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Swim Diapers For Adults With Urinary Incontinence

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Swim Diapers For Older Children

Washable and Reusable Incontinence Swimwear for Everyone!

If you are searching for a special needs swim diaper for children, we are pleased to offer the Children’s swim diaper. It is the same high quality, discreet product that we make for the adults. Many children are self-conscious about having to wear a swim diaper. Unlike other brands, the SOSecure brand is very lightweight, snug-fitting, and adjustable. This helps make the garment almost invisible under a swimsuit.

What Are The Different Features Of Adult Swim Diapers

Swim diapers have several caregiver-favorite features like:

Thin materials. Swim trunks and bathing suits are often made from thin, light-colored materials, which can make it challenging to discreetly wear adult swim diapers. Luckily, our use cloth-like backing that mimics the fabrics in traditional underwear. These materials are thin, silent, and dont puff up or expand when exposed to water.

Breathability. If you plan on wearing a swim diaper for more than a few hours, its important that theres plenty of airflow. Urine and fecal matter emit gases that can irritate the skin, resulting in a rash, sores, or infection. Permeable fabrics like those in adult swim diapers allow your skin to breathe, minimizing the need for frequent diaper changes.

Leg gathers. Leg gathers are bands of flexible material that wrap around your thighs and bottom. They make it easy to participate in physically-demanding activities like lap swimming or underwater aerobics without worrying about accidents. Most modern leg gathers are made of elastic, which traps bowel voids inside the diaper, keeping it out of the pool or other bodies of water.

Disposable. We offer disposable swim diapers, which can be conveniently disposed of after each use that means no mess!

Tranquility Slimline Breathable Disposable Briefs

On the hottest days, its important to have a brief that can help keep you dry and cool. Tranquility SlimLine Breathable adult briefs have breathable sides to promote air circulation for comfort and maintaining skin integrity. The soft, cloth-like outer layer features micro-hook closure tabs for easy, secure fastening. A high capacity, contoured core inside these adult diapers quickly absorbs fluids and locks it away. The Tranquility Slimline Breathable Brief allows the wearer to feel more comfortable in any climate. These briefs are backed by the Peach Mat Guarantee® for unsurpassed protection in the areas of skin dryness, odor reduction, urine pH neutralization and inhibition of bacterial growth.

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Best Swim Diaper For Urinary Incon

Rep for Binkygirl AB Creations

Company Rep

mike497 said:I know winters not over yet but I am already thinking ahead to summer and boating and swimming. What would be a good prouct that I could wear to the boat launch about 40 min away and keep my trunks dry while I’m in the boat and then not swell up like a baloon when I go for a dip? I don’t think plastic pants over a disposable would work well as water would get trapped and keep leaking when I get back in the boat.. I’ve looked at the swim diapers and they appear to be mostly for fecal incon, but will how well will they work for this situation? Any ideas?

it will not be funny if someone throws you in the water when you are wearing a diaper!

Brandi makes a good point!

RMS401 said:Yes, Andrew’s right. Swim diapers don’t absorb, they contain feces. You could never get a diaper to seal well enough to keep urine in and water out, so the moment you went in the water your diaper would be completely soaked. And, as noted by others, urine is sterile and harmless. A little gross, but harmless. -RMS

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Best Swim Diapers For Adults With Urinary Incontinence

The garment is Unisex. Please order by waist or hip, whichever is larger. For example, if a person has a 34″ waist and a 38″ hip, they should order the XL which has a range of 37″-40″, even if the waist is much smaller than 37″. If your measurements are at the higher end of a size range, don’t assume you should go to a larger size. These garments are very adjustable and stretchy, and should fit very snug.

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Adult Swim Diapers For Incontinence

Adult swim diapers are the perfect incontinence solution for those interested in water-related recreation or therapeutic activities. Designed to be worn under everyday swimwear, most swimming diapers feature non-absorbent material with a moisture-proof barrier and secure leg cuffs for maximum containment without uncomfortable and heavy bloating. While some swim diapers are reusable, disposable versions are convenient to use and dispose of. offers quality swim diapers for adults in a variety of sizes at the lowest prices guaranteed. For peace of mind and further savings, set up routine shipping with our convenient Allegro Autoship program. For more details about swim diapers, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions located at the bottom of the page.

Ideal For Little Swimmers Too

For those caring for children with bladder and/or bowel loss, taking them to the pool may seem like something to avoid. Traditional, store-bought baby or youth-sized diapers simply cannot hold up to being submerged in water and will fall apart. Even if you try washable or reusable swim diapers for added peace of mind, clean-up can be a mess and you will likely end up buying a replacement, anyway.

Swimmates swim diapers offer a disposable solution that keeps children and those around them in the pool protected, giving you the confidence to let the child have fun in the water once again. Swimmates are designed for bowel containment and do not swell up in the water. Plus, we offer a Small/Youth XL size to cover your little swimmers. This size is designed for wearers with waist and hip measurements of 22 36 and a weight of 80 125 lbs.

Our customers tell us they have been revitalized by enjoying pool time with their grandkids again, thanks to these swim diapers.

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Adult Swim Diapers: Get Back Into The Swim

Incontinence can easily lead you to abandon favorite activities. Even with everyday adult incontinence products, you might think that water sports are still off-limits since a basic adult diaper will likely absorb water from a pool or ocean and become heavy and uncomfortable. But with adult swim diapers like the Tranquility Swimmates Adult Disposable Swim Underwear, you can get back to swimming and other water-based activities that you love. And since swimming is a healthy fitness exercise that’s easier on joints than most other types of aerobic activity, it can be vital to your overall health.

Here’s how this product works. You wear the swim brief in place of your usual adult diaper when swimming or in the water for any activity and then put on your regular bathing suit or swim trunks over it. These briefs are made primarily for bowel containment, but they will also protect against minor urinary leakage.

There are five sizes available:

  • Small fits waist sizes 22″ – 36″
  • Medium fits waist sizes 34″ – 48″
  • Large fits waist sizes 44″ – 54″
  • X-Large fits waist sizes 48″ – 66″
  • XX-Large Plus fits waist sizes 62″ – 80″

Men should order by waist size, and women by hip size. It’s important that you measure accurately for the most security feeling .

Can I Use An Adult Swim Diaper Instead Of Regular Protective Underwear

Molicare super plus and Theraquatics adult swim diapier review.

Its not recommended to use an adult swim diaper in place of regular protective underwear or adult diapers, because they are not designed to absorb, only to contain. Waterproof swim diapers for adults are produced specifically to be used in pool settings, such as while swimming or during aqua therapy sessions.

Additionally, if they are not designated as reusable swim diapers for adults, they are only made to be worn once and should be disposed of safely after use. In contrast, protective underwear is often washable, reusable, and can be worn many times over.

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Benefits Of Swimming For Those With Incontinence

If you experience incontinence, and swimming is not part of your current exercise routine, it might be a good idea to add it to your schedule. Swimming can be an excellent way to get physical activity without putting extra strain on the pelvic region. Other exercises such as crunches, double leg raises or weightlifting require the participant to clench their muscles, which increases the risk of a urinary or fecal accident.

In comparison, swimming lifts your chest, lengthens the spine and does not require that you bear down, so it can actually help reduce incontinence symptoms during your workout.

We are excited to share the news about Swimmates swim diapers, not just with the people who wear them and their caregivers who support them, but to all of our industry partners, including case managers and other healthcare professionals, medical supply dealers and distributors who help those with incontinence to receive the care products needed to manage their condition.

What About Diarrhea When Using Swim Diapers For Adults

For those with bowel or urinary incontinence that require frequent bathroom breaks and diaper changes, swim diapers for adults are not suitable. If you suspect you have diarrhea, you should stay out of the water at a pool or the beach. Diarrhea is caused by bacteria in the system, and by sharing that water with others, you are putting everyone else in the water at risk of getting sick.

To learn more about how you can help stop germs from spreading in the water you swim in, visit Steps of Healthy Swimming.

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Health & You: Swimming And Incontinence

Dr. Pool here, with another in our series of topics on Health and Swimming.

Todays topic is an uncomfortable discussion for most, but something that affects an estimated 5% of Americans, at some time in their lives.

Urinary Incontinence refers to the state of being unable to control bladder function completely.

Incontinence can place difficulty on ones lifestyle, especially if it interferes with regular activities. One such activity, swimming, can be daunting for those with bladder control issues. Fortunately, this is something that can be overcome.

  • Incontinence defined
  • Swimming and Incontinence
  • Swim Products For Men

    Swimmates Adult Disposable Swim Diapers

    For men, a pull-on swim pant or Velcro adjustable swim diaper might be the most convenient option, and they can be worn alone or under loose swim trunks. Easy Access Clothing, listed in the Resources section, carries a mens pull-on swim short that does not look like a diaper. Modern waterproof underwear is designed not to crinkle noisily as the older plastic versions do, so you will be better able to maintain your privacy.

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    Try Swimmates For Yourself Or Someone In Your Care

    Tranquility strives to provide a full range of solutions for anyone dealing with incontinence. We recognize the importance and benefits of swimming, aqua therapy, hot tub therapy and other water-based activities as part of a healthy lifestyle, and we think Swimmates are the best swim diapers available. We hope you or those in your care can use them to enjoy these activities with new confidence and comfort.

    Shop our selection of Swimmates, from Youth through adult sizes , and get back in the water!

    Ready to give it a try? Order a sample or locate a dealer today.


    What Can I Do About Urinary Incontinence In The Pool

    Non-swim pull-ups and diapers with tabs absorb urinary incontinence because of something called polymers. Polymers soak up moisture and swell inside of absorbent cores. Because pools are full of moisture, there are no adult swim diapers that contain polymers otherwise, the moisture in the pool would cause the material to puff up and start to break apart.

    That being said, adult swim diapers can provide some very light protection against urinary leakage. These products have a plastic barrier that locks bowel incontinence inside. That barrier can protect against light urine leakage as well, though typically, some urine will still escape into the water around you.

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    What Are Adult Swim Diapers

    Adult swim diapers are incontinence products specifically designed for underwater use. Theyre made of comfortable, heavy-duty materials, making it possible to get into the pool with your grandchildren, visit the beach on the weekend, or simply cool off in a body of water without having to worry about constant bathroom breaks.

    Swim diapers are unique in that theyre free of polymers, the beads in traditional diapers that help absorb moisture. That means they wont puff up or get soggy, allowing for discreet wear underneath a bathing suit or swim trunks. This also means that they will not contain liquid, so be aware that any urine leaks will pass through.

    Adult Disposable Underwear For Swimming

    Rubber Diaper Cover

    For those who love to swim, bowel incontinence might seem like a barrier to enjoying a favorite activity. However, thanks to Tranquility® Swimmates® disposable swim diapers, it does not have to be. This unique underwear-style swim diaper is different from baby diapers, adult pull-on disposable underwear or other absorbent products it is meant to provide protection and security when immersed in water, without swelling, falling apart or making a mess in the pool.

    According to International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders, about 25 percent of men and women over 40 years old experience fecal incontinence. If you experience fecal incontinence, you should not attempt to use standard adult diapers, absorbent pads or other incontinence care products when swimming, as they will become bloated with water and could cause waste to leak into the pool.

    However, Swimmates disposable swim diapers are made specifically for the water, providing reliable protection and security, thanks to their innovative design:

    Other Features and Benefits

    • An ample, full-rise waist panel for a closer fit and better feeling of security and coverage
    • A blue waistband that indicates the back of the swimwear

    All of these features and benefits were designed with your comfort in mind. Customer B.F. from Ohio wrote, These swim diapers gave me the most freedom and really gave me my life back. I feel free to be active, to travel, to swim again without being wet or leaking.

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    More Incontinence Product Information Resources

    If you need baby diapers or diaper products for toddlers and older children, use the listing available on the National Diaper Bank Network.

    Other resources and ideas on reimbursement and insurance for incontinence products can be located on our sister website, Continence Central: Reimbursement & Insurance.

    On Continence Central you will also find many places to purchase a wide variety of incontinence products.

    Manufacturer coupons and rebates for absorbent products and also prescribed medications for incontinence and OAB can be accessed on

    All About Swim Diapers For Adults

    The average swim diaper is similar to a regular set of disposable diapers for adults, but there are some obvious differences. First, the outside of the swim diaper is made from waterproof material to prevent pool water or ocean water from getting inside the diaper. Second, disposable swim diapers fit a bit differently in order to provide absorbency while in the water they feature a pull-on style that makes them easy to get into and out of, with an elasticized legs and waist to keep them snug against the body and prevent leaks while in the water. Finally, they feature a slimline design that can keep them discreet, allowing them to be worn under a swimsuit if desired.

    These swim diapers come in all sizes to ensure that everyone who wants to go swimming can do so with confidence knowing they will fit appropriately around the waist and legs. In addition to the disposable variety, swim diapers also come in reusable form as well. However, we recommend a disposable adult swim diaper for how quick and easy these swim diapers are to put on, pull off, and dispose of when necessary. Disposable swim diapers for adults are certainly better when youre at the beach far from home!

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    Directory Of Diaper Banks By State

    Discreet Undergarment Bank for You Bozrah, CT

    IHSP Diaper Bank Putnam, CT928-0169

    Treasure Coast Food Bank Fort Pierce, FL

    Diapers for Dignity: An Adult Incontinence Supply Bank St Petersburg, FL

    Atlanta Community Food Bank Atlanta, GA

    The Parker Center at Etowah Park, Rome, GA no website, call 706-252-6427 for information

    Diaper Bank Partnership of Lake County, IL

    Messy Moments Ministry Sparta, IL

    ICNA Relief NJ Newark and Somerset, NJ

    Northern Nevada Diaper Bank Reno, NV 825-7395)

    Mid-Ohio Foodbank Grove City, OH

    Lebanon Food Pantry Lebanon, OH 932-3917

    Together We Make a Difference Napoleon, OH419-579-0199

    Texas Diaper Bank San Antonio, TX

    Tricities Diaper Ministry Bristol, VA 742-5639

    Tri-Cities Diaper Bank Pasco, WA

    We continually try to update this list as we learn of new banks or as services change. If you are aware of a bank not on our list, please forward the information to us in our Contact Us area. If you learn that a bank is no longer providing adult products, we need to know that, too.


    Tranquility Swimmates Adult Disposable Swim Diapers

    Best Swim Diapers For Adults With Urinary Incontinence

    Swim diapers for adults like the Tranquility Swimmates Adult Disposable Swim Underwear, you can get back to water-based activities you enjoy. As a bonus, swimming is a healthy fitness exercise that is easier on joints than most other types of aerobic activity and can be vital to your overall health.

    Swimmates Adult Disposable Swim Diapers are a discreet swim diaper for adults. These adult swim diapers can be worn confidently and comfortably in public, ensuring complete discretion. Swimmates disposable swimwear are worn underneath a regular bathing suit and designed to contain minor urinary and bowel incontinence with their moisture-proof barrier and inner leg cuffs. The material of the Swimmates Adult Swim Diapers help prevent swelling up in the water, which helps prevent them from breaking apart, so adults can enjoy swimming and wading in the water without worrying they are not securely protected. The tear-away sides make them easy to remove and dispose of after use.

    These incontinence wear for swimming are available in sizes Small to 2XL to accommodate all body shapes and sizes.

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