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What Supplements Are Good For Urinary Tract Infection

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What Is A Uti

Introducing Goodbye UTI, A Natural Supplement For Urinary Tract Infections

A UTI is a bacterial infection of one or more parts of the urinary system. This system has several components., including:

  • Kidneys, which filter waste from your blood
  • Ureters, which transport waste from the kidneys to the bladder
  • Bladder, which holds urine
  • Urethra, the opening in your genitals where you pass urine

Urine Analysis In Patients

When checking indicators of infection, while evaluating urine analysis, there are several factors to consider. The presence of bacteria per high power field is the most common indicator of bacterial infection. Although some amounts of bacteria in urine may be present for any patient with symptoms, according to the definition, 5+ is considered as the standard for bacteriuria. Sometimes 2+ is also considered positive in some selective populations which are hospitalized and catheterized patients The bacterial invasion determined by general urine examination and culturing revealed that out of 75 urine specimens collected from patients complaining of signs and symptoms of UTIs, Fifty two samples were positive for bacterial infection whereas 30.66% negative. From positive cultures different bacterial type isolated, most cases were due to Escherichia coli .

Best Supplements To Prevent Utis

If youre prone to urinary tract infections, you are probably looking for a magic pill that will make you super resistant. Well, consider your search officially over.

No, we havent invented the miracle drug that will prevent anyone from ever getting these nasty infections. However, we have created a list of vitamins, minerals, and supplements that will ensure your bladder and urinary system become stronger and infection-proof.

Please remember to talk to your doctor before consuming any of these supplements!

Here are some supplements youd want to keep on your kitchen shelves:

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Anthropometric Dietary And Physical Activity Assessments

Anthropometric, dietary and physical activity assessments were collected at baseline and after 12 weeks intervention. Briefly, a stadiometer was used to measure height to the nearest 0.1 cm. Weight was measured in kilograms with minimal clothing on a digital scale to the nearest ± 0.1 kg. Body mass index was calculated. Three-day food records were collected and analyzed using Nutrition Data System for Research software .

When To See A Healthcare Provider

Non GMO Cranberry Concentrate Supplement Pills for Urinary Tract ...

If you suspect that you have a UTI, consult your healthcare provider as soon as possible.

Even mild infections can quickly worsen and spread to other parts of your body, potentially leading to very serious health consequences.

Thus, attempting to diagnose and treat yourself for a UTI without the guidance of a medical professional is not recommended.

Instead, communicate openly and let your healthcare provider know if youre interested in trying herbal alternatives instead of antibiotics. They will be able to help you create the safest, most effective treatment plan for your infection.


Even mild UTIs can quickly worsen and cause more serious complications. Thus, its important to seek help from a qualified healthcare professional and discuss your desire for a more natural treatment plan.

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When To See A Doctor For A Yeast Infection

If youve never had a yeast infection before, its best to make an appointment with your doctor to confirm you dont have something else. The symptoms of a yeast infection are similar to those of other conditions, including many sexually transmitted diseases and bacterial vaginosis. Both of these can eventually cause fertility problems or pregnancy complications, so its important to rule these out first. Once youd had a few yeast infections, youll get better at recognizing their symptoms.

You should also contact your doctor if you dont notice any improvement in your symptoms within 7 to 14 days. You may have a different type of infection or need a prescription antifungal medication, such as fluconazole.

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Other Steps To A Healthy Vagina

If you frequently develop bacterial vaginosis or yeast infections, its still important to visit a doctor for help with treatments even if you choose to take a probiotic.

In addition to taking some of the best probiotics for vaginal health, other ways you can support the health of your vagina include:

  • Avoiding douching, which can remove healthy bacteria from the vagina that are needed to control growth of other microorganisms.
  • Using natural, unscented soaps on your vagina as opposed to those that are fragranced and contain irritating chemicals.
  • Wearing cotton underwear, rather than synthetic fabrics, which allow for more air flow.
  • Using organic cotton tampons/pads that are unscented.
  • Bathing daily and gently washing with warm water and mild soap.
  • Avoiding having too much sexual partners/unprotected sex.
  • Never inserting unprescribed treatments into your vagina, including garlic, yogurt, or oregano or tea tree oil.
  • Eating a healthy diet that supports your immune system and gut, such as one that includes probiotic fermented foods, leafy greens, berries, herbs and other veggies, and thats low in sugar and processed foods

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Vegan Nutrition For Urinary Tract And Bladder Infection

UTI generally involves infection in the lower urinary tract, bladder infection and urethral infection. A proper diet can help to reduce the risk of UTI. Vegan nutrition is considered to be the finest when it comes to reducing the chances of UTI. Fruit juices, such as cranberry and blueberry, are recommended because they contain proanthocyanidins, which inhibit bacteria from accessing the bladder lining. Antioxidant-rich foods including beans, cherries, and bell peppers are also useful when it comes to urinary tract infections. Vegan diets may also assist to prevent against UTIs by lowering the acidity of urine. According to studies, urine that is less acidic and more neutral helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause UTIs.

Maintain a UTI diet chart to effectively track your diet. A healthy vegan diet of anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant rich foods is important in UTI management. It can help to provide relief from UTIs by flushing out toxins from the urinary tract. A healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet are the best medicine for UTI.

Your urinary tract system is a powerful machine. It works continuously throughout the day to ensure that your body gets the nutrients it requires while expelling the ones it doesn’t. UTIs, on the other hand, are still a regular occurrence and should not be taken lightly.

Pleasant Taste Compared to Regular Tablets – As effervescent tablets are dissolved and then consumed, flavors are added to make them tasty to consume.

What To Look For

For Women Supplement | Women’s Health | Urinary Tract Infections

It’s important to keep in mind that dietary supplements haven’t been tested for safety and are largely unregulated in the United States.

When shopping for supplements, look for products that have been certified by ConsumerLab, The U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention, or NSF International.

These organizations don’t guarantee a product is safe or effective, but their seal indicates that a supplement has undergone testing for quality.

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Natural Supplements For Uti With E Coli

  • Swedish Bitter. Anoint your belly area with Swedish bitter or sea buckthorn cream, in the evening, before bedtime.
  • Tonic Ginseng. Have tonic ginseng capsules 3 times per day.
  • Propolis & Royal Jelly for UTI. Have 2 drops/kg of body, 3 times a day. Pour them on a small piece of bread, chew the bread well, and swallow. Continue for at least 20 days. Have royal jelly first thing in the morning. Hold it under your tongue and then swallow. This will too.
You Can Find The Supplements for UTI with E. coli Here

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Understanding Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections describe a bacterial infection of your urinary system, including your urethra and bladder. Your bladder is the organ responsible for collecting and storing urine, while the urethra is the tube that transports urine from the bladder out your body.

UTIs are usually categorized in two forms: cystitis and urethritis. Cystitis is an infection of the bladder, while urethritis is an infection of the urethra. If left untreated, the bacteria can potentially spread up from your bladder into your kidneys, leading to a more serious kidney infection.

UTIs can come with a variety of symptoms, most commonly an urgent and frequent need to urinate. This may also be accompanied by:

  • Burning, pain, or general discomfort when you pee
  • Bloody urine
  • Cramps, pressure, and soreness in your back, sides, or lower abdomen 2

While UTIs may go away on their own, they can be easily treated with a course of antibiotics along with over-the-counter medication to manage any pain or discomfort.3

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To Boost The Immune System Against Future Infection:

  • Vitamin C: is one of the most powerful nutrients for the immune system as it stimulates certain immune cells and has antibacterial properties. Its action is enhanced by bioflavonoids.
  • Green tea: the catechins in green tea are potent anti-oxidants and have antibacterial properties.
  • Echinacea tea: Echinacea has immune-stimulating and antimicrobial properties and may therefore be useful for preventing infections.
  • Elder: Elderberries and flowers both have immune-supporting properties.
  • Garlic: can boost the immune system and has antimicrobial properties.
  • Ginger: is anti-inflammatory and can support immune-function.
  • Turmeric: has potent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory activity.

Save Supplements for Cystitis for later:

What Are The Symptoms Of Urinary Tract Infections In Children

Cranberry Concentrate Supplements Pills for Urinary Tract Infection UTI ...

The problem with UTIs in children is that they can be quite vague and are often difficult to spot, especially in very young children and babies who cant communicate how they feel. Here are the most common symptoms to look out for:

  • Lack of appetite, going off their feeds

  • Unpleasant smelling or cloudy urine

  • Blood in their urine

  • Changes in their normal toilet habits

  • Unwillingness to urinate

Some of these symptoms can be signs of other conditions. But if your child is unwell and has a high temperature with no obvious cause, their doctor will usually check for a UTI so that it can be either confirmed or ruled out. However if your child is older they may be able to tell you about some of their symptoms themselves, such as:

  • Pain, burning or a stinging sensation when they pass urine

  • An urge to suddenly urinate or to urinate more frequently, with just small amounts or no urine produced

  • Abdominal or lower back pain, or a pain in their side

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Restore Genital Microbiome Balance

The genital microbiome makeup comprises of many different species of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and viruses. These microbes co-exist in a thin balance which is constantly in a state of flux.

However, your genital health depends upon this balance. The flora present in your genitals and body has the potential to protect you from urinary tract infections.

Researchers of a study published in the Journal of Mid-Life Health stated that vaginal flora can be modified and improved with the help of oral intake of certain probiotic strains through supplements and dietary sources. In fact Lactobacillus UTI treatment is becoming more and more popular.

The researchers further wrote that taking certain forms of probiotics could naturally help in restoring genital microbiome to a level considered normal and even optimal.

Cranberry Juice Will Not Do The Trick

However, the researchers point out that since a cranberry capsule provides the equivalent of 8 ounces of cranberry juice, a patient would need a lot of pure cranberry to prevent an infection.

Dr. Boone explains: It takes an extremely large concentration of cranberry to prevent bacterial adhesion. This amount of concentration is not found in the juices we drink. Theres a possibility it was stronger back in our grandparents day, but definitely not in modern times.

He adds:

Cranberry juice, especially the juice concentrates you find at the grocery store, will not treat a UTI or bladder infection. It can offer more hydration and possibly wash bacteria from your body more effectively, but the active ingredient in cranberry is long gone by the time it reaches your bladder.

He also cautions that a UTI and an overactive bladder may show similar symptoms, and people should seek medical advice if any adverse symptoms appear, to prevent UTIs from developing into kidney infections.

Treatment of UTIs can be complicated. Approximately 20-30% of women have recurring UTIs, and concerns about antibiotic resistance mean that both doctors and patients may be unwilling to use such medication.

Dr. Boone points out that there are many benefits of probiotics, although more research is still needed.

Our Knowledge Center article features more information about the health benefits of cranberries.

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Botanicals Used For Uti

Supplement of aqueous extract of corn silk to UTI patients significantly reduced the symptoms by reducing the number of RBCs, pus cells, and crystals in urine without any side effects . It is rich in diverse therapeutic compounds . Plants belonging to family Apiaceae, Fabaceae, Malvaceae followed by Asteraceae and Cucurbitaceae were found to be very effective against UTI . Ethnomedicinal use of some plants against recurrent and chronic UTI is listed in Table .

Best For Preservatives: Herbtonics Urinary Tract Prevention Supplement

Urinary Tract Infection: Natural Supplements Studied for a UTI || Cranberry Juice Benefits

Herbtonics offers a variety of supplements for personal choice and yet maintains quality in all the variants. The Herbtonics Urinary Tract Prevention Supplement is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Manufacturer says: Manufactured in the USA, our development process includes third-party screening at independent laboratories for potency and purity. These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration.

The supplement is great for binders or preservatives and it is gluten-free. Above all, the herbtonic urinary tract prevention supplement is great for maintaining overall health, as well as helping prevent urinary tract infections.

One customer says helps me maintain a healthy bladder. . Most buyers quickly discovered that the supplement is the right one for those who also have issues with probiotics.

Why We Like This:

  • Backed by 100% all natural ingredients which are gluten-free, non-gmo, and vegan.
  • This is highly recommended and it prevents utis.
  • Good investment for the long term.

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Helps You Sleep Better:

Tart cherries are one of the most outstanding food wellsprings of the cell reinforcement melatonin, which is known for its capacity to assist with managing our bodys inner clock and empower peaceful rest. Devouring tart cherry juice has been displayed to increment coursing levels of melatonin in the circulatory system, advancing a more tranquil nights rest.

One investigation even discovered that drinking two 8 ounce servings of tart cherry squeeze every day for a considerable length of time assisted individuals with nodding off quicker and stay unconscious longer!

Indeed, it was as compelling at further developing rest quality as remedy dozing pills with no detailed secondary effects, fortunately! To really sweeten the deal, drinking tart cherry juice can likewise further develop readiness in the daytime, one more normal advantage of helping your melatonin levels.

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Best Probiotics For Womens Vaginal Health

We are often asked: are probiotics good for vaginal health? What is the best womens probiotic for BV and/or thrush? Lets explore these questions by looking at some of the evidence which explains how probiotics might help the following vaginal issues:

Clinical trials show that Lactobacillus strains are particularly effective in supporting female intimate health. Certain strains such as Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1® and Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14® have been shown to reach the vagina alive, and this is where they exert their beneficial effects.

Were often asked Can you put probiotics into your vagina? The simple answer to this is Yes, its not unsafe to do so however, with an oral supplement containing strains proven to reach the vagina alive, you dont need to. According to the scientists who conducted one study, L. rhamnosus GR-1® and L. reuteri RC-14® can translocate to the vaginal environment even if they are taken orally and Their administration results in significant changes in the vaginal flora in terms of increased Lactobacilli presence4.

This means that there is no need to put these probiotics directly into the vagina.

L. rhamnosus GR-1® and L. reuteri RC-14® can be found in Optibac For Women.

Healthcare professionals can learn more about the research behind Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1® and Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14® on the Probiotics Database.

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Who Is At Risk For Infection

There are many risk factors for developing a urine infection:

  • Women have greater risk than men
  • Women 50 years of age or more
  • Prediabetes
  • Diabetes Bacteria eats sugar. The more sugar one consumes and excretes, the more food for bacteria to eat and grow
  • Immunosuppression A strong immune system is needed to fight off infection
  • Kidney stones
  • Sexual intercourse For women with frequent infections, emptying the bladder after intercourse can help with prevention
  • Certain birth control The diaphragm, in particular, can contribute to UTIs
  • Use of a urinary catheter
  • Urologic procedure or surgery

Recurrent Utis In Postmenopausal Women

Cranberry Concentrate Supplement Softgels for Urinary Tract Infection ...

Postmenopausal women are at a high risk for recurrent UTIs and are often overtreated with antibiotics, to which they may become resistant over time. To better understand recurrent UTIs, researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center took biopsies from womens bladders while they were undergoing CFT treatment for antibiotic-resistant recurrent UTIs.

Fifty-seven percent of the bladder samples contained E. coli, while other samples contained bacteria such as E. faecalis and K. pneumoniae. These bacteria were found both on the surface of the bladder tissues as well as deep inside the tissue samples, showing that the bacteria is able to permeate the bladder wall .

This study sheds light on important factors that affect postmenopausal womens risk of UTIs. Further research is needed to determine how to remove these bacteria. See the CFT section for one such treatment that is currently being used.

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