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Urgent Care Urinary Tract Infection

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Diagnosing & Treating Urinary Tract Infections

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Diagnosing a UTI begins with seeking medical attention, where you will most likely be asked to give a urine sample that can be tested for certain types of bacteria. In the vast majority of cases, UTIs will be treated with antibiotic therapy, which can help to clear up the infection quickly and effectively. Your treating provider may also recommend treating UTI-related pain with anti-inflammatory medications and/or a heating pad, both of which can help ease symptoms.

You Can Visit An Urgent Care Center For Uti Treatment

Its likely you trust your OB/GYN or primary care physician to help determine the best course of treatment when ailments arise. But demands for medical care can make it difficult for you to get in to see you doctor, not to mention if you develop symptoms for a urinary tract infection at a time when your physicians office is closed.

Urgent care centers, like GoHealth Urgent Care, routinely treat UTIs. With extended hours and same-day walk-in appointments, its easy to get answers and relief from a healthcare professional. At a GoHealth Urgent Care center, well perform a urine test, also known as a urinalysis, to determine if you do indeed have a UTI. On-site laboratories allow us to review urine cultures and ensure we prescribe, if necessary, the best course and type of antibiotic treatment for you.

If seeing your OB/GYN or primary care physician is not an option, and youre wondering whether to go to an urgent care center or the emergency room, you should consider these differences. Emergency rooms are usually reserved for just that emergency or life-threatening situations, like strokes, head trauma or difficulty breathing. UTIs, while painful, are not life-threatening, especially if caught and treated early. Plus, visiting an urgent care center for UTIs typically costs far less than an emergency room, and may be covered by your health insurance.

Are There Appropriate Times To Go To The Er For A Uti

Although most UTIs can be treated at an urgent care, some symptoms can be a sign of a serious health problem, such as kidney infections, that may warrant an ER visit. These symptoms include:

  • High fever
  • Severe nausea
  • Vomiting

Pregnant women, the elderly, young children, people with weakened immune systems and people with certain conditions like diabetes or kidney disease may need specialized treatment. Your doctor or nearest urgent care facility can direct you to the appropriate location.

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So How Long Does It Take A Uti To Turn Into A Kidney Infection

It is important to be aware of the symptoms of a UTI so you may catch the infection before it becomes a more complicated illness, such as a kidney infection.

As Healthline explains, symptoms of a kidney infection usually appear two days after infection. While the chances of kidney damage is low, it is not a good idea to leave these infections to worsen, according to the National Kidney Foundation.

In fact, even Medical News Today agrees, people should not delay treatment can lead to a life threatening kidney infection called emphysematous pyelonephritis. This infection increases a persons risk of septic shock, bladder rupture, and death.

Going For Urgent Care For Uti

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

When a patient visits an emergency room for urgent care for a UTI, the doctors may analyze the patients urine sample to look for bacteria. The doctors will also look for red blood cells or white blood cells. Doctors may also use a urine culture. This will involve growing any bacteria found in the urine to determine which bacteria have been causing the patients infection. This can help the doctor prescribe the most effective medications.

Generally, the first treatments for UTI infections are antibiotics. These can help to kill the bacteria that are causing the infection. The doctor will determine which type of antibiotics to use depending on the patients condition and what type of bacteria is causing this infection. Some medications can include Ceftriaxone and Nitrofurantoin.

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Treatment For Urinary Tract Infections In Hyde Park Chicago

A Urinary tract infection, or a UTI, is an infection in the urinary system that is typically found in the bladder. Urinary tract infections are more often found in women than men. The symptoms of a urinary tract infection can be painful and uncomfortable. Physicians usually treat urinary tract infections with antibiotics and sometimes medication to soothe the pain. The highly-trained physicians at Premier Urgent Care have extensive experience diagnosing and treating UTIs. If you suspect you may be experiencing symptoms of a UTI, visit our urgent care office in South Chicago for treatment today!

Am I At Risk For A Urinary Tract Infection

While both men and women are affected by UTIs, the condition does seem to affect more women than men due to the female anatomy. Because women have a shorter urethra than men, the bacteria responsible for a UTI can more easily make its way into the body.

Additional risk factors associated with UTIs include pregnancy, menopause, chronic health conditions, birth control and personal hygiene.

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Convenient Uti Treatment For People In St Johns Mi

If you think you have a urinary tract infection , youre no doubt experiencing some uncomfortable symptoms that youd like to say goodbye to as soon as possible. Thats one good reason to seek treatment for a suspected UTI without delay. Another important reason is to reduce the risk of further complications. But what do you do if your doctors office is closed or cant squeeze you in for an appointment? You could head to the emergency room, but youre likely to be in for a long wait and a hefty bill for medical services.

Fortunately, if youre in the St. Johns, Michigan, area, you can feel confident turning to Ouch Urgent Care to help you find out if you have a urinary tract infection and, if so, provide you with fast, reliable treatment. UTI treatment is one of the many nonemergency medical services we provide daily at our walk-in clinic. Were open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day, including weekends, when many doctors offices are closed. Our wait times are short, and we offer a convenient online check-in service so you can save your place in line before you arrive. Our rates are lower than those at the emergency room, and we also accept most health insurance plans, which can make your UTI treatment more affordable.

Can Urinary Tract Infections Be Prevented

Urinary Infection The Urgency Room an educational care video

There are steps you can take to prevent a urinary tract infection from occurring in the first place. One of the biggest things you can do to promote good urinary tract healthand prevent UTIsis to stay well-hydrated.

Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink. Sip water continuously throughout the day, especially during and after physical activity.

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How Long Does A Uti Typically Last

How long a urinary tract infection may last depends on the severity of the infection and how promptly you seek treatment.

While most cases can clear up within a few days, more serious infections may take longer to completely go away. Severe cases may also require a follow-up appointment to ensure the infection is taken care of and to avoid recurrent UTIs.

Why Choose Urgent Care

Visiting an urgent care center is becoming a more common choice among those who are in need of fast medical treatment. While the ability to make an appointment with an urgent care center is available, most patients choose to visit an urgent care facility on a walk-in basis. This quick access to medical service gives those who are suffering the peace of mind they need that they will indeed receive the necessary medical treatment that can ease or eliminate their suffering. An urgent care facility is one that includes on-site laboratories, making it easier than ever for medical professionals to understand exactly what is going on with any particular patient.

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How Is A Urinary Tract Infection Treated

When you have the symptoms of a UTI, your doctor at Neu Urgent Care runs a urinalysis to verify the presence of an infection. Patients with diabetes, who are pregnant, or who have recurring UTIs may also need a urine culture to determine the exact type of bacteria.

Most UTIs are treated with prescription antibiotics. However, if you have recurring UTIs, you may need additional treatment such as:

  • Low-dose antibiotics for a longer period of time than the normal course for a UTI

  • Single dose of an antibiotic taken after sexual intercourse

  • Estrogen replacement or vaginal estrogen for postmenopausal women

About 30% of women who get an initial infection suffer from recurring UTIs, which occur when you have two or more infections in six months or three or more over the course of a year.

You can often prevent recurring UTIs by drinking enough water. The extra fluid dilutes your urine and helps flush bacteria from your urinary tract.

If you develop symptoms of a UTI, you can get prompt treatment by walking into or calling Neu Urgent Care. You can also book an appointment using the online scheduler.

Can I Treat My Uti At


If you frequently get UTIs, staying hydrated and clean will go a long way in preventing future infections. Public health experts such as the Mayo Clinic suggest these at-home remedies for UTIs:

Stay hydrated! Drinking water helps dilute your urine and ensures that youll urinate more frequently. This allows bacteria to be flushed from your urinary tract before an infection can begin.

Drink unsweetened cranberry juice. Although studies are not conclusive that cranberry juice prevents UTIs, it is likely not harmful.

Wipe from front to back after urinating or bowel movements. This method helps prevent bacteria in the anal region from spreading to the vagina and urethra.

Empty your bladder soon after intercourse. Also, drink a full glass of water to help flush bacteria.

Avoid potentially irritating feminine products. Using deodorant sprays or other feminine products, such as douches and powders, in the genital area can irritate the urethra.

Change your birth control method. Diaphragms, or unlubricated or spermicide-treated condoms, can all contribute to bacterial growth.

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Can I Still Get Utis After Menopause

Even after a woman enters menopause, her chances of experiencing recurring UTIs will continue. The reason for this is twofold menopausal women generally have less Lactobacilli in their vagina. And a reduction in vaginal lactobacilli often results in higher than normal levels of E. coli in the bladder. This combination of events that take place during menopause can significantly increase a womans chances of developing a UTI-related infection. Also noteworthy, the bladder does not contract as effectively after a woman enters menopause, meaning that it never really fully empties after she urinates. The more urine that stays in a womans bladder, the higher her chances are of developing a UTI-related infection.

How An Urgent Care Can Help

Emergency rooms are for just thatemergencies. Although painful, UTIs are not life-threatening and can usually be treated safely and cost effectively at an urgent care center. Common symptoms of UTIs that can be taken care of at an urgent care include:

  • Strong or frequent urges to urinate
  • Passing small amounts of urine
  • A burning feeling while urinating
  • Cloudy, red, pink or brown urine
  • Urine with a strong smell
  • Pelvic pain

Most urgent care facilities will prescribe an antibiotic and give you information about how to manage your discomfort at home.

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Can You Go To Urgent Care For A Uti

You may be surprised to learn that most cases of urinary tract infection arent severe enough to warrant an emergency room visit but often the pain and discomfort they bring can certainly make it seem like they do.

UTIs are among the most common infections in the US, afflicting over 3 million men and women every year. And theres no age requirement either, as it can affect anyone from newborns to the elderly.

Back pain, nausea, fever, blood in your urine, even vomiting are symptoms that nobody cares to experience and would prefer to clear up as soon as possible. Unfortunately, scheduling an appointment with your primary care physician the usual course of action can take longer than youd care to wait. Worse yet, waiting can cause the infection to spread.

Often those who are suffering from a urinary tract infection will attempt to treat themselves by drinking cranberry juice. However, this particular remedy doesnt address the infection itself. Nor does drinking water although keeping yourself well hydrated can help prevent an infection.

I Might Have A Uti What Should I Do Now

Urinary Tract Infections Elite Care Emergency Room League City

If you are experiencing the symptoms of a urinary tract infection, it is important to receive prompt medical care, said Dr. Shalev. These infections do not go away on their own, and homeopathic remedies rarely are enough. You will need proper medical treatment to ensure the infection doesnt travel up the system to reach the kidneys and become a full-blown kidney infection. Go to your nearest ER or come to Advance ER for fast, top quality care.

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Why Are Women More Likely To Develop Utis Than Men

There are quite a few things that make UTIs more common among women than men, most of which comes down to the female anatomy. For instance, most women develop urinary tract infections that involve the bladder. And since women naturally have a shorter urethra than men, it shortens the distance that bacteria must travel to reach the bladder and ultimately cause a UTI. Additionally, a womans vagina is close to her anus, where infection-causing bacteria gather. Studies show that a woman can quickly develop a UTI if Escherichia coli, also known as E. coli, a bacterium normally found in the intestinal system, advances from her rectum to her vagina.

How Can Urgent Care Help Treat My Uti

In the event that you need UTI treatment, please dont hesitate to reach out to any of our AFC Urgent Care Denver locations! Our providers are skilled in acute care as well as treating sudden infections like UTIs and even STDs!

Additionally, our urgent care Leetsdale clinic is our latest location so that patients can treat any ongoing UTI and STI symptoms that they may have. No need for an appointment! Simply check-in online to get started for get treatment via our walk-in clinic!

UTIs dont have to be a hassle to treat if you take the time to visit urgent care, diagnose symptoms, and coordinate a treatment option.

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Common Causes Of A Urinary Tract Infection

The most common cause of a urinary tract infection is when bacteria enters the urinary tract through the urethra and begin to enter the bladder. This leads to the bacteria multiplying and may grow into a full-blown infection of the urinary tract. If the infection is not treated, it may continue on to infect the kidneys. Women are more prone to urinary tract infections than men due to having a shorter urethra, which allows a quicker introduction to bacteria to the bladder.

Who Is Most At Risk For A Urinary Track Infection Uti

Kidney Infection Urgent Care Or Er

Anyone can get a urinary tract infection, but are more common in women than men. It is not scientifically proven, but the train of thought is that women are affected more often because females have a shorter urethra than males thereby shortening the length that bacteria must travel to reach the bladder.

There are certain risk factors that can contribute to your getting a urinary tract infection such as:

  • Birth defects
  • Being female
  • Malaise
  • Confusion

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Things You Need To Know About Utis & Treatment At An Urgent Care

If youve ever had a urinary tract infection the second most common type of bacterial infection you know how uncomfortable it can be. The relentless need to pee and the burning sensation when you do prompt you to consider the fastest option for relief.

While contacting your doctor might be your first inclination, did you know there are other convenient options like visiting an urgent care center for same-day diagnosis and treatment, saving you time and hassle? Plus, understanding the root cause of infection and knowing how best to prevent it can help you avoid reoccurrences. Because, lets face it, no one wants a UTI.

Uti Testing & Treatment At Our Urgent Care Centers

A urinary tract infection happens when bacteria from the skin of the genitalia or rectal area finds its way into the urinary tract. The bacteria multiply in the urethra or bladder causing an infection. Symptoms of a UTI include frequent urination, burning while urinating or having the urge to urinate with only little urine coming out. Women may also have pain in the pelvic area.
For people of all ages, risk factors of contracting a UTI include sexual activity and poor hygiene. Men over the age of 50 are at increased risk for UTI because of enlarged prostate. Get UTI testing and treatment at the first sign of possible UTI symptoms, as waiting could lead to complications including a serious kidney infection called pyelonephritis. At CityMD, we provide urgent care UTI services to quickly diagnose and treat your UTI in a single visit.

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How Can You Prevent A Uti

Here are a few important habits you should develop to help prevent UTIs:

  • Drink plenty of fluids every day to dilute your urine and urinate more frequently. This helps flush bacteria from your urinary tract before an infection can begin.
  • Wipe from front to back every time. This helps prevent bacteria in the anal region from going into the vagina and urethra.
  • Empty your bladder and drink a full glass of water before intercourse and urinate soon after intercourse to help flush bacteria from your urethra.
  • Avoid irritants like deodorant sprays or other feminine products, like douches and powders, as they can irritate the urethra.
  • Change pads and panty liners every 3-5 hours to help keep extra bacteria from entering the urethra.
  • Avoid diaphragms, unlubricated condoms, and spermicide-treated condoms, as they can all contribute to bacterial growth.

Safe, effective, and fast urgent care UTI services are available 7 days a week at State Urgent Care. We recommend visiting at the first signs of infection to avoid more severe symptoms of pain and discomfort.

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