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Men’s Urinary Incontinence Pads

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How to use TENAs incontinence pads for men

Incontinence is never normal at any age. Women especially should not accept this as part of their lives. We dont want people to miss the opportunity to get this addressed. There are some very good non-medication, non-surgical approaches to incontinence,Catherine DuBeau, M.D., a specialist in general internal medicine at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

Alternatives To Incontinence Bed Pads

An incontinence pad isnt the only option for protecting your bed and keeping you dry. Other options include:

  • Wearable pads. There are pads that fit in your underwear and are designed specifically for incontinence, like these options by Depend for Men.
  • Incontinence underwear. The brief itself is made from absorbent fabric, like these options from Thinx.
  • Waterproof mattress covers. There are water-repellant mattress covers designed like a fitted sheet. Or there are covers that fully enclose the mattress to repel moisture, like this non-vinyl option from SafeRest.
  • Disposable fitted sheets. These PEELAWAYS fitted sheets are disposable and cover the entire bed. You can peel away the top fitted sheet layer to reveal another bed pad. The main catch with these is theyre only made for twin XL sizes, so you must have a bed that specifically fits this option.

Male Incontinence: A Full Guide To Wearable Solutions

Incontinence in males is quite prevalent but not discussed nearly enough.

Male urinary incontinence causes accidental leakage of urine and indicates a loss of bladder control. According to studies, it can reduce the quality of life in men significantly.

Urinary incontinence can be a result of underlying issues, such as being overweight or having prostate problems. An enlarged prostate can affect urine flow, causing frequent urination, leaking, and a weak stream.

The prostate may also be removed due to cancer, causing stress incontinence, which triggers urine leakage with actions such as sneezing or laughing. Men may also experience incontinence if they suffer from medical conditions that cause nerve damage like stroke, Parkinsons disease, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, herniated discs, dementia, and spinal cord injury.

Incontinence in men is not as prevalent as it is in women, which makes the conversation about possible solutions much harder to have. Furthermore, with the majority of incontinence products being marketed to women, men are often left with little to no awareness of the solutions they have available to them to manage it.

In this article, we will look at some of the most common wearable solutions for managing incontinence in men.

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Best For Men: Depend Real Fit Maximum Absorbency Underwear For Men

Courtesy of Amazon

Both men and women can choose from a variety of pads and underwear designed to help with urine leaks. Depends incontinence briefs are a great option for men with bladder control problems as theyre designed for the male body to look and feel like normal underwear, are comfortable, and boast maximum absorbency power compared to the brands pads and guards, so you can strut with confidence knowing youre protected. These briefs offer a slim side profile, so theyre discreet and wont appear bulky or unflattering.

These briefs come in multiple colors, are breathable, and are made of a premium cotton-like fabric to be soft and comfortable to the touch. One pack comes with 10 briefs.

How To Get Free Male Incontinence Pads

Depend Incontinence Guards/Bladder Control Pads for Men, Maximum, 52 ...

If youre looking for an incontinence product that will help you take back your quality of life and lessen your anxiety about leakage, Aeroflow Urology may be able to help.

We offer free or low-cost incontinence products through Medicaid and some private insurance plans. If you are deemed eligible, one of our Continence Care Specialists will contact you. Theyll answer questions you may have, help you fill out necessary paperwork from your healthcare provider, and send you free incontinence product samples. From there, your male guards or other incontinence products will be shipped directly to your doorstep in discreet packaging every month. Well also send you text or email reminders when its time to restock your supplies.

All you need to do to see if you qualify is follow our three steps:

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Tranquility Premium Overnight Premium Underwear

Look no further than Tranquility Premium Overnight Underwear for the best incontinence briefs.

These briefs feature pull-on and tear-away seams, breathable sides, and a full-rise waist panel for a comfortable fit. They are disposable and made from soft, absorbent material that isn’t bulky or overbearing.

The absorbent peach core promotes skin dryness and urine pH neutralization. Kufguards® inner leg cuffs direct fluid to the absorbent core, containing large amounts of urine or bowel incontinence.

Reusable Incontinence Products For Men

An alternative to disposable incontinence products for men is reusable, washable pads and underwear.

Reusable male urine leakage products are

  • Machine washable. You may be able to make it through an entire year with six to eight washable products, rather than having to buy a package or two of disposables each month.
  • Cost-effective. Compare the cost of reusable male incontinence protection with disposable and washable products are a huge win, hands down.
  • The best choice for the environment. The large numbers of used disposable incontinence products place a significant burden on Mother Earth. By switching to reusable incontinence protection, you are keeping pollutants out of our environment and plastic out of our landfills.

If youre looking into reusable men’s urinary incontinence products, here’s what you need to know.

Washable Pads

Most reusable pads have wings that flip over to snap into place across the crotch of your regular underwear.

They may be made of materials ranging from polyester to cotton flannel and come in a variety of sizes and levels of absorbency.

Washable mens urinary incontinence pads may be suitable for all-day or overnight wear.

Washable Underwear

Washable male incontinence underwear look just like your everyday undies but they have an absorbent layer in the crotch.

Like washable pads, they can be tossed in the washing machine and used over and over again.

But, here’s the deal. All washable underwear is NOT created equal.

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What Are Todays Most Popular Incontinence Pads For Men Models

There are many incontinence pads for men items accessible today for men and women seeking quality and reliability. Every incontinence pads for men model follows the same essential premise. But they appeal to various users.Its no secret that certain products appeal to specific populations. What if you could see which products were the most popular across all consumers? You can, and weve got the list. Check out our collection of products that appear to appeal to all ages, genders, and locations.

Incontinence Pads With Gel

iD Men Incontinence Pads | Fitting Guide

The advantage of this style of pad is that liquid leaks are quickly turned into a gel. This enables the skin to remain dry as fluids get pulled away from the skin.

An incontinence pad with gel that we recommend is:

With the Prevail Pant Liner, you get the peace of mind of having extra protection from its advanced absorbance.

MaxSorb gel locks away incontinence and turns leaked fluids into a gel substance, ensuring you feel dry and fresh. They can adapt to all shapes and sizes and also provide overnight support.

Key Benefits & Features:

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Use Overnight Bladder Protection Products

When your social life activities involve drinking, plan ahead to protect yourself. Nighttime incontinence products can help keep your bed and clothing dry if you experience leaks or an accident. Options include pull-on protective underwear for men and women,overnight pads for women, and guards for men. You can also use bed protectorsto keep your sheets and mattress clean.

Discreet Waterproof And Absorbent Mens Incontinence Solutions

Urinary incontinence affects a larger amount of Australian men than you might think up to 20% or 1 in 5 Aussie men. There are a few reasons for this, including prostate disease and age. However, once you get to know your body and understand what to expect, it is easier to take back control of your life. Thats why Night N Day Comfort created a complete range of washable and reusable incontinence pants and pads for men. We understand that incontinence can happen to anyone at any age, but theres no reason it should stop you from living your best life.

Night N Day Comforts range of mens incontinence products includes regular looking underwear, full waterproof and absorbent all-in-one pants, incontinence swimwear, shorts and skorts and even onesies! Our amazing range will give you the freedom to choose the product that best fits you, your needs and your lifestyle.

Different styles offer different levels of protection. The BONDS® Hipster underwear for men comes with a sewn-in incontinence pad that can hold either up to 100ml or 400ml depending on your level of leakage. These light incontinence pants are recommended for day wear.

Other products, such as our all in one products, can be worn through the day or during the night offering protection against heavy incontinence.

With a large range of different styles and different levels of protection for both urinary and faecal incontinence, youll be sure to find something a solution that works for you.

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Do You Want To Donate Incontinence Products

If you have extra products to donate to someone in need, check to see if there is a diaper bank in your area in the list above. If no diaper banks are operating in your area, you may be able to donate your incontinence products to:

  • a local food bank
  • a senior citizens center
  • homeless shelters
  • shelter for women escaping domestic violence
  • your local township office
  • your place of worship that has a health ministry program
  • an assisted living community

How Alcohol Affects The Bladder

The Best Incontinence Pads for Men

Drinking alcohol affects the bladder in the following ways:

  • Irritation: Like spicy and acidic foods, coffee, and other beverages containing caffeine, alcohol is a common bladder irritant. For some people, drinking only a small amount of alcohol can lead to bladder inflammation. When this occurs, you may experience frequent urination and urinary urgency. For people with urge incontinence, overactive bladder, and stress incontinence, bladder irritation raises the risk of leaks and accidents.
  • Diuretic action: Drinking alcohol interrupts your body’s natural water excretion cycle. By suppressing the actions of a hormone called vasopressin, alcohol increases the amount of water loss in the body. That water ends up being made into urine by your kidneys. The rise in urine production leads to urinary frequency, which can make bladder leaks more likely to occur.
  • Alcohol is a depressant, which slows down your nervous system’s activities. This can interfere with the transmission of messages from your bladder to your brain, making you unable to sense your need to urinate until it’s an emergency.
  • Muscle relaxant: Because its a depressant, alcohol has a relaxing effect on the muscles. While this may help you feel more at ease, it also means that your bladder may not hold onto urine as well as it should. For women, relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles can also make leakage due to stress incontinence more likely to occur.

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Best For Nighttime: Poise Overnight Incontinence Pads


Incontinence can make sleeping uncomfortable for both you and your partner, but a solution shouldn’t have to impact you both. If you regularly have leakage while sleeping, Poise Overnight Incontinence Pads are a great solution. These odor-controlling pads help wick away moisture and absorb wetness for up to 12 hours, so you can sleep in knowing you don’t have to worry about leakage.

Better Urinary Incontinence Protection For Moderate To Heavy Urine Leakage

The urinary incontinence products below offer better protection and absorbency for moderate to heavy leakage. These special built-in pads are discreet, comfortable, and absorbent with odor-eliminating properties like all of these incontinence products. They are perfect for wearing to work or to work out.

Active50 Male Incontinence Brief with Dri-Jock Technology

Active50 Male Incontinence Brief uses a unique internal support system called Dry-Jock . The Dry-Jock supporter features a Biofit Guard that works together with the Dry-Jock to stop urine leakage .

Dry-Jock eliminates sagging and keeps the leak protection centered throughout the day. It offers protection in three amazing ways

1. Wear it without the Dry-Jock insert for light leakage.2. Add Dry-Jock insert supporter for moderate leakage.3. Insert a disposable pad with the Dry-Jock insert for moderate to heavy leakage protection.

Active50 Incontinence Brief sizes range from small to 2X large. Color black.

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Washable Pads And Pants

Although there is an initial out cost with washable incontinence products, they are more cost effective over time. Some people also prefer the absorbency of terry towels especially at night as it can contain quite a large volume. There is also less skin irritation involved. The downside is products designed for anything more than light leakage tend to be very bulky and not discreet.

  • Washable Liners these are less commonly used than disposable liners as they tend to not be as effective. They are better suited to those who have control but want the reassurance of a pad
  • Washable Leafs these work the same as a washable liner but are shaped to specifically fit the male shape
  • Washable Pants these look exactly like everyday underwear but have an absorbent pad in the crotch area. Some men wear these in conjunction with a disposable pad for extra protection
  • Washable All-In-Ones are usually made of terry towelling combine with a plastic pant to go over the top to avoid liquid seeping through. These are better for those with heavy bladder leakage. They are quite bulky though and folding and pinning the towelling into the correct shape can be quite fiddly

What Is Urinary Incontinence

Men’s Shield | Attends® Discreet Incontinence Products for Men

Urinary Incontinence is associated with the loss of bladder control or uncontrollable urine leakage. According to the Urology Care Foundation, one out of four men experience urinary incontinence. This condition can develop at any age and is normally caused by a neurological condition such as Parkinsons, Alzheimers, or cerebral palsy, or a health issue such as stroke, diabetes, enlarged prostate, prostate surgery, or prostate cancer. It can occur for a short period of time or continue for life. It also prevents men from enjoying regular activities such as exercising, golfing, playing basketball, football, soccer, biking, etc.

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Best For Heavy Leakage: Cardinal Health Reusable Bed Pads

Courtesy of Amazon

These hospital-grade incontinence pads are a great option for people with heavy leakage who want to rest easily without worrying about ruining their bedding. These pads feature a waterproof moisture barrier to keep the bed and other surfaces dry while the absorbent padded core draws in liquid and locks it away. These pads are a great way to protect bedding and sheets for men, women, kids, or the elderly with urinary problems.

The best part is that these pads are washable and will work time and time again with multiple washes. They also feature a non-slip bottom layer to keep the pad in place throughout the night. This pad is latex-free, lead-free, and made with composite and polyester fabricwhich assures its safe to use on sensitive skin and comfortable for a peaceful sleep.

Best Disposable Bed Pads: Medline Heavy Absorbency Underpads


Medlines Heavy Absorbency Underpads are one of the best on the market, as well as the biggestmeasuring 36 inches by 36 inches. These disposable pads have a super absorbent core that provides incontinence protection for any part of your day.

These pads are designed to be soft and comfortable with a quilted top sheet thats gentle on sensitive skin. Meanwhile, the powerful polymer and fluff quickly absorb fluid and odor, so you wont have to worry about being uncomfortable, wet, or having undesirable smells. These mats are made with polypropylene backing, which keeps the pad in place and prevents leakage.

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How Often Should An Incontinence Pad Be Changed

In the normal course, bladder control pads are changed as soon as they are soiled . However, if these bladder control pads for men are worn at night, it is crucial to change the pad as early as one wakes up in the morning. Frequent pad changes help in avoiding skin related problems such as –

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Inserts And Pads For Lighter Leaks

Depend Incontinence Shields, Pads for Men, Light Absorbency, 58 Count ...

Urinary incontinence pads and inserts are made to be worn in your underwear to catch minor bladder leaks. They hold large amounts of fluid and are made to neutralize urines high acidity, which can harm your skin if left too long.

If youve used sanitary napkins to manage urine leaks, youve probably realized they dont work well for this purpose. Incontinence pads are constructed with polymer materials that quickly wick urine moisture away from your skin to keep you dry and odor-free.

Conversely, sanitary napkins are designed to absorb the slower flow of menstrual blood and cannot hold the same amount of liquid as an incontinence pad.

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