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Triphala For Urinary Tract Infection

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Can A Uti Become A Kidney Infection

UTI l Urinary Tract Infection & Pyelonephritis Treatment for NCLEX RN & LPN

A urinary tract infection or kidney infection can affect your quality of life in the short term and your long-term health. It is important that you know the difference between these two conditions, their symptoms, and how to treat them.

Understanding how kidney infections are related to UTIs can help you prevent future occurrences of either condition.

Its important to understand the differences between the symptoms of these two conditions and the steps you can take to prevent further damage.

What is a urinary tract infection?

UTI, or urinary tract infection, happens when bacteria enter into any part of your urinary system. This system includes your urethra, bladder, and kidneys.

These bacteria grow and multiply, which causes an infection.

What is a kidney infection?

If left untreated, the bacteria that cause your urinary tract infection can move up from your urinary system to your kidneys. This causes pyelonephritis, the scientific term for kidney infection. However, UTIs are not the only source of kidney infections.

Effective Ayurvedic Remedies To Cure Urine Infections At Home

Ayurveda can be effective in treating urine infection without any side-effects. Here are some herbal treatments to try at home.

Infection can be of various kinds depending on the cause and location of infection. Urine infections are also one type of infection that can be caused because of inflammation of kidneys, Ureters, urethra and bladder. In most of the conditions, urinary tract infection occur because of bacterial infection, however it could also be because of fungi and virus. Urine infections get severe when these bacteria begin to multiply in the urinary tract causing pain and inflammation of tissues. Ayurveda has been providing long term cure to relief symptoms of urine infection and reduce risk of problems. Let us check how Ayurveda can treat this condition and remedies that help to eradicate symptoms.

Use Triphala As A Hair Rinse For Dry Or Damaged Hair

You might be surprised to learn that you can use triphala powder for hair treatments, but the process is fairly simple and oh so worth it!

Start this pick-me-up treatment for your hair by boiling 4 tablespoons of triphala powder with 1 quart of water. If your hair is dry, frizzy, or depleted, add 2 tablespoons of sesame oil. Allow the decoction to boil for 10 minutes before removing from the heat to cool .

Once the hair wash has cooled to a comfortable temperature, lean over a sink or bathtub and slowly pour the wash over your hair, pausing every now and then to massage it through. If you have time, wait 30 minutes or more before washing your hair normally.

This clarifying treatment can be done weekly to encourage vibrant color and thick healthy hair.

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Cleanse Your Scalp With Triphala

Triphala scrapes away the natural buildup of toxins on the scalp when applied topically.

To make a scalp scrub, mix 1 tablespoon of triphala powder with 1 tablespoon neem powder and moisten with enough water to make a paste similar to the consistency of pancake batter. Use your fingertips to massage the paste into the scalp and exfoliate the skin, paying extra attention to the areas that tend to accumulate the most oils. Add a few drops of tea tree oil if youre prone to a flaky scalp.

For a deeper cleansing effect, let the paste set on the scalp for 20 minutes before rinsing.

Quantitative Analysis Of Virulence Factor Production

Triphala Bowel Health

Determination of elastase activity

Elastase activity was determined with elastin-Congo red and the steps were as follows: P. aeruginosa strains were inoculated onto MH agar plates, and incubated at 37°C for 18 h. A single colony was transferred into 2 ml peptone tryptic soy broth medium, and then the bacterial cultures were transferred into 18 ml PTSB medium with and without 1/4 MIC AZM once the OD540 nm reached 0.5. After incubation for 16 h at 37°C with shaking at 250 rpm, the cultures were centrifuged at 12,100 à g for 15 min at 4°C and the supernatant was filtered with 0.45 m syringe filter. Then, 1 ml ECR reaction buffer was added to 1 ml filtered supernatant. When the mixture had been incubated at 37°C for 18 h with shaking at 250 rpm, 0.1 ml 0.12 M EDTA was added to stop the reaction. The reactant was placed on ice and the insoluble ECR was removed by centrifugation at 3,000 à g, 4°C. The elastase activity was determined at 495 nm. Three samples of each type were examined and the experiment was repeated three times.

Determination of rhamnolipids

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Is There An Effective Time To Take Triphala Churna

No, there is no particular time or for that matter season when you should consume this churna. You should consume this herbal medicine on a regular basis to avail maximum benefits. However, the best way to take this churna is on an empty stomach with some warm water. Alternatively, this churna can be had two hours before bedtime with some warm water. The best way to get the optimum benefits is by consuming this herbal preparation in the prescribed amounts.

Ayurveda is flooded with many effective herbal medicines that can be used to cure many health problems. You can safely consume this remedy and bid goodbye to some of your serious medical issues. However, it is suggested that you consult an ayurvedic doctor before taking this herbal remedy.

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How To Take Triphala And Dosage

Triphala can be taken in a dose of 1-15 grams.

In low dose, 1-2 grams Triphala can be taken safely for years. This detoxifies the body, cleanses colon, and offers all the health benefits. Continuously take for 6 months than discontinue for one month and then start again.

In large dose, 5-10 grams it is taken for lesser time period.

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Soothes And Treats Eye Infections

Whether you are battling glaucoma, cataract, or an uncomfortable case of conjunctivitis or pink eye, triphala could help alleviate the condition. An eye-strengthening remedy, it can be taken internally or used as an eyewash.10

Triphala can also be incorporated into an eyewash to soothe your eyes. This medication can be prescribed to you by an ayurvedic practitioner. Alternatively, pick up triphala eye drops to use as prescribed.

For those who spend long hours at the computer or staring at electronic screens which is most of us! the strain on the eyes can be significant. You may wind up with watery, dry irritated eyes, blurred vision, sensitivity to glare, or even a headache. This is dubbed computer vision syndrome. And triphala eye drops can help. Researchers have found that the drops relieve these symptoms, ease strain, and also act to strengthen your eyesight in general.11

Fights Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary Tract Infection – Overview (signs and symptoms, pathophysiology, causes and treatment)

Urinary tract infections are becoming harder to treat due to antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria that dont respond to conventional treatment. And thats where natural and alternative remedies like triphala really come into their own. Researchers have tested components and extracts of triphala powder and found results quite promising. These extracts have shown activity against multidrug-resistant strains of bacteria responsible for causing urinary tract diseases and may offer an effective alternative thats also safe and side effect-free.17

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Global Market Reports Of Bioalternatives

The biopesticide market is segmented into bioherbicides, bioinsecticides, and biofungicides based on the product type. With respect to ingredients, it is again divided into microbial, plant and biochemical-based biopesticides of which Bt-based microbial pesticides constitute over 50% of the market share followed by fungi, viruses, and nematodes .

International Plant Nutrition Institute has revealed that the use of biofertilizers in Brazil is about 6070 K tons/year. In Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Uruguay of South America, also nearly 70% of 30 million hectares of soybean crops were inoculated with Bradyrhizobium sps every year and are considered to be a large soybean market. A difference of 7.5% yield was observed between inoculated and noninoculated crops, whereas Pseudomonas sps and Azospirillum brasilense are recommended for wheat and maize with an expected increase in yield of 4%9%. Although countries with advanced R& D and high-end technology like Japan, Taiwan, and Korea are moving more forward toward biofertilizer and biopesticide production, small-scale farmers due to literacy hurdles need to be educated on the comparative use of inorganic and organic constituents .

Does Cranberry Juice Prevent A Uti

Some patients may want to use cranberry or cranberry juice as a home remedy to treat a UTI. Cranberry juice has not been shown to cure an ongoing bacterial infection in the bladder or kidney.

Cranberry has been studied as a preventive maintenance agent for UTIs. Studies are mixed on whether cranberry can really prevent a UTI. Cranberry may work by preventing bacteria from sticking to the inside of the bladder however, it would take a large amount of cranberry juice to prevent bacterial adhesion. More recent research suggests cranberries may have no effect on preventing a UTI

  • According to one expert, the active ingredient in cranberries A-type proanthocyanidins are effective against UTI-causing bacteria, but is only in highly concentrated cranberry capsules, not in cranberry juice.
  • However, cranberry was not proven to prevent recurrent UTIs in several well-controlled studies, as seen in a 2012 meta-analysis of 24 trials published by the Cochrane group.
  • While studies are not conclusive, there is no harm in drinking cranberry juice. However, if you develop symptoms, see your doctor. Some people find large quantities of cranberry juice upsetting to the stomach.

Increasing fluid intake like water, avoiding use of spermicides, and urinating after intercourse may be helpful in preventing UTIs, although limited data is available.

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How And When To Take It

Azithromycin is usually taken once a day, unless youre having it by injection. Try to take your medicine at the same time each day.

The usual dose is 500mg a day for 3 to 10 days depending on the infection being treated.

For some infections, youll be given a one-off higher dose of 1g or 2g.

The dose may be lower for children or if you have liver or kidney problems.

Azithromycin is sometimes prescribed long term to prevent chest infections if you keep getting them. In this case, its usually taken 3 times a week, often on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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Soothe Uti Pain With Heat

Baidyanath Ayurved Triphala Tablets (60tab)

Inflammation and irritation from UTIs cause burning, pressure, and pain around your pubic area, says Kandis Rivers, MD, a urologist in the Henry Ford Health System in Wast Bloomfield, Michigan. Applying a heating pad can help soothe the area. Keep the heat setting low, dont apply it directly to the skin, and limit your use to 15 minutes at a time to avoid burns.

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Effects Of Azithromycin On Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Isolates From Catheter

  • Affiliations: Urologic Institute of Chongqing Red Cross Hospital, Chongqing 400020, P.R. China, Urologic Institute of Southwest Hospital, Third Military Medical University, Chongqing 400038, P.R. China
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    Urinary tract infections are among the mostcommon infections in both outpatient and inpatient settings.Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a common pathogenic bacteriaisolated from UTIs, particularly catheter-associated UTIs .With the development of medical technology, urinary catheters areapplied to greater numbers of people and the time of application islonger. Regarding hospitalized patients, 25% of patients undergoshort-term urinary catheterization , which increasesthe risk of developing an infection. Moreover, the UTI rate couldreach 100% in hospitalized patients with long-term catheterization . Once the bacterialbiofilm develops, the bacterial cells are able to withstand hostimmune responses, and they are much less susceptible to antibioticsthan their nonattached individual planktonic counterparts . Due to multiple resistance mechanisms,the higher resistance is more challenging to the clinician.Therefore, numerous researchers have studied the formation,regulation and resistance of biofilms .

    Materials and methods

    Quantitative analysis of virulence factorproduction
    Determination of elastaseactivity

    Two Herbs That Effectively Work In Reducing The Symptoms Of A Uti Are

    • Cloves are essentially effective in reducing the symptoms of a UTI because of its antibacterial properties. It is an excellent painkiller and kick starts the recovery process.

    • Fennel seeds regulate fluid retention in the body and flushed out excess water from the body. It also removes toxins from the blood and reduces the risk of catching a urinary tract infection again.

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    What Is So Special About The Ingredients Used In Triphala

    Amalaki : This herbal treasure forms an essential part of many Ayurvedic formulations. Amalaki, popularly known as Amla or Indian Gooseberry plays a vital role in managing the pitta.

    This berry is has a cooling effect and manages the digestive fires in the body, supports the natural functions of the immune system and the liver, lowers cholesterol and is extremely rich in vitamin C.

    Bibhitaki : Bibhitaki or the fruit that keeps you away from disease is a detoxifying and rejuvenating herb. It purifies the blood and detoxifies muscles and fatty tissues of the body. This herb is known to support the Kapha energy in a body.

    Haritaki : King of medicine Haritaki is a fruit that heals you from within with positive effects on the brain and heart. It is revered for its scraping effects and helps in maintaining weight. The fruit has anti-inflammatory properties and calms the Vata.

    Complicated Cystitis: Antibiotic Selection And Duration

    Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Signs & Symptoms (& Why They Occur)

    Prescribe longer courses of antibiotics for male patients with cystitis and for patients who have complicating factors, including: uncontrolled diabetes, pregnancy, nephrolithiasis, catheter use, anatomic or functional abnormalities, or immunosuppression. As a general rule, 7 days of oral antibiotics are recommended for complicated cystitis.

    Follow-up. Follow up urinalysis and urine cultures are not indicated for patients with uncomplicated cystitis. Approximately 5-10% of women treated for uncomplicated cystitis will have persistent bacteriuria after therapy completion. The vast majority of these women will be symptomatic and return for medical attention. Those who are asymptomatic require no treatment except in pregnant patients, or patients undergoing urologic procedures.

    Telephone triage-nurse managed evaluation. Most UTIs in women are uncomplicated and resolve readily with a short course of antibiotics. Therefore, many women can be assessed and safely managed without an office visit or laboratory evaluation. Studies have found that use of a telephone triage guideline decreased cost and increased appropriate antibiotic use with no increase in adverse outcomes.,

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    Lets Now Get Some Insight Into The Ayurvedic Medicines For Urinary Tract Infections In Males:

    These are the most widely used Ayurvedic remedies that are popular for their effective results without any side effects. However, if in your case, these medicines do not provide relief in a considerable amount of time, consult a specialist doctor. Your urologist can then check for any serious conditions and recommend the best-suited treatment for you.

    And, here is a reminder for you, do not leave urinary tract infection unattended. Seeking timely medical advice from a specialist doctor will save you from many unwanted health complications away.

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    Check If Its A Urinary Tract Infection

    Symptoms of a urinary tract infection may include:

    • pain or a burning sensation when peeing
    • needing to pee more often than usual during the night
    • pee that looks cloudy, dark or has a strong smell
    • needing to pee suddenly or more urgently than usual
    • needing to pee more often than usual
    • lower tummy pain or pain in your back, just under the ribs
    • a high temperature, or feeling hot and shivery
    • a very low temperature below 36C

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    Helpful In Weight Loss


    Excess weight is one of the most dreaded health demons and also the foundation of many other health problems. If you are looking for easier ways to keep your weight under check, Triphala may help you in achieving that. Taking Triphala churna aids the secretion of cholecystokinin in the body. Cholecystokinin is a hormone that is helpful in quickly signalling the brain that the stomach is full. This makes you feel fuller and also help you feel satiated. You can take a tablespoon of this churna three times a day with warm water to protect yourself from obesity issues. It is also effective in reducing excess belly fat.

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