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H Pylori Urinary Tract Infection

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Helix Aspersa Lectin Binding Assay

Helicobacter Pylori Infection, Causes, Signs and Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment.

Helix aspersa lectin binding assay was applied to determine the underglycosylation of IgA1 in serum. Serum samples were added to the IgA antibody-coated 96-well plates, and the captured IgA1 was treated with neuraminidase for 3h. Subsequently, biotinylated HAA lectin was added to the plates for 3h incubation at 37°C. Avidin-horseradish peroxidase conjugate was used for lectin binding. The results were measured as above.

Does H Pylori Cause Frequent Urination

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How Are H Pylori Infections Treated

If you have an H. pylori infection that isnt causing you any problems and you arent at increased risk of stomach cancer, treatment may not offer any benefits.

Stomach cancer, along with duodenal and stomach ulcers, is associated with H. pylori infection. If you have close relatives with stomach cancer or a problem like a stomach or duodenal ulcer, a healthcare professional may recommend treating an H. pylori infection.

Treatment can cure an ulcer, and it may reduce your risk of developing stomach cancer.

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What Are The Complications Of H Pylori

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If you are infected with the bacteria you can get a painful sore called a peptic ulcer. These sores form in your upper digestive tract.

A very bad ulcer can wear away your stomach lining. It can also cause problems such as:

  • Bleeding when a blood vessel is worn away

  • A hole or perforation in your stomach wall

  • Blockage when the ulcer is in a spot that blocks food from leaving your stomach

H. pylori can also lead to stomach cancer.

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Box : Antibiotic Resistance

Multidrug-resistant uropathogenic organisms are becoming an expanding public health threat, as Enterobacteriaceae family members increasingly acquire extended-spectrum -lactamases such as cefotaximases and oxacillinases , AmpC-type -lactamases and carbapenemases.


Originating in Klebsiella pneumoniae and Escherichia coli, ESBLs are now prevalent throughout the Enterobacteriaceae family, as frequent use of cephalosporins in the nosocomial setting and the carriage of ESBL-encoding genes on transferrable elements together create an ideal environment for the selection of antibiotic resistance,. ESBLs are plasmid-encoded or chromosomally encoded -lactamases with broad activity against penicillins and cephalosporins. They function by splitting the amide bond of the -lactam ring, thus inactivating -lactam antibiotics. Troublingly, ESBLs are encoded on plasmids that typically carry other resistance genes which provide activity against aminoglycosides, sulfonamides and quinolones, making the bacteria that acquire these plasmids multidrug resistant,.



OXAs are ESBLs that are typically encoded by plasmids and mediate resistance to ampicillin, cephalothin, oxacillin and cloxacillin by hydrolysing the -lactam rings,. In addition, OXAs are characterized by their ability to resist the -lactamase inhibitor clavulante. To date, OXAs have been shown to be expressed only in Pseudomonas aeruginosa,.

AmpC enzymes


How Are H Pylori Infections Diagnosed

If you have symptoms of a digestive condition, you may need to get tested for H. pylori. There are several ways to diagnose an H. pylori infection, including:

  • Blood test: A healthcare professional may draw a sample of blood from a persons arm or hand. The blood sample can then be sent to a laboratory to check for antibodies to H. pylori.
  • Stool test: For this test, youll use a container from a healthcare professional to collect a sample of your feces. It can then be sent to a lab for either a stool antigen test or a stool culture test.
  • Breath test: A urea breath test can check for abnormal carbon dioxide levels, which can be a sign of an H. pylori infection. The test involves breathing into a collection bag twice. In between providing breath samples, youll consume a pill or liquid with a harmless radioactive material. A healthcare professional can then compare the two samples to see if you may have H. pylori.

A healthcare professional may recommend getting an endoscopy if the results of the other tests are inconclusive. It allows a healthcare professional to look at your esophagus, stomach lining, and a portion of your small intestine.

During the procedure, a healthcare professional will insert a long, thin tube called an endoscope into your mouth and down into your stomach and duodenum.

An attached camera will send back images on a monitor for a healthcare professional to see. The test may also involve removing a small tissue sample to be analyzed after the procedure.

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H Pylori Eradication Therapy

Proton pump inhibitor-based quadruple therapy was performed in patients with peptic ulcer and H. pylori infection, including 1000mg amoxicillin twice daily, 20mg lansoprazole twice daily, 500mg clarithromycin twice daily, and 220mg bismuth subcitrate twice daily for 14 days. The efficacy of eradication was modified using the urea breath test.

Complications Of H Pylori Infection

Helicobacter Pylori Infection | Gastric ulcer | Causes, Signs and Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment.

Sometimes doctors use a flexible viewing tube to do an upper endoscopy Endoscopy Endoscopy is an examination of internal structures using a flexible viewing tube . Endoscopy can also be used to treat many disorders because doctors are able to pass instruments… read more to obtain a sample of the stomach lining. The sample can be tested for H. pylori by several methods.

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Whats The Association Between H Pylori Infection And Stomach Cancer

If you have an _H. pylori _infection, you have an increased risk for stomach cancer later in life. If you have a strong family history of stomach cancer and other cancer risk factors, even though you may not have symptoms of a stomach ulcer, your healthcare provider may recommend being tested for _H. pylori_ antibodies. In addition to screening and treatment, your provider may suggest some lifestyle changes, such as including more fruits, vegetables and fiber in your diet. Regular checkups with your provider and following their recommendations can reduce your cancer risk.

Treatment Of Urinary Tract Infections

UTIs result in considerable economic and public health burdens and substantially affect the life quality of afflicted individuals. Currently, antibiotics such as trimethoprim sulfamethoxazole, ciprofloxacin and ampicillin are the most commonly recommended therapeutics for UTIs. However, increasing rates of antibiotic resistance and high recurrence rates threaten to greatly enhance the burden that these common infections place on society. Ideally, alternative therapies will be established that will be recalcitrant to the development of resistance. Many promising approaches are being developed, from leveraging what we have learned about the basic biology of UTI pathogenesis to specifically target virulence pathways. These antivirulence therapeutics should theoretically allow us to effectively neutralize, or ‘disarm’, the capacity of UTI pathogens to cause disease, without altering the gut commensal microbiota, because antivirulence therapeutics target processes that are critical for UTI pathogenesis but that are not required for the essential processes of growth and cell division .

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A Little About Stomach Ulcers:

A stomach ulcer, also known as a gastric ulcer, is a rupture in the tissue lining the stomach. It was formerly generally believed that the main causes of stomach ulcers were stress, smoking, and poor nutrition.

The Helicobacter pylori bacteria, on the other hand, is now recognized to be responsible for the majority of duodenal ulcers and 60% of stomach ulcers. The H. pylori bacteria also causes various dyspepsia symptoms.

Symptoms of Stomach Ulcers:

People suffering from ulcers may have none or all of the following symptoms:

Some people have recurring ulcers but no symptoms, while others have healed ulcers yet continue to have ulcer symptoms. You can click here to see a doctor online via Marham if you have any of these symptoms.

What Are The Complications Of H Pylori Infections

5 Things You Should Know About Urinary Infections

H. pylori infections can lead to peptic ulcers, but the infection or the ulcer itself can lead to more serious complications. These include:

  • internal bleeding, which can happen when a peptic ulcer breaks through your blood vessel and is associated with iron deficiency anemia
  • obstruction, which can happen when something like a tumor blocks the food from leaving your stomach
  • perforation, which can happen when an ulcer breaks through your stomach wall
  • peritonitis, which is an infection of the peritoneum, or the lining of the abdominal cavity

H. pylori can also increase the risk of gastric adenocarcinoma, a type of stomach cancer. This risk is higher among smokers, as well as Black people/African Americans, Latinos and Hispanics, and Asians, according to a large 2019 cohort study.

With that said, most people infected with H. pylori never develop stomach cancer.

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Correlation Between H Pylori And Kidney Damage In Patients With Peptic Ulcer

In the group of patients with peptic ulcer, the abnormal urine ACR rate was 13.92% , including 15.79% in H. pylori-positive individuals and 0% in H. pylori-negative individuals . All the 27 individuals with abnormal urine ACR were determined as H. pylori positive and all the 23 H. pylori-negative individuals presented normal urine ACR. The abnormal rate of ACR in H. pylori-positive group showed a significant difference compared to H. pylori-negative group through Fisher’s exact test . The results suggested that H. pylori infection was probably an important risk factor for kidney damage in patients with peptic ulcer.

Consult A Stomach Specialist Online

So, can stomach ulcers cause urinary problems? There is no definite answer because the case can be different for every person. While many researchers have linked ulcers with urinary issues there is still very little evidence to say anything for sure.

If you have any urinary problems or symptoms of a stomach ulcer it is extremely important that you see a gastroenterologist/stomach specialist as soon as possible to avoid complications.

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Where I Am Now

After working with Brie, I feel great for the first time in years.

I came to see her because of the acid reflux but she opened my eyes to a lot of problems I had been writing off as normal or just part of getting older.

Gut-wise, I am feeling so much better now! After having given up gluten and dairy for years, Im finally able to experiment with adding them back into my diet again now.

The interstitial cystitis pain is gone now, too. I didnt realize how much the pain held me back from enjoying life I even cancelled an overseas trip because of it!

Im so happy to be where I am now with my health. Im following a maintenance protocol now and continuing to meet with Brie occasionally to make sure Im doing the right things moving forward.

Working with Brie has made a huge difference for me, and I wish more people could have access to it! I hope my story helps to spread the word.

Who Gets H Pylori Infections

Microbiology – Helicobacter Pylori (Ulcer)

H. pylori bacteria are present in some 50% to 75% of the worlds population. It does not cause illness in most people. H. pylori infection mostly occurs in children. Its more common in developing countries. In the U.S., H. pylori bacteria are found in about 5% of children under the age of 10. Infection is most likely to occur in children who live in crowded conditions and areas with poor sanitation.

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Correlation Between H Pylori And Kidney Damage In Healthy Control Group

The urine ACR was examined to evaluate the kidney damage. In healthy controls, the abnormal urine ACR was 7.95% , including 6.83% in H. pylori infected individuals and 8.73% in H. pylori uninfected individuals . Urine ACR data analysis showed no statistical difference between H. pylori-negative and H. pylori-positive individuals in healthy group.

Bacterial Interference: Escherichia Coli Strain 83972

The intentional colonization of the bladder with a non-virulent strain, also called bacterial interference, has been studied among patients with neurogenic bladder. E. coli 83972 is a clinical strain, isolated from a woman with chronic urinary colonization and which has naturally lost its capacity to develop Type 1 and Type P fimbriae. This strain has been used for prophylactic purposes to deliberately colonized the bladders with this bacterium to prevent colonization/infection by pathogenic species.

In a mouse model of UTI, E. coli 83972 demonstrated a better fitness than a virulent strain of UPEC. In a poor environment, like the bladder, this difference in fitness is a crucial advantage for the competition between bacteria. The 83972 strain could reduce the impact of UTIs by a monopolization of resources and space .

Seven clinical studies are available: three are RCT, one of which is a crossover designed study and four are prospective cohorts . Sample sizes were small and varied from 12 to 44 patients. Clinical endpoints were the interval before first recurrence or the incidence of UTI during follow up.

Despite this heterogeneity, all studies demonstrated the ability of non-virulent strain to protect patients from UTI. One limit is the difficulty to achieve bladder colonization with the non-virulent strain .

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What Causes H Pylori Infection

Health experts dont know for sure how H. pylori infection is spread. They believe the germs can be passed from person to person by mouth, such as by kissing.

It may also be passed by having contact with vomit or stool. This may happen if you:

  • Eat food that was not cleaned or cooked in a safe way

  • Drink water that is infected with the bacteria

Alternative Therapeutic Options To Antibiotics For The Treatment Of Urinary Tract Infections

17 Best images about H. Pylori on Pinterest
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  • 6Service dUrologie, CHU Tours, Tours, France

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Association Between Helicobacter Pylori Infection And Kidney Damage In Patients With Peptic Ulcer

aDepartment of Nephrology, The Affiliated Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Southwest Medical University, Luzhou, China

bDepartment of Nephrology, The Affiliated Hospital of Southwest Medical University, Luzhou, China

cLaboratory of Organ Fibrosis Prophylaxis and Treatment by Combine Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Research Center of Combine Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Affiliated Traditional Medicine Hospital of Southwest Medical University, Luzhou, China

Who Is At Risk For H Pylori Infection

You may be at greater risk for H. pylori infection because of:

  • Your age. Over half the people in the U.S. with the bacteria are over 50 years old.

  • Your race or ethnicity. Almost half of all African Americans have the bacteria. For people who come to the U.S. from developing countries, at least 50% of Latinos and 50% of people from Eastern Europe have H. pylori.

Most people first get the bacteria when they are children, but adults can get it too.

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Putting Interstitial Cystitis Into Remission

My hormone symptoms were slowly improving as my gut healed but Brie also suggested using a plant-based bioidentical estrogen replacement. She also had me use vaginal DHEA, a vaginal probiotic, and some herbs. Those helped me feel better right away.

Brie also explained that two of the bad bacteria that the tests had shown were overgrown in my gut proteus and citrobacter were related to the Interstitial Cystitis, too. As we treated those, my symptoms disappeared completely.

Brie suggested I work with a pelvic floor therapist, too. That helped me relax some overly tight muscles that were contributing to the pain.

Cranberry And H Pylori

Urinary Tract Infection – Overview (signs and symptoms, pathophysiology, causes and treatment)

The cranberry, native to North America, long-known to be a remedy for urinary tract infections, now shows promise against Helicobacter pylori , the bacteria that cause stomach ulcers.

In the first clinical study of its kind, recent research shows that people who drink a cup of cranberry juice cocktail twice a day are three times more likely to ward off infection with the bacteria than those who do not. We first reported in The Inside Tract®, issue 122, November/December 2000, that researchers from Israel had demonstrated in the laboratory that cranberrys bacterial anti-adhesion mechanism might be a new tool to fight ulcer disease. The focus of their findings centered on compounds within cranberries that are responsible for the anti-adhesion effect and their ability to disable certain harmful bacteria that cause infection in various parts of the body. In the case of urinary tract infections, compounds in cranberry called proanthocyanidins, or condensed tannins, can interfere with Escherichia coli bacteria, possibly by wrapping around or disabling them so the bacteria cannot stick to the urinary tract and cause infection. E. coli bacteria cause 80-90% of urinary tract infections.

The study was funded by Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc., a cranberry grower cooperative, started in 1930, that is now the largest producer of cranberries in the world.

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