials are required. These studies should use standardised interventions with a specified amount of PAC and must also report potential harm associated with cranberry consumption. It would also be helpful if the outcomes reported were standardised, to allow direct comparisons to be made between studies and meaningful meta-analysis of multiple studies to be performed. Given that cranberry extract is commonly used by women for symptoms of acute UTI, disseminating the results of well-conducted studies evaluating cranberry extract as a treatment for acute UTI to both clinicians and the public will be important.

There is a drive towards increasing the use of delayed antibiotic prescription for self-limiting bacterial infections in primary care . In primary care, this strategy has been shown to reduce antibiotic prescription for acute respiratory infections by 40% and for UTI by 20% . If cranberry were found to be effective in robust clinical trials in managing acute uncomplicated UTIs, it could be incorporated into a delayed antibiotic prescribing strategy women could be advised to take cranberry products initially, taking antibiotics only if symptoms fail to improve or worsen. However, in light of the very limited evidence, no clinical recommendations can be made at present.

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Can Drinking Cranberry Juice Cure A Urinary Tract Infection

Drinking cranberry juice is good for your body. Cranberry juice is a great beverage, with important antioxidants that help reduce your risk of heart disease. Antioxidants also strengthen your immune system, allowing your body to fight off infections. However, according to the Urology Clinic at UAMS, cranberry juice cannot cure a urinary tract infection on its own.

The myth about cranberry juice may have started because the juice helps alleviate some of the discomfort and pain of a urinary tract infection. In addition, studies have shown drinking cranberry juice can help reduce your risk of getting a UTI. However, if you have an infection, your doctor will need to prescribe antibiotics to clear up the condition. Drinking cranberry juice, as well as other liquids, while you have an infection will help flush the bacteria from your system and speed healing.

To learn more about the personalized care provided by our doctors using state-of-the art diagnostic and treatment techniques, please visit our Medical Services section.

How To Choose A Cranberry Supplement For Uti Prevention

Thinking of trying cranberry supplements for a UTI? Check in with your doctor first. While cranberry tablets probably wonât hurt you, itâs always a good idea to talk with a medical professional before trying any new supplement.

If youâre taking the blood thinner warfarin, for instance, you may want to avoid cranberry products, per the Cleveland Clinic. While NCCIH notes the evidence is conflicting, the concern is that cranberry may boost warfarinâs anti-coagulation effects, leading more bruising or bleeding.

You can find a number of cranberry products at the drugstore, but not all supplements are created equal. Dietary supplements have far less regulation than, say, pharmaceutical medications, and whatâs stated on their packaging may not be whatâs actually inside the pills. In fact, a 2018 study in JAMA Network Open revealed that a whopping 776 dietary supplements contained unapproved ingredients, so youâll want to do your homework to make sure youâre getting a decent cranberry tablet for UTIs .

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Can Cranberry Juice Prevent A Uti Then

Cranberry supplements or concentrated cranberry likely has some beneficial effects in the overall treatment paradigm for UTIs, says Dr. Dweck. In her practice, Dr. Ackerman recommends a cranberry extract, tablet, or capsule because she knows that there are certain brands that do a good amount of quality control to ensure that there is a high enough dose of those PACs that will help them actually prevent infection.

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Cranberry concentrated tablets are part of the preventive regimen and help optimize urinary health, especially for people who are prone to UTIs, but still its too much of a stretch to say that it treats a UTI or that it absolutely in and of itself prevents one, Dr. Dweck adds.

Again, the data is inconsistent at best. There is some evidence that cranberry products may lower the risk of an infection. However, there are many discrepancies in the published data that make comparisons difficult, including the type of cranberry product used, the amount of cranberry ingested, the type of subjects and comorbidities, note the authors of a review looking at all available evidence on this topic. They also concluded that the use of cranberries cannot be scientifically promoted for UTI prevention.

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Cut Back On Meat And Poultry

3x Cranberry Extract Supplement For Bladder &  Urinary Tract Infection ...

Some studies, such as one published in August 2018 in the journal mBio, have linked contaminated poultry and meat to E.coli bacteria strains that can cause UTIs. These studies havent proven that eating meat or poultry causes UTIs. In fact, some E.coli can live in the intestines without causing any problems. However, bacteria from the gut can enter the urinary tract and cause infection. This risk is greater in women than men, because women have shorter urethras than men, meaning the bacteria has less distance to travel to reach the bladder.

Cutting back on meat and focusing on fruits and veggies may slightly cut your risk of UTIs. According to a study of Buddhists in Taiwan, published in January 2020 in Scientific Reports, compared with nonvegetarians, vegetarians had a 16 percent lower risk of UTI.

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Does Yogurt Help Uti In Dogs

Supplementation with B vitamins and antioxidants in times of stress, as well as offering cooling foods such as raw fruits, vegetables, and yogurt to reduce the symptoms of urinary tract infection. Foods that are known to aggravate UTIs include asparagus, spinach, raw carrots, tomatoes, and dairy products.

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Other Ways To Treat A Uti

Doctors most commonly treat a UTI with a regimen of antibiotics. Sometimes mild UTIs will go away on their own, but theres a risk they could get worse, even leading to medical conditions like bladder infection or kidney infection if left untreated.

No home remedy has proved to be as effective as antibiotics for treating a UTI. So while cranberry juice can be a tool in your arsenal to help prevent UTIs, it shouldnt take the place of seeing a urology expert for treatment when you develop an infection. If youre not a fan of the way antibiotics affect your digestive system, use a regimen of probiotics to counter some of those effects.

How do you get rid of a symptomatic UTI fast? Its impossible to cure an infection instantly, as much as you might want to when youre dealing with that burning, stinging feeling. But with a prescription, most UTIs can be cleared up within a week or two, and youll go back to feeling normal ASAP.

Once your UTI is clear, you can focus on hygiene tips to prevent another UTI. Always urinate after sexual activity , wipe toilet paper from front to back, and change out of wet or sweaty clothes within a few hours. This will lower your risk of recurrent urinary tract infections.

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Probably Not A Great Treatment For Active Utis

While cranberry products help protect against UTI recurrence in some people, evidence supporting the use of cranberry juice and cranberry juice products for improving symptoms in people who have active UTIs is weak.

One review that included three high quality studies concluded that, overall, there wasnt enough evidence to show that cranberry extract helps treat active UTIs .

Another study that included 46 women found that taking cranberry capsules both alone and when combined with antibiotics may help reduce the need for antibiotic use and improve certain UTI-related symptoms in women with active UTIs .

Its important to note that this was a feasibility study with 46 participants, designed to assess whether a larger scale study would be feasible. Thus, its results may not be as robust as the results of a larger, high quality study.

Some women in the study noted that taking the cranberry supplements helped reduce antibiotic use and helped clear the infection more quickly than antibiotics alone, while others reported no improvement when they took the cranberry supplements.

Its important to note that most available research focuses on using cranberry products to prevent UTIs, not treat active infections.

Currently, theres not enough evidence to suggest that cranberry products are effective at reducing UTI symptoms or speeding recovery from active UTIs.

14 ).

Is Cranberry Juice Good For You

How Cranberry Juice Prevents Urinary Tract Infections

Whether youre wondering Is Cranberry juice good for you? or are you curious about their health benefits, youve probably wondered, Is Cranberry juice good for you? , but are there any other benefits to eating cranberries? It all depends on your personal preferences and the type of cranberry you choose. If youre looking for a healthy snack that tastes great, cranberries can be a great choice. The fiber content in cranberry juice makes it a convenient food for those who are trying to lose weight. And with a high level of proanthocyanidins, cranberries may also prevent oral and stomach cancer.

Although cranberries are more tart than blueberries and have a lower sugar content, they still contain important vitamins and minerals that promote digestive health and the antioxidant system. Theyre also a great source of fiber. Despite their alleged health benefits, cranberries are not recommended as a cure-all for urinary tract infections, but they can help lower the risk of certain cancers. Another benefit is that theyre known to help the body fight off certain food-borne diseases, such as salmonella and listeria.

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Mechanistic Studies: Urine Acidification

Native Americans were the first to use cranberries for their medicinal properties . Cranberries were used for a variety of complaints, including blood disorders, stomach ailments, liver problems, and fever. During the 1880s, German physicians observed that urinary excretion of hippuric acid increased after ingestion of cranberries. In 1914, Blatherwick published an article showing that cranberries are rich in benzoic acid, which is then excreted in urine as hippuric acid. Therein followed a long period during which the usefulness of cranberry juice was thought to be based on the urinary excretion of hippuric acid, which is a bacteriostatic agent and has the potential to acidify urine . In 1923, Blatherwick and Long reported a reduction in urine pH level with a concomitant increase in excretion of hippuric acid after subjects ate 350 g of cooked cranberries . In 1933, Fellers et al. published results for 6 men who ingested 100300 g of cranberries daily. They, too, showed an increase in acidity and excretion of organic acids in urine. However, these authors concluded that an ordinary serving of 2254 g of cranberries produced only a very slight increase in urine acidity .

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