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Probiotics For Urinary Tract Infection

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Drink Plenty Of Fluids

Docs turn to probiotics to prevent UTIs

Drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day ensures that you are peeing enough to flush bacteria out of your system. One study found that consistently low fluid intake every day can contribute to urinary tract infection.5 Another study found that low fluid intake and infrequent urination resulted in an increased chance of recurrent urinary tract infections.6 Staying hydrated is good for your health in general. Drink at least one glass of water with every snack and meal to maintain healthy fluid levels.

Urinary Tract Infections: Statistics

We are seeing the incidence rates of UTIs increase annually. A global study in 2013 found over 92 million people suffered with UTIs worldwide1. Furthermore, the study found a 16% rise in UTI numbers from 1990 to 2013. In the UK, UTIs in the primary care system have increased 102% from 2001 to 20112, and in 2011, the Health Protection Agency estimated 14% of all antibiotics prescribed were for UTIs. This costs the NHS at least £124 million a year3, 4.

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  • Probiotics are defined as friendly bacteria that improve intestinal wellbeing.

  • Lactobacilli and bifidobacteria are the most commonly used probiotic organisms.

  • Lactobacilli probiotics can be used to treat urinary tract infections.

  • L acidophilus available on most health food store probiotics can clear bacterial vaginosis.

  • Yoghurt contains bacteria designed to reduce the risk of intestinal and vaginal infection.

  • Most vaginal and bladder pathogens, as well as the normal flora of the vagina ascend from the rectal skin.

  • All hydrogen peroxide producing lactobacilli kill Candida albicans.

  • FAO/WHO guidelines for probiotics make it essential that human studies proving health benefits are produced in order for a product to be referred to as a probiotic.

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    Iii After Receiving Antibiotics

    Once again, the biggest disadvantage of taking antibiotics is that while killing uropathogenic bacteria, they do not heal the urinary tract after the infection is gone. Even more, they often promote the growth of drug-resistant strains.

    Therefore, after receiving a single course of antibiotics andin the face of compromised urinary tract function, the healing and prophylactic dosage should be administered as follows:

    • Take 2 capsules 3 times daily for 5 days therefore, for optimal healing and prophylactic benefits, at least 2 bottles of UT ProbioticsUltra are needed.

    After receiving multiple courses of antibiotics and in the face of severely compromised urinary tract function, the healing and prophylactic dosage should be administered and follows:

    • Take 2 capsules 3 times daily for 10 days therefore, for optimal healing and prophylactic benefits, at least 4 bottles of UT ProbioticsUltra are needed.


    If you have a long history of taking pharmaceutical antibiotics you must take probiotics for at least 3 consecutive months. This is the minimum time needed to completely restore and re-establishthe bodys beneficial microflora damaged and/or killed by prescription drugs.

    Definition And Characteristics Of Probiotics

    Garden Of Life Urinary Tract Probiotics / Garden Of Life ...

    The term probiotic consists of the words pro in Latin and bios in Greek meaning life. The concept of probiotics was first introduced by Elie Metchnikoff, the Russian Nobel Prize winner in 1907. Metchnikoff notes that the microbes in the digestive system can provide positive contributions, especially in the digestive system diseases. The World Health Organization has defined probiotics as useful living microorganisms that have a positive effect on the health and physiology of a person when taken in sufficient quantities. The properties that a good probiotic should have are indicated in .

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    Reducing Pathogen Load In The Gut

    Most UTIs are caused by pathogens migrating to the bladder from the gut. The most common pathogen is E. Coli.

    Reducing the pathogen load in the gut may be the best way to reduce the chances of urinary tract infections.

    As this is to big a topic to discuss in this post, Im going to outline just a few options below.

    Modulating the gut microbiota is a big task and doesnt usually happen quickly. Long term solutions include:

    • A diet high in fibre, especially probiotic fibre such as inulin and oligo-fructosaccharides
    • Probiotic foods that are naturally fermented with live bacteria such as kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut and kvass
    • Bone broth as nourishment for the gut wall
    • Probiotic supplements
    • A fecal transplant using the stool of a healthy person to modulate an imbalanced microbiota
    • Helminthic therapy helminths are higher beings that used to be part of our intestinal microbiota. They include certain types of beneficial hookworms and whipwhorms
    • Avoidance of antibiotics, chemicals, GMOs, artificial sweeteners and processed foods all these can negatively affect the microbiome

    The simplest step to take if recurrent infections are caused by E. Coli would be to reduce the E. Coli in the gut.

    This can be achieved by taking the beneficial strain E. coli strain Nissle 1917. Not all types of E. Coli are bad. This strain is available as the probiotic Mutaflor manufactured in Germany.

    It could therefore have great potential for preventing urinary infections caused by pathogenic E. Coli.

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    Can Probiotics Prevent Utis

    Probiotics are live microorganisms that you can supposedly take for health benefits. The most commonly recommended probiotic for recurrent UTIs is Lactobacillus, a type of bacteria that normally lives in our gut and helps keep it healthy.

    The theory is that lactobacilli prevent invaders like E. coli from attaching to cells in vagina and hiding until they cause a reinfection later. Studies have found that women who have recurrent UTIs dont have enough lactobacilli.

    Lactobacillus comes in a capsule that you take by mouth or as an intravaginal suppository. In a few studies, it lowered the number of UTIs that women experienced. In another small study, taking Lactobacillus and cranberry supplements together was more effective than taking them separately. However, when multiple studies on Lactobacillus were reviewed, the results were inconsistent. Also, When Lactobacillus was compared to TMP/SMX, the antibiotic worked better than Lactobacillus at reducing UTIs.

    Recommending Lactobacillus is also difficult because there are many different strains of the bacteria that havent been studied well. Also, like cranberry supplements, probiotic products are not strictly regulated by the FDA nor have they been approved by the FDA to prevent UTIs.

    Lactobacillus is generally safe, though there are some reports of vaginal or abdominal discomfort. It may also be costly to try different strains and products to find one that works best.

    Best Feminine Probiotics Reviews In 2022

    How do probiotics help with urinary tract infections?

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    • Probiotics, fructo-oligosaccharides , and natural cranberry powder
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    Can Vaginal Estrogen Products Prevent Utis

    For women near menopause or who have gone through menopause and get 3 or more UTIs per year, vaginal estrogen may be helpful, according to the American Urological Association . Vaginal estrogen comes as a ring , an insert , or a cream . It is both safe and effective for women in this population who are looking to prevent recurrent UTIs.

    That said, in a head-to-head trial of vaginal estrogen inserts compared to a daily preventive antibiotic, vaginal estrogen was not as effective as daily antibiotics. More on this below.

    Estrogen works by making the vagina more acidic and increasing the number of healthy bacteria in the vagina. This makes it hard for E. coli to live and hide in there, which prevents them from showing up in the urinary tract later.

    Some of the more commonly reported side effects of vaginal estrogen include breast tenderness, vaginal bleeding, and vaginal discomfort like itching, burning, and irritation.

    If you are being treated for breast cancer or have had breast cancer, vaginal estrogen is considered safe, but you should speak with your oncologist before starting any estrogen-based products.

    Probiotics Appear Effective In Curbing Uti Recurrence

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    Probiotics proved more effective than a placebo at reducing the risk for UTI recurrence in children with a normal urinary tract after their first episode of febrile UTI, according to results of a randomized clinical trial published in the Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society.

    In this study, we compared the effect of probiotic and placebo prophylaxis in young children with uncomplicated UTI and found that probiotics, with a higher rate of composite cure observed after 18 months of therapy, were superior to placebo,Simin Sadeghi-bojd, MD, PhD, and colleagues wrote. The lower incidence of UTI recurrence in the probiotic group suggests that greater UTI-free survival with probiotics provides additional clinical benefit for children with a normal urinary tract.

    Sadeghi-bojd and colleagues randomly assigned 181 children, aged 4 months to 5 years, with a normal urinary tract following recovery from their first febrile UTI to receive either a probiotic mixture or placebo. UTI-free survival at 18 months was the primary endpoint, with median time to first UTI as the secondary endpoint.

    Disclosures: The authors report no relevant financial disclosures.

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    Probiotics For Prophylaxis And Treatment Of Urinary Tract Infections In Children

    Salih Kavukcu1

    1Department of Pediatrics, Near East University Hospital, Nicosia, Cyprus

    How to Cite:BeyitlerI, KavukcuS. Probiotics for Prophylaxis and Treatment of Urinary Tract Infections in Children. Iran J Pediatr. 2017 27:e7695.doi: 10.5812/ijp.7695.


    Iranian Journal of Pediatrics:Article Type:

    What Does The Urinary Microbiome Do

    Dr. Formulated Probiotics Urinary Tract+

    The importance of the microbiome has been extensively studied in the gut and vagina, but less is known about the benefits of the urinary microbiome. As the urethra opens to the external outside environment, the urinary tract is potentially more exposed and vulnerable. The urinary microbiome may be able to offer protective benefits.

    In the gut and vaginal tract, the microbiomes support the host in many ways, one of which is protecting against infection from pathogenic microbes. This is also thought to be the case in the urinary tract. Commensal organisms can adhere to and line the epithelial cells in the urinary tract. This forms a protective barrier, obstructing pathogenic organisms from binding, and reducing the risk of biofilm formation.

    Commensals might also be able to compete with pathogens for nutrients as well as produce anti-microbial substances such as lactic acid and bacteriocins. This may reduce the overall risk of infection by pathogens.

    In the gut, the microbiome and immune system are in constant communication. There are some immune cells located in the urinary tract, but there has been little research documenting this relationship.

    All of this considered, if probiotics can be used as an intervention in the gut and vaginal microbiomes, then could they be used in the urinary microbiome for UTIs, too?

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    Restore Genital Microbiome Balance

    The genital microbiome makeup comprises of many different species of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and viruses. These microbes co-exist in a thin balance which is constantly in a state of flux.

    However, your genital health depends upon this balance. The flora present in your genitals and body has the potential to protect you from urinary tract infections.

    Researchers of a study published in the Journal of Mid-Life Health stated that vaginal flora can be modified and improved with the help of oral intake of certain probiotic strains through supplements and dietary sources. In fact Lactobacillus UTI treatment is becoming more and more popular.

    The researchers further wrote that taking certain forms of probiotics could naturally help in restoring genital microbiome to a level considered normal and even optimal.

    Probiotics For The Urinary Tract

    Probiotics are live microorganisms, which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host . Historically, probiotics have lacked credibility in the orthodox medical community but with recent scientific advances in the field of the human microbiome the therapeutic potential of different probiotic strains has been recognized.

    In my last two posts I have looked into the urinary microbiome and how an imbalance of microbes in the bladder can predispose us to bladder conditions such as urinary tract infections, interstitial cystitis, overactive bladder and chronic pelvic pain.

    Today I would like to take a look at several probiotic strains that have been studied for bladder- and genital health.

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    Probiotics For Girls With Recurring Urinary Tract Infections

    The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators. Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U.S. Federal Government. Read our disclaimer for details.
    Recruitment Status : Withdrawn First Posted : November 11, 2008Last Update Posted : August 18, 2020
    • Study Details

    Probiotics are dietary supplements containing potentially beneficial bacterial strains such as Lactobacillus. The safety of oral administration of probiotics has been demonstrated in hundreds of studies using adults over the last 30 years. Very few studies have been conducted with children. UTI in girls occur when virulent bacteria migrate from the rectum and colonize the vagina and peri-urethral mucosa, thus gaining access to the bladder.

    This study will randomize girls to ARM A and ARM B to determine if UTIs are decreased when the probiotics are given.

    Condition or disease
    Dietary Supplement: Lactobacillus reuteri DSM 17938Drug: trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole Phase 2
    Layout table for study information

    Study Type :
    Primary Purpose:
    H-23187: Probiotic Prophylaxis Against Recurrent Pediatric Urinary Tract Infection

    Resource links provided by the National Library of Medicine

    Several Options Are Available To You

    Probiotics vs Antibiotics for Recurrent Urinary Infections

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    Juvenile Vaginitis In Female Dogs

    Vaginal inflammation in prepubescent female dogs is called juvenile vaginitis. The majority of affected dogs diagnosed with juvenile vaginitis do not show visible signs of the disease. Instead, the condition is usually discovered by veterinarians examining the dog for another reason. Some puppies with juvenile vaginitis may exhibit a slight discharge that is easily missed by the owner or the pup will remove the discharge when cleaning the area before the owner notices this symptom.

    Veterinarians rarely prescribe antibiotics for juvenile vaginitis since the condition typically resolves itself once the dog reaches adolescence.

    Probiotics That Help With Urinary Tract Infections

    By Lisa Roth Collins, RHN |

    A number of beneficial bacteria have been shown to help with UTIs . This is fabulous news because the incidence of UTIs in both women and men, and especially the former, is high and can be life-altering. Thats why we thought it would be useful for you to know about the probiotics that may provide relief from symptoms of UTIs.

    A quick review of UTIs

    Urinary tract infections are conditions in which the ureter, urethra, bladder, and kidneys may become infected. Most UTIs occur in the bladder, in which case it is known as cystitis. A UTI that spreads to the kidneys is called pyelonephritis.

    Women are up to 30 times more likely to develop a UTI than men. The reason behind this difference is that the female urethra is much shorter than that of the male, so it is easier for bacteria to enter the urinary tract. Symptoms of a UTI can include burning or pain when urinating, pressure in the lower abdomen, a strong urge to urinate, foul-smelling urine, bloody urine, having a fever, or feeling weak, tired, or confused.

    One of the best ways to help prevent UTIs is to practice good bathroom habits. Its important to remember to wipe from the front to the back after eliminating in the bathroom to help prevent infections.

    Which probiotics can help with UTIs

    What does all of this mean?

    Bottom line

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