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Can You Get A Urinary Tract Infection From Sex

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Youve Got A Cold The Flu Or Allergies

Urologist Dr. Mungai explains how Urinary tract infection affects sex performance in men

You may be tempted to curse your seasonal sneezes, a cold, or the dreaded flu for making your life even more miserable with a UTI, but these ailments arent the cause. The meds you take to manage symptoms could be.

Though theyre the bomb at keeping your runny or stuffy nose in check, antihistamines and decongestants might make you go less by causing urinary retention. And see No. 6 that may lead to a UTI.

You Wipe From Back To Front

Wiping from back to front can transport E. coli, the bacteria thats behind most UTIs, from the rectal region to the urethra. Moral of the story: Always wipe from front to back. Al-Badr A, et al. . Recurrent urinary tract infections management in women: A review.

It Can Introduce New Bacteria

Sexual activity is one of the most common ways bacteria get into the urinary tract. Ninety percent of UTIs are the result of Escherichia coli bacteria that have found their way into the urethra and beyond.

E. coli bacteria are most often found in the gastrointestinal tract or feces. These bacteria may move from the anus or GI tract onto you or your partners hands, mouth, genitals, or a sex toy.

Sex can also push bacteria further into your body through penetration, which sets up a higher likelihood of an infection. If you already have a UTI, penetration may reinfect you or introduce a new source of bacteria. This can lead to a longer recovery time.

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Safer Ways To Have Sex With A Uti

If you’re going to have sex with a UTI, Trubow says try certain sex positions that will cause less friction on the urethra, like doggy-style, potentially making things more enjoyable.

Anal sex might also be a more pleasurable option because it lowers the risk of contact with the urethra. You can also explore other forms of sexual touch that don’t involve the vulva area, including giving oral sex to your partner but not receiving it.

Just make sure to pee before and after having sex to flush out as much of the bacteria from the urethra as possible, and take breaks during sex if you feel the need to pee.

Tips To Avoid Urinary Tract Infection Caused Due To Sexual Intercourse

Can You Get a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) from Having Sex?


Urination before and after intercourse can help you remove bacteria from your tracts as soon as they enter, not allowing them to multiply and grow into an infection. It is one of the many ways to avoid UTI.

Drink plenty of water

Water can help in avoiding growth of bacteria. It also helps in frequent urination which can keep these problems away.

Good hygiene

Practising proper hygiene before and after intercourse can also help in avoiding Urinary tract infections. Make sure you clean your genital areas properly to avoid growth of any bacteria that may have entered.

Birth control

Spermicides can increase the risk of UTIs and should not be the preferred birth control. Use of diaphragm as birth control can also cause UTI. Sticking to safer options or as suggested by your doctor may be the best way to avoid infection.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a professional healthcare provider if you have any specific questions about any medical matter.

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Some Myth Some Truth: Sexual Activity

Sexual intercourse indeed can be a strong trigger for a UTI, as can any activity that has the potential for putting infection-causing bacteria near the urethra.

Your partners anatomy can act as a ladder for infection of the urethra with bacteria that usually live in the bowel, said Dr. Dielubanza.

Use of spermicides with or without barrier contraceptives has been shown to increase the risk of urinary tract infections in sexually active women. Women may consider an alternative contraceptive regimen if they experience UTIs after intercourse.

Diaphragms And Other Barrier Methods Are Hormone

These are barrier methods of birth control. The diaphragm is a flexible cup that you place in your vagina to block sperm from entering your uterus. Its most effective when used with spermicide.

You will have to be fitted for a diaphragm by your doctor, and its a good idea to replace it after a year. Youll have to examine it occasionally, as well, to make sure there are no holes, tears, or thinning of the latex. If youve recently gained or lost weight, youll also want to have it checked for fit.

The cervical cap is similar to the diaphragm. Youll have to be fitted for one by a healthcare professional, and its best to use it with spermicide. You place it in your vagina, where it keeps sperm from entering the cervix. It should also be replaced yearly.

The sponge is soft foam coated with spermicide. The device looks like a donut, and covers the cervix when you insert it into your vagina.

Pros: All of these items are hormone-free. You can insert your diaphragm or cervical cap anywhere from just before sex up to six hours before intercourse. Theyre both great options if you have medical conditions, such as breast cancer, that make it unsafe to use hormones for birth control. Unlike those methods, the sponge is an over-the-counter item.

While it is extremely rare, all three methods may cause toxic shock syndrome. So dont leave a diaphragm in for more than 24 hours, and dont leave a cervical cap in for more than 48 hours.

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You Dont Pee After Sex

The threat of getting a UTI shouldnt stop you from getting it on. But that doesnt mean resigning yourself to the afterburn.

One simple way to cut your risk: Head to the potty after youve finished your romp. Youll possibly flush out the bacteria that may have made their way into your urinary tract. Urinary Tract Infection. .

What Helps A Uti & How Can You Prevent A Uti After Sex

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Signs & Symptoms (& Why They Occur)

There are a few things people who get frequent UTIs can do to help keep the burning at bay without ruining your sex life. These are also good tips to help prevent a urinary tract infection in the first place, especially after you have sex.

Drink a lot of water. The more you drink, the more you pee, and urinating can help flush bacteria out of the urethra. Also, dont hold your pee head to the bathroom as soon as you think you have to go so bacteria dont sit around in your urinary tract. Better out than in.

Pee after sex. Same logic: urinating right after sex can flush out any bacteria that got pushed into the urethra and help prevent a urinary tract infection.

Shower before and/or after sex. A quick shower before sexwith or without your partnermight help prevent UTIs by washing away the bacteria ahead of time. You could also hop back in after sex to rinse off any new bacteria as well. Also, this is what a bidet is for. If you have one, use it. If not, you can add one to any toilet easily.

Go front to back. Your mom probably told you to wipe front to back after you use the bathroom, but this advice applies to sex as well. Never put anything that has been in or near the anus in or near the vulva/vagina.

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Can Uti Be Transmitted From Woman To Man

As mentioned above, this is a bacterial issue that spreads from person to person. In any case, either of the partners cannot transmit it to their significant other.

It is not a contagious disease. Urinary Tract Infection is caused due to sex which is done unhygienically. UTI during sex increases irritability and might also come with uneasy side effects. So, it is advisable not to have sex with UTI. Consult your doctor to get the right medication in case of significant issues.

You Dont Drink Enough Water

Guzzling H2O will make you go pretty often. And thats a good thing. When you do this, the bacteria gets flushed out before they have a chance to grab hold, Minkin says.

Consider that your cue to make a giant water bottle your BFF. Hooton TM, et al. . Effect of increased daily water intake in premenopausal women with recurrent urinary tract infections: A randomized clinical trial. DOI: 10.1001/jamainternmed.2018.4204

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Sex & Uti: What You Need To Know

Many people know that distinct burning sensation when you pee that indicates a urinary tract infection. Its no fun, and its unfortunately pretty common around half of women will experience at least one UTI in their lifetime.

Its also natural to wonder, does sex cause UTI? If so, how? And is there anything you can do to stop that from happening? Were going to dive into the connection between sex and UTIs and what you can do to minimize your risk of getting one.

How Can One Get A Uti From Sex

Contracting a UTI From Sex

You might have heard about getting affected by STIs after having sex, but thatâs not the only infection you might get. There also is a risk of getting affected by UTI.

Dr. Lakeisha Richardson from Delta Medical Group says that urinary infection after sex may happen as thrusting can introduce bacteria up the urethra and into the bladder, increasing the UTI risk.

The UTI bacteria enter the body from the bladder. The chances of a woman getting a UTI are higher than men since the urethral tube is smaller in a woman, which makes it easy for bacteria to enter the bladder.

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You Can Get A Uti From Having Sex

There is a clear link between UTIs and sex. For many people, having sex causes UTIs to occur over and over again. Data shows that UTI symptoms most often begin about 2 days after having sexual intercourse.

Sex can cause a UTI. This is because the friction involved in sexual activity pushes bacteria toward the urethra. Anything that allows or encourages bacteria to enter the urinary tract increases the risk of UTI.

UTIs should be treated to keep them from getting worse. This usually requires a prescription for antibiotics. Since going to see your healthcare provider every time you have sex isnt a reasonable option for many people, its helpful to think ahead. There are things you can do to prevent a UTI before it starts.

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Will Urinating After Sexual Intercourse Prevent Urinary Tract Infections

Sexual activity is a risk factor for UTIs for women. The opening of the urethra is close to the vagina and clitoris. Fingers, mouths, and penises can transfer bacteria around the area. If bacteria work their way into the urethra, it can result in an infection.

Some health care experts suggest that women urinate shortly after sexual activity to flush out any bacteria that have gotten into the urethra. Urine is naturally free of bacteria and, while it won’t kill any invading bacteria, it can wash them away. After urinating, you should be sure to wipe from front to back to push any lingering bacteria away from the urethra.

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What Can Happen If You Have Sex With A Uti

You wont break your urinary tract or anything, but its not an ideal scenario. It will be uncomfortable, Dr. Kaufman says. Dr. Wider points out that you may irritate the area and exacerbate your symptoms.

You can get an additional infection as well, Dr. Wider says. If you are being treated with antibiotics, the symptoms will likely clear in an expedient fashion and the chances of getting a secondary infection go way down.

Yes You Can Have Sex During A Uti

Acute pyelonephritis (urinary tract infection) – causes, symptoms & pathology

“Yes, you can still have sex with a UTI,” says board-certified OB/GYN Lakeisha Richardson. Sex will likely not make your UTI worse, but it may be painful or uncomfortable until you have completed treatment. Experts generally recommend not having sex with a UTI until you truly feel up for it.

“It’s better to refrain from intercourse when you have a UTI because the penis can rub against the urethra, irritating it more,” says functional medicine gynecologist Wendie Trubow, M.D. The same is true for tongues, toys, and fingers coming into contact with the vulva or vagina. “It shouldn’t make the infection worse, especially if the woman urinates after intercourse, but it may worsen the symptoms.”

You only really need to hold off if you’re experiencing bloody urine or suprapubic pain, in which case you should see a doc ASAP, adds Richardson.

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Urinary Tract Infection Causes

The urinary tract is made up of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. Each of these helps the body get rid of liquid waste. Blood is filtered by the kidneys, which produces urine urine moves through the ureters from the kidneys to the bladder where the urine is stored until it exits the body through the urethra.When bacteria enter the urinary tract, they are usually removed quickly before any damage can be done, but sometimes the bacteria are strong enough to endure the bodys natural defenses and cause an infection.

Antibiotics Didnt Stop The Utis After Sex

I was blasting through UTI after UTI and countless courses of antibiotics, resulting in an eventual prescription for prophylactic antibiotics to be taken twice a day for two months, just in case

UTIs must follow Murphys law because goddamn is there ever a worse time to get one than when they turn up? Hi, its me! I thought Id drop by. I know its 11pm on a Sunday night before a public holiday but I just had to come!.

During this year of my life they came in blood splattered, painful waves as I went from after hours doctor to after hours doctor, trying to work out WTF was going on!?

I never presented any UTI symptoms when I actually saw my regular doctor which resulted in every urine culture test coming back negative.

This was probably due to the fact that the testing lab was only open during normal business hours by which time I had already taken antibiotics.

UTIs after sex prevention tip 3: If you are likely to need to provide a urine sample, try not to take antibiotics first, as they can render your urine sterile . You can either keep a sterile container at home or choose to grit your teeth and wait it out until you can get to a doctor.

Now I know how inaccurate urine tests can be. I would have pushed for better testing had I known then.

My own doctor assured me that women just got them.

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How Is Interstitial Cystitis Diagnosed

Diagnosing interstitial cystitis typically isnt a simple process. There isnt any single medical test that can definitively diagnose IC, or rule it out.

To diagnose IC, your doctor will consider your symptoms and medical history, and perform a physical and neurological exam. Your doctor may also give you a questionnaire about bladder or pelvic pain.

Your doctor may also order or administer other tests to help diagnose IC, or to rule out other health conditions. These tests may include:

Urine tests Simple tests of a urine sample can rule out other conditions by detecting signs of an active infection or blood in your urine.

Ultrasound of bladder This noninvasive test allows doctors to see the shape and structure of your bladder, as well as how well you empty it after urination.

Urodynamic evaluation This test involves filling your bladder with water through a catheter to measure pressure as it fills and empties.

Cystoscopy This procedure involves inserting a specialized viewing instrument into your bladder to look for ulcers caused by IC, or other problems, such as a tumor.

How Does An Erection Work

How does a Woman Get a Urinary Tract Infection

When sexual arousal occurs, the nerves in the body release chemicals that increase the blood flow to the penis. The blood then flows into the two hollow chambers of the penis. The spongy tissues that make up the hollow chambers trap the blood in the penis and cause a firm erection.

Similarly, when a man reaches climax, another set of nerve signals instructs the muscular tissues to contract in the penis. Hence, it causes a firm blood circulation which causes the erection. Moreover, you might be aware that when there is no sexual arousal, the penis appears limp and soft. Further, the size of the penis can vary due to many factors, including cold, warmth, or worry. It depends on the blood circulation that takes place in the penis.

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You Only Use Toys By Yourself

Theres often a weird shame about bringing toys into partnered sex. Some people worry that a toy is there as a replacement or to make up for some sort of performance inadequacy. But it doesnt have to be related to anything like that.

Many, many women are not able to have an orgasm unless they use a vibrator, Lauren Streicher, M.D., a clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern Universitys Feinberg School of Medicine, tells SELF. So if youre worried about introducing toys to your partnered sex life, Dr. Streicher suggests keeping in mind that a good sexual partner should want you to experience as much pleasure as possibleincluding with the use of a sex toy if thats what you like.

Even if you have no trouble orgasming without a toyor want to take the focus off orgasms as we mentionedtoys can still enhance something thats already pleasurable. Sex toys can be like delicious toppings an already really good scoop of ice cream, says Finn. Yes, ice cream is delicious by itself, but today I want some with chocolate and a cherry on top just to change it up, to add a little bit of texture and flavor.

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