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Homeopathic Cure For Urinary Tract Infection

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Side Effects And Risks Of Homeopathic Medicine And Treatments For Uti

Homeopathic treatment for urinary tract infection – Dr. Surekha Tiwari

Homeopathy, as a science, follows the individualization approach to treatment, in which, each individuals complete health history is taken into account before prescribing a remedy. This includes their physical as well as the mental health and their tendency to suffer from a particular condition, also called miasms in homeopathy. Moreover, the drugs are derived from natural substances, which are diluted further to safe amounts before administration. Hence, homeopathic remedies rarely cause any allergies or side effects, provided they are taken under the supervision of a certified medical practitioner.

Cantharis Vesicatoria For Extreme Burning Before During And After Urination

Cantharis Vesicatoria is among the primary medicines for treating urinary tract infection. The key symptom to look out for while prescribing Cantharis Vesicatoria is intense burning before, during or after urination. There is a constant urge to urinate. Scanty urine or urine passed in drops from UTI is also best treated with Cantharis Vesicatoria. At times, blood in the urine can also be seen.

When and How to use Cantharis Vesicatoria?

The most striking feature to use this medicine is burning sensation before, during and after urination, along with frequent desire to pass urine. Cantharis is best suited in 30C potency. It can be repeated 2 times in a day.

Apis Mellifica For Severe Burning While Passing Urine

Apis Mellifica is the next important medicine for urinary tract infection. The person requiring Apis Mellifica will complain of burning or stinging pain while passing urine, especially last drops of urine cause intense burning. There is also bladder tenesmus . In some cases, blood appears in urine.

When and How to use Apis Mellifica?

It can be used when there is burning, stinging sensation during urination mainly when passing last drops of urine. It can be taken in low 30C potency that can only be repeated twice in a day. It is also used in 200C but in order to do so, one should carefully look for the symptoms and not repeat it frequently.

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Can Home Remedies Quickly Treat A Uti

As resistance to antibiotics is becoming more common, many people are looking for ways to avoid using them. While this can be a good thing in some cases, it can draw out your illness in other instances.

The most commonly asked about home remedy for UTIs is cranberry. Drinking cranberry juice or taking cranberry tablets has been long-touted as a natural alternative for treating UTIs. The thought is that cranberry makes your urine more acidic which, in turn, kills the bacteria causing your infection.

Unfortunately, cranberry does not treat UTIs very well. On the flip side, though, it can be useful for helping to prevent infections if youre prone to them. This seems to also be the case for other acidic fruits like lemon. Just be sure if youre going to try this for preventing future UTIs that you drink unsweetened juice, as sugar actually helps bacteria to grow.

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Homoeopathic Remedies For Urinary Tract Infection

Homeopathic Treatment Options for Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infection is a type of infection that occurs in the urinary tract of the body. This disorder tends to occur more in women than men as the length of the urethra is shorter in women, thus increasing chances of this infection. The most common cause of urinary tract infections is the E. Coli bacteria, especially in the lower part of the urinary tract consisting of the urethra and the bladder.

Homeopathy adopts a holistic approach to urinary tract infections, the remedies aim to treat the underlying causes of the infection. The treatments are free from any side effect and have a beneficial impact on your overall wellbeing. Before prescribing a remedy, the practitioner diagnoses by asking about your medical history, work habits and your mental health. Based on a thorough diagnosis, remedies will be prescribed.

Some of these homeopathic remedies to treat UTIs include:

  • Apis: Apis is recommended if you have symptoms such as experiencing a burning feeling after urination and less urine. You may have swelling around the eyes and also may not experience much thirst. The condition tends to worsen in hot weather conditions.
  • Cantharis: Cantharis is recommended if you experience constant urges to urinate however, the amount of urine may be very low. Apart from this, you might also experience intense pain while urinating along with traces of blood in the urine. Back pain is another complication that occurs along with the above mentioned symptoms.
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    What Is A Uti

    What is a UTI? A Urinary Tract Infection or UTI is short, is an infection of the urinary tract . If it is a Bladder Infection it is called a Lower Urinary Tract Infection . Infection of the Ureters or Urethra is also part of a Lower UTI.

    UTIs are is usually caused by bacteria like E. Coli and also from fungal infections like yeast. Homeopathy is all about balance and thats why it is so good for most conditions because it restores natural balance, in this case between healthy bacteria and yeast. You can also have a kidney stone that may be irritating and bringing on your UTI infection. It is good to treat both, so your urinary tract can become completely clear and balanced.

    They are both painful conditions with the kidney stones usually giving you severe lower back pain. The UTI is more in the front of your abdominal area. There are some common signs of UTI that you should be aware of so you can treat it rapidly and prevent them from coming back. Herbs for UTI can be of great help and work with well with the balancing of homeopathic remedies for a UTI to quickly disinfect, flush your urinary tract system and restore optimum balance.

    When To Expect Some Results

    That impatient bladder of yours might influence your overall patience towards medicines too. It is a myth that homeopathy will take ages to work on your system and cure it. The fact is that homeopathic medicines aim at providing relief within minutes to hours. They tend to treat an individual within a week or two, depending upon the UTI’s severity.

    Homeopathy for urine infection is slightly different from how antibiotics function. This holistic approach towards treating UTI activates your secondary healing response and can work effectively to address the problem’s root cause.

    Consult your doctor if your prescribed dosages are not providing you with any relief within 1-2 weeks.

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    Seek Medical Attention For Utis

    It is important to seek medical attention if you think you may have a UTI particularly if you think you may have a bladder or kidney infection, both of which are very serious conditions. Early treatment of urinary infection can help to prevent infection spreading to the bladder or kidneys.

    Your doctor will test your urine to check which micro-organism is present. Urinary tract infections usually respond quickly and well to antibiotics.

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    Colibacillinum For Escherichia Coli Positive Uti

    Natural Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection

    For urinary tract infection that tests positive for Escherichia coli bacteria, Colibacillinum is the best medicine. The symptoms to use it include an urge to pass urine frequently, scanty urination and pain while passing urine. The urine may smell. Blood in urine is noted in certain cases.

    When and How to use Colibacillinum?

    This remedy is specific for cases of urinary tract infections with Escherichia coli Positive culture report with symptoms of painful, frequent urination.

    It is advisable to use it in lower potency 30C only once a day. If there is no improvement, it is strongly recommended to consult a homeopathic physician.

    NoteThe above-listed medicines can be taken for 1-2 weeks. If the symptoms still persist, it is best to consult a homeopath before taking it further or using high potencies .

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    Homeopathic Treatment Of Cystitis In Dogs & Cats

    Our product CYSTIGO for pets is the best remedy in treating symptoms of pain , frequent, straining, urination, excessive thirst, blood in the urine. It is also very effective in cases of renal calculi and urinary tract infections in pets. Homeopathic remedies work on the principle of similia similibuscuranter, which means like cures like, so is our CYSTIGO. Hence, such formulations that cause symptoms like a diseased animal in a healthy one are used to prepare this wonder drug formula to be able to treat urinary tract infections for varied reasons

    Dosage: 20 drops 3 times a day or as directed by the doctor

    Along with conventional therapy, Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine Cystigo for Pets is an excellent cure for Cystitis and UTIs in pets.

    Cystitis and Urinary Tract Infections are extremely important medical conditions, and prompt treatment must be given as any negligence may cause major backfires such as Chronic Kidney Disease or systemic infection. On the brighter side, these conditions are easy to diagnose, and with prompt treatment, uneventful recovery is possible. However, as vigilant pet parents, its up to you to be prompt, aware, and quick in noticing your pets change in behavior and noticing the symptoms.

    Taking your pet to your Vet at the earliest results in quick diagnosis, quicker treatment protocol, and quickest recovery.

    Kreosotum: For Violent Itching In Urethral Opening


    Kreosotum is a very well-known effective remedy for UTI treatment where there is intense itching in the urethral opening, which comes worse while passing urine.

    The urine is highly offensive. It would help if you hurried when the desire comes to urinate otherwise, it will flow in drops.

    There is a constant burning sensation that makes day-to-day life worse. There is a constant desire for itching in the genital area.

    Potency and Dosage:

    You can use kreosotum in 200ch potency twice daily till improvement occurs. In children, you can use kreosotum 30 twice daily till improvement occurs.

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    Risk Factors For The Uti

    Use of contraceptive devices-

    Some of the means of contraception, for example, spermicide condoms, cervical caps, can increase the risk of getting a UTI.

    Heavy doses of antibiotics-

    Using heavy doses of antibiotics for an extended period may harm the good natural bacterias present in the urinary bladder and bowels, which leads to a higher risk.

    Female gender-

    The Urinary tract infection is more commonly found in females than in males. The reason behind this is the shorter length of the urethra in women as compared to men.


    If a pregnant woman is suffering from a urinary tract infection, it could be a cause of concern for both the mother and the baby.

    Due to the changes in women at the time of pregnancy, there are more chances of bacterias reaching the kidneys.


    If you have diabetes or any history of diabetes, you could be prone to urinary tract infections.

    As diabetes lowers the immune powers of the body, making it weak to fight infections. It can also destroy the tiny vessels in the kidneys, directly exposing the kidney to microbes.

    Kidney stones-

    People who have kidney stones are at higher risk because their kidneys are already inflamed and cannot work correctly. In this situation, the risk is increased.

    Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia-

    Some diseases, such as Benign prostate enlargement, also known as BPH, in which the flow of urine are hindered and can not fully empty your bladder.

    Use of harsh Cleansers:

    Bad personal hygiene-

    Euqisetum: For Frequent Urging Which Is Not Relieved By Urinating

    14 Home Remedies For Urinary Tract Infection UTI


    Equisetum is a well-known Homoeopathic remedy for urinary troubles.

    You may feel a dull pain in the lower abdomen and a constant feeling of fullness in the bladder as if some urine is retained.

    The frequent urging is not relieved by urination. Severe pain at the close of urination is a very prominent symptom of this remedy.

    Urine flows drop by drop, making it very difficult to perform day-to-day activities. There is cutting pain in the urethra.

    It is also an excellent remedy to treat urinary tract infections occurring in children and pregnant ladies.

    Potency and Dosage:

    You can use Equisetum in Q potency 10 drops in half a cup of water thrice daily till improvement occurs. You can use Equisetum in 200ch potency twice daily till improvement occurs.

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    Why Dr Batra’s For Homeopathy In Urinary Tract Infections

    At Dr Batras, we have successfully treated patients with chronic UTIs.

    • The treatment is planned as per the diagnosis and chronicity of patient complaints.
    • Medicines are prescribed in low doses to suit the disease state.
    • Medicines are carefully selected to limit complications.
    • Besides treating the patients infections, our doctors also consider causes, trigger and risk factors to treat the illness from its root.
    • Our doctors provide specific self-care and nutritional guidance in order to prevent recurrence of the disease.

    With proper treatment, the patient will notice the following improvements over a period of time:

    • effective reduction in burning, pain, discomfort and incontinence
    • relief in spasms
    • elimination of drug dependency
    • general wellbeing and improved quality of life

    Moreover, besides treating physical ailments, our doctors also counsel young women, especially newlyweds, who are hesitant or timid to speak openly about their genital hygiene.


    Description Of Homeopathic Remedies For Uti Apis Mellifica

    The symptoms of scanty urine always leads one to consider whether Apis is or is not the remedy, for although Apis produces scanty urine there are number of other drugs that will do the same thing. The keynotes for Apis in urinary affections are scanty or suppressed urine, drowsiness, oedema in various parts, thirstlessness and suffocation on lying down. The urine is dark, highly albuminous, and contains casts, so it is readily seen how Apis may correspond to any form of Brights disease. In difficult micturition of children Apis is often a useful remedy. It has frequent desire, with the passage of a few drops at a time. Among other symptoms are great irritation at the neck of the bladder and incontinence of urine. It is also the remedy to be thought of in retained urine or inflamed bladder after abuse of Cantharis.

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    Natural Remedies For Urinary Tract Infection

    Many people who are prone to UTIs experience them frequently. They take antibiotics or other antibacterial treatments, but the infection comes right back. Sometimes itâs a new type of bacteria, but other times itâs the same one. They just didnât get killed off by the drug like they were supposed to.

    Luckily, there are a variety of natural home remedies for urinary tract infections that are effective. By using these natural remedies for UTIs, you can stop your infections from ever coming back:

    1. Cranberry juice: One of the most effective natural treatments for UTIs is cranberry juice. Cranberry juice contains acidic substances that make it harder for bacteria to get a hold in your urethra and cause an infection. Cranberries are a scientifically proven treatment. Studies have shown that it is of particular benefit for women who get recurrent UTI infections. For other groups of people, the benefits are less clear.

    4. Herbal remedies: There are a variety of herbs that can be effective for curing UTIs. Some common herbs used for UTI treatment include goldenleaf and bearberry leaf. While these herbs can be effective, they can also cause side effects or interact with medication you are taking, so itâs important to consult with your doctor and do your own research. However, taking bearberry leaf for three to four days can help eliminate UTIs.

    Uti Causes And Symptoms

    Naturally Relieve Urinary Tract Infections in Children #NaturalRemedies

    A UTI, or urinary tract infection, is caused by organisms that are too small to be seen without a microscope, including fungi, viruses and bacteria. Despite the bodys many natural defenses, certain bacteria have the ability to attach themselves to the lining of the urinary tract and inhabit the urethra, bladder and kidneys. The majority of UTI cases are caused by E. colibacterium that can live in the bowel and vaginal cavities, around the urethral opening, and in the urinary tract.

    Other significant pathogens that can cause UTIs include Proteus mirabilis, Staphylococcus saprophyticus, Staphylococcus epidermidis and Klebsiella pneumonia. In diabetic patients, Klebsiella and group B streptococcus infections are more common. Pseudomonas infections are more common in chronically catheterized patients.

    Urinary tract infections are extremely common, especially among sexually active women ages 18 to 24. Although a UTI isnt typically complicated or life-threatening, it does cause pain and suffering and negatively impacts ones quality of life.

    Generally, symptoms of a UTI in adults may include:

    • pain when urinating
    • a burning sensation in the bladder or urethra when urinating
    • a strong, frequent urge to urinate, but only passing small amounts
    • urine that appears red or bright pink
    • strong-smelling urine
    • people with suppressed immune systems
    • people with diabetes

    Precautions Regarding UTIs and Home Remedies for UTI

    Final Thoughts on Home Remedies for UTI

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    Drink Plenty Of Fluids

    Dehydration is linked to an increased risk of UTIs.

    This is because regular urination can help flush bacteria from the urinary tract to prevent infection. When youre dehydrated, you arent urinating as often, which can create a breeding ground for bacteria.

    A examined nursing home residents and administered a drinking schedule to participants to increase their fluid intake. Following the schedule decreased UTIs requiring antibiotics by 56%.

    In a 2020 randomized control trial , 140 premenopausal participants prone to UTIs took part in a 12-month study to test if a higher fluid intake would decrease their risk of recurrent cystitis and, in turn, their risk of developing a UTI. Researchers found that an increase in fluid intake led to a decrease in UTI frequency.

    To stay hydrated and meet your fluid needs, its best to drink water throughout the day and always when youre thirsty.

    Benefits of drinking more fluids for UTI

    Drinking plenty of liquids can decrease your risk of UTIs by making you pee more, which helps remove bacteria from your urinary tract.

    evidence suggests that increasing your intake of vitamin C could protect against UTIs.

    Vitamin C is thought to work by increasing the acidity of urine, killing off the bacteria that cause infection.

    An older 2007 study of UTIs in pregnant women looked at the effects of taking 100 milligrams of vitamin C every day.

    Fruits and vegetables are especially high in vitamin C and are a good way to increase your intake.

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