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Is A Urinary Tract Infection A Std

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How Do I Know If I Have A Uti

Is a Urinary Tract Infection an STD? | STDs

The symptoms of bacterial urinary infections can range widely, and in some cases, people dont develop any symptoms at all which is why its important to seek medical assistance in the diagnosis of a urinary infection. But according to the NHS, symptoms of urinary infections can include:

  • Painful or burning sensation when you urinate
  • Feeling the urge to urinate more often or with urgency
  • Waking up to urinate during the night
  • Feeling like you cant empty your bladder completely after urinating
  • Cloudy, dark, bloody, or foul-smelling urine
  • Lower abdominal or lower back pain

General Symptoms Of Std

Patients affected with STD or STI may observe a wide range of symptoms depending upon the type of infection or virus he is suffering from. However, there are few general symptoms that cannot be left unnoticed so long. The list includes:

  • Yellowness in jaundice or skin.
  • Unnecessary weight loss, loose stool, and night sweats.
  • Swollen groin or lymph nodes.
  • Rashes on feet and hand.
  • Odd odor from vaginal discharge.
  • Lower abdomen pain.
  • How Does It Occur

    Normally the urinary tract does not have any bacteria or other organisms in it. Bacteria that cause UTI often spread from the rectum to the urethra and then to the bladder or kidneys. Sometimes bacteria spread from another part of the body through the bloodstream to the urinary tract. Urinary tract infection is less common in men than in women because the male urethra is long, making it difficult for bacteria to spread to the bladder.

    Urinary tract infection may be caused by a sexually transmitted disease. Sometimes a stone in the urinary tract blocks the flow of urine and causes an infection. In older men, an enlarged prostate can cause a urinary tract infection by keeping urine from draining out of the bladder completely. Infection might also be caused by the use of a catheter used to drain the bladder or by urethral stricture, which is a narrowing of the urethra by scar tissue from previous infections or surgical procedures.

    You may be more likely to have a UTI if you have diabetes or another medical problem that affects the immune system.

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    Increasing Worsening Or Changing Symptoms

    If any of your symptoms increase, worsen or change from the normal UTI symptoms, it might be an STD instead. If symptoms start to include ones like discharge or smell, its far more likely to be one of the most common STDs instead.

    For any repeated urinary tract infections that appear to keep coming back, see your doctor: There are many things that can cause repeated UTIs. The same is true for any symptoms that can point to more than just an STD: Again, see your doctor.

    My Uti Will Go Away By Itself

    UTI in Men: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

    UTIs may resolve on their own, but untreated UTIs may lead to more serious issues like a kidney infection. Its always best to seek medical treatment.

    If you receive an antibiotic prescription, be sure to take it for as long as the doctor instructs. Stopping antibiotic treatment too early may result in the UTI coming back.

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    Stis Vs Utis: Key Differences

    Without medical testing, determining whether you have a UTI or an STI can be difficult. While painful and frequent urination are symptoms of both conditions, your other symptoms can indicate the sort of infection you have.

    For example, if you have discharge or skin changes like blisters, youre more likely to have an STI, The urge to pee when your bladder is empty may indicate a UTI.

    Signs Its More Likely To Be An Sti Or Std:

    • Genital blisters, warts, or rash
    • Burning while peeing
    • Heavier, more painful periods or bleeding outside your normal periods
    • Lower belly pain

    It is also important to note that many STDs are asymptomatic making it even harder to detect and treat to avoid the spread.

    Untreated STDs can lead to serious long-term health consequences, especially for adolescent girls and young women. CDC estimates that undiagnosed and untreated STDs cause at least 24,000 women in the United States each year to become infertile

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    What Food And Drink Can Make A Uti Worse

    When dealing with a UTI, dietary changes can help to a mild extent to reduce symptoms. For the time being, reducing coffee and other caffeinated drinks along with alcoholic beverages is best because they can cause dehydration. Soda should stay on the shelf, too, along with sugary snacks, as they can worsen symptoms. Some spicy peppers can irritate the bladder.

    Instead of the foods and drinks above, focus on drink water, herbal tea, and 100 percent cranberry juice. Avoid cocktail mixes of cranberry juice as it will not help. Chicory and Jerusalem artichoke have prebiotics that can help to feed the good bacteria in your gut and potentially help fight harmful bacteria.

    What Happens If Uti Is Left Untreated

    What’s the Difference between STD and UTI?

    Leaving UTI untreated for a long time can lead to severe health consequences. It can rupture your urinary tract and infect your kidneys. Permanent kidney damage and malfunction are also inevitable if you do not take steps to treat and cure the infection. However, compared to STDs, the UTIs long-term untreated consequences narrow down to particular organs kidneys and urinary tract. STDs have wider consequences like neurological diseases, HIV/AIDS, and tuberculosis to name a few if they are not addressed in the early stages.

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    Prevention Of A Urinary Tract Infection

    • Exclusion from childcare, preschool, school or work is not necessary.
    • Drink lots of fluids to flush the urinary system. Water is best.
    • Urinate as soon as you feel the need rather than holding on.
    • Urinate shortly after sex to flush away bacteria that might have entered your urethra during sex.
    • Wear cotton underwear and loose-fitting clothes so that air can keep the area dry. Avoid tight- fitting clothes and nylon underwear, which trap moisture and can help bacteria grow.
    • Using a diaphragm or spermicide for birth control can lead to UTIs by increasing bacteria growth. Unlubricated condoms or spermicidal condoms increase irritation, which may help bacteria grow. Consider switching to lubricated condoms without spermicide or using a non-spermicidal lubricant.

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    How Do I Know If I Have Uti Or Std

    Although there are common symptoms between STI and UTI such as painful or difficult urination, frequent urination or the urge to urinate, as well as urine that is cloudy, dark or has a strange smell, etc. with STD it is mostly asymptomatic, i.e. there is no sign or symptom of the STD/STI virus present inside the body. So, the only way remains to confirm if the symptom belongs to an STD/STI is by getting tested for STD near you. Moreover, if you have Chlamydia then you will be tested positive for UTI.

    That brings us to our next question.

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    Can You Have Sex If You Have A Uti

    In general, it is recommended that you avoid having intercourse when you have an active urinary tract infection. When you get an antibiotic prescription, ask your doctor when the right time to resume sexual activity would be. Of course, you can still kiss and have other intimate and emotional connections.

    Once you have completed a course of antibiotics and the UTI has cleared away, you should be able to resume sexual activity. But be sure to take the careful steps necessary to prevent the sex from putting you on the road to yet another one.

    How Can I Get A Urinary Tract Infection

    Home treatment for urethritis: Urethritis in Men Symptoms, Causes ...

    In women, UTIs occur when bacteria get into the urinary tract, travel up the urethra , and cause an infection in the bladder and urethra. The infection causes these organs to become irritated, which leads to that uncomfortable, burning feeling associated with UTIs.

    In men, the process is the same, but UTIs are less common because men have a longer urethra. So, the bacteria would need to travel a greater distance in order to infect the bladder. UTIs are not a sexually transmitted disease , but its possible to spread the bacteria causing UTIs, especially through oral sex. In general, its best to wait to resume sexual activity until after youve completed your treatment.

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    Should I Go To The Hospital For A Uti

    While a UTI warrants a trip to your doctor or urgent care, you do not need to go to the hospital unless you are exhibiting severe symptoms like fevers or back pain. However, if you have other issues such as a weakened immune system, diabetes, or other problems, you may need to go to a hospital for a UTI. If you are pregnant and cannot see your doctor right away, then you may want to go to a hospital too.

    Std Sexually Transmitted Disease

    Sadly, sometimes a STD has no noticeable symptoms and can be present for many years leading to severe complications like chronic pain, infertility, and cancer. It can spread to a sexual partner and even damage the fetus if you become pregnant. For all these reasons it is essential to be tested once or twice a year for a STD, regardless of your symptoms.

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    How Is It Treated

    Some UTIs are mild and dont need antibiotic treatment. Simple measures can be used to reduce symptoms, such as using Ural® and drinking plenty of water.

    Antibiotics are prescribed when there are persistent or moderate to severe symptoms, or both. Antibiotics are often started on the basis of symptoms prior to the test results being available and sometimes need to be changed when the test result is available.

    Symptoms usually go away within 3 days of starting treatment.

    If the kidneys become infected, you may need to be treated in a hospital with intravenous antibiotics.

    Urinary Tract Infection Vs Std

    Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) – Symptoms & Treatment – Dr. Robert Matthews

    You are living an extraordinary life, playing several roles every day to showcase your versatility. Your amazing skills are creating the perfect balance between family life, office workloads and of course with the friends. There is no point of feeling down in life but in this hyperactive lifestyle, and jam-packed schedule, most people forget to understand few ordinary changes in the body. Well! If it is happening with too, it is time to accept things that are going out of control in your body. Because if you ignore them, they may play a terrible role in your life ahead.

    Probably you dont have time to think about UTI and STD, but the sad truth is that diseases never ask their target for acceptance. They just start raiding your happy life, and most importantly, they take advantage of your lack of knowledge and unawareness. With your over-busy life routines, it is important to spare some time to check your body if it is feeling well by all means or not. Staying in touch with medical health professionals is the best advice to live a quality life.

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    What Are The Symptoms Of A Uti

    One of the most common symptoms of a UTI is a frequent and urgent need to pee. You might feel like you need to pee all the time, even if you just went. Other UTI symptoms include:

    • pain or burning when you pee

    • bad-smelling or cloudy urine

    • blood or pus in your urine

    • soreness, pressure, or cramps in your lower belly, back, or sides

    If the infection goes to your kidneys, your UTI symptoms may also include:

    • pain in your mid-back

    Preventive Methods For Uti

  • Drink plenty of water or have a good amount of fluid intake.
  • But, remember not to excess intake of water. If youre taking antibiotics you dont want to drink excessive amounts of fluids because you want to keep the levels of antibiotic concentration in the bladder and urethra so you can kill all those bad bacteria.
  • After your bathroom visit, after youve done with the thing you need to wipe. But remember, wipe front to back. If you do the bad bacteria that colonizes the rectum like E. coli can get closer to the urethra and put you at higher risk of a UTI.
  • Emptying your bladder soon after intercourse can help prevent you from getting a UTI.
  • Empty your bladder fully when you go for a pee and if you need to go, dont hold it in so if youve got the urge to go for a pee.
  • Try shower bath instead of the bathtub use loose cotton underwear.
  • Avoid synthetic underwear like nylon, jeans, etc.
  • Know your sexual partners and limit their number.
  • Know your partners sexual history
  • Use protection while sex: latex condom while intercourse and Dental dam while oral sex
  • Get vaccinated: Some STDs like Hepatitis B, C and HPV can be prevented by getting vaccinated
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    What Causes Utis

    Although UTIs arent spread from one person to another like STDs, having sex can lead to or worsen UTIs. But you dont have to have sex to get a UTI. Anything that brings bacteria in contact with your urethra can cause a UTI.

    Youre more likely to get a UTI if you

    • have had one before

    • use spermicides or a diaphragm

    • have kidney stones or other obstructions in your urinary tract

    Most people arent able to pinpoint the exact cause of their UTI because so many things can lead to it.

    Is Uti An Std

    Urinary tract infections utis icons depict signs Vector Image

    If you have had sex with multiple sex partners in the past or are currently sexually active, then the chances are you have an STD rather than a UTI as the symptoms can show up late in most cases. It is estimated that 1 in every 5 adults in the US have an STD and most of them dont have a clue they have one. STD symptoms tend to show up

    However, if you arent sexually active and have symptoms of UTI , then you need to check for UTI with a Urine Culture test.

    Thus, UTI is not an STD nor vice versa. But the symptom of both can resemble each other and can be difficult to identify which one you are infected with. It is always a good choice to get tested for both infections.

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    How Can You Tell The Difference Between A Uti And Sti

    This is where it gets tricky. Because the symptoms of UTIs and STDs can overlap, it may be difficult to tell exactly what you’re dealing with. In fact, one study found that ER doctors misdiagnosed STIs and UTIs more than half the time.

    “Certain STIs including gonorrhea, chlamydia, and trichomonas might cause symptoms such as painful or frequent urination, similar to a UTI,” says Dr. Dweck. Patients with herpes who are having an outbreak sometimes complain that they experience burning when urinating, says Dr. Olcha however, herpes usually presents with painful vesicles , which is not a symptom of UTIs.

    This all sounds scary, but rest assured: A quick visit to your ob-gyn can clear the air. To determine if you have a UTI, your doctor will analyze a urine sample for bacteria or high levels of white blood cells, which are signs of infection, according to the AUA, or send a urine culture to a lab. If they do indeed think you have a UTI, your doc will likely prescribe a round of antibiotics to clear the infection. Some doctors may also provide a mild bladder analgesic to provide quicker relief, says Dr. Dweck. (

    Depending on your symptoms or if you think there’s a possibility it may be something other than a UTI your doctor may recommend you do an STI test as well. If they don’t offer or recommend it, you can always ask to do an STI test. STI tests are analyzed in a lab and often take a few to come back with results. (

    Why Am I Getting Urinary Tract Infections

    Ever since I started having sex I get urinary tract infections a lot. Does that mean there could be something else wrong?Mandy*

    If you have burning or pain when you pee, it could be a number of things. One possibility is a urinary tract infection , but others include a sexually transmitted disease , such as chlamydia, or chemical irritation from a spermicide . Its hard to tell the difference without seeing a doctor or .

    Urinary tract infections tend to be more common in girls who have sex. Often, they happen because bacteria entered the urethra .

    Follow these steps to help decrease your chances of getting UTIs:

    • Wipe front to back after going to the bathroom.
    • Pee right before and after sex.
    • Drink plenty of liquids, especially water.

    STDs can cause symptoms similar to those of a UTI, such as burning, vaginal discharge, belly pain, and irregular bleeding.

    Many times, though, STDs have few symptoms, which is why it is important for anyone who has had sex to be tested at least once a year. And always use condoms with any type of sex to help prevent STDs.

    In any case, the best thing to do is get checked out ASAP by a health care provider who can look for the reason youre having symptoms. Its really important to get the right diagnosis and treatment!

    *Names have been changed to protect user privacy.

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