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O Shot For Urinary Incontinence

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What Are The Other Benefits Of O

Treatment of MILD Urinary Stress Incontinence|URINARY INCONTINENCE-Dr.Regina Joseph| Doctors’ Circle

Providers are discovering new advantages to O-Shot® treatment all the time.

Some benefits of this trusted technology include:

  • Greater arousal from clitoral stimulation
  • Younger, smoother skin of the vulva .
  • A tighter introitus
  • Stronger orgasm
  • Increased ability to have a vaginal orgasm
  • Increased natural lubrication

Where Can I Get An O

The O-Shot can be used to treat urinary incontinence. Over time, and due to a variety of causes, your bladder and urethra may become stretched out and not contract back. The O-Shot can help tighten vaginal laxity to help reduce the symptoms of urinary incontinence. If you are experiencing a leaking bladder, contact Dr. Matthew Barker to get more information on how we can help you today. Contact Integrative Pain and Wellness Center in Southlake, TX for a full consultation on the state of your vaginal health.

What Is Urinary Stress Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is the inability to control ones bladder. Over 13 million women in the US suffer from urinary incontinence. This can be due to a few reasons which include stress urinary incontinence and urge incontinence. Stress incontinence occurs usually after coughing, sneezing, laughing or any type of abdominal pressure. Urge incontinence occurs mostly because of abnormal signals to the bladder which causes one to feel like they have to urinate immediately.

The O-SHOT works by supporting your urinary continence mechanism. Allowing you to have drier days and to avoid invasive surgery.

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How To Talk About Urinary Incontinence

Bringing up the topic of urinary incontinence with your doctor or your spouse is never easy most people are at least a bit embarrassed. But open communication can help you find out about the causes of incontinence and whether your medications may be contributing.

One good opener might be something like this: “I have been having bladder troubles.”

If you will be visiting a new doctor, and have not yet selected them, you might seek out a doctor of the same sex, if you think that would help you feel more comfortable. Or, you might bring up the topic first with your doctor’s nurse.

Preparing for the conversation about urinary incontinence may help you feel more in control. That means being able to answer the questions your doctor is likely to ask, including:

  • When did your urinary incontinence symptoms begin?
  • Have you had urinary incontinence symptoms before?
  • What drugs are you on, and when did you start each of them?
  • Do you leak urine with physical activity, coughing or sneezing?

You may find it easier to talk about incontinence if you acknowledge it as a medical condition that needs treatment, just as high blood pressure, arthritis, or high cholesterol does. Treatment options for urinary incontinence are plentiful.

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The Vampire Facial course was really beneficial to me. Being trained previously here at NIMA for microneedling made the procedure and transition into PRP facials that much easier. I personally really enjoy using the PRP as the only serum on the face because it helps glide the Micropen so we give our patients good overlap and cover all the areas. The instructors gave a really thorough theory and demonstration. They showed us a lot of different techniques we could use which gave us aestheticians more confidence in using the Micropen and different ways we could make it our own. This made us feel more comfortable, which gives the clients a better feeling coming in and getting this procedure. I would recommend this course to all students here at NIMA. It gives you a wide rage of procedures to do with the Micropen. That will broaden your scope of practice. Doctors and medical spas are intrigued and interested in the Vampire Facial procedure. This treatment is becoming more popular, is very beneficial for all students. I really appreciate all the hard work that NIMA put into it. The instructors really took the time to teach us and make us feel comfortable as aestheticians performing this procedure.

Willow Freer, LME

Krystal Duncan, RN BSN

Roshni N. Master Esthetic, ME

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How Long Does The O

The benefits of the O-Shot® begin right away as your plasma activates your own cells to start restoring and rejuvenating the tissues. Some women may experience immediate improvements in sexual response, while others notice their urinary incontinence starts getting much better within a few days to a few weeks.

How To Find A Provider

Your best resource may be your own doctor for a start, particularly a gynecologist or urologist. They can help you with understanding and improving your baseline reproductive and sexual health, and may be able to help you find a reputable practitioner.

Its easy enough to find an O-Shot provider online. Runels has a list of certified providers on the O-Shot website.

Again, take these providers with a grain of salt: They dont necessarily have special qualifications other than claiming to have the ability to perform vaginal PRP as certified by Runels.

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How Do You Prepare For The Procedure

If you decide to, you can schedule an O-Shot treatment with any medical professional who offers it.

The medical professional you contact to give you an O-Shot will start out by asking you general questions about your health, so have information about your sexual and general health history on hand.

If you check out as healthy, your O-Shot provider will, in the following order:

  • Ask you to remove your pants and underwear.
  • Apply numbing cream to your clit, labia, and/or G-spot.
  • Draw your blood and spin it in a centrifuge to separate the plasma from the platelets .
  • Inject local anesthetic to your clit, labia and/or G-spot.
  • Inject your platelets into your clit, labia and/or G-spot.

After this, youre all done and ready to get dressed and leave the office. In all, the procedure should take about 30 minutes.

The O-Shot is not painful at all, says Cindy Barshop, founder of VSPOT. Botox hurts ten times more. The scary part is just thinking about putting a needle down there. When our clients at the VSPOT are asked to measure their discomfort level between 0 and 10 the discomfort is never more than a 2, with 10 being the worst pain.

According to Runels, the following side effects affected two women who participated in his study:

  • continuous sexual arousal
  • sexual arousal with urination
  • spontaneous orgasm
  • allergic reaction
  • swelling at the injection site
  • vaginal sensitivity, including a buzzing sensation

Does It Work The O

Urinary incontinence, Causes, Signs and Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment.

After several weeks of regrowth, women have reported increases in sexual pleasure. “My orgasms are better, longer, and honestly, I can’t get enough of my husband,” my friend who is a mom of two told me. “I can’t recommend it enough.”

Dr. Rastegar attests to the positives. “The benefits of having this treatment include increased sexual desire, greater arousal from clitoral stimulation, and a number of changes in orgasm including stronger, more frequent orgasms, and an increased ability to have orgasms,” she says.

Some women are also getting the shot to help with health concerns, such as painful intercourse and urinary incontinence. When combined with laser vaginal therapy, the results are said to help with moms dealing with incontinence related to stress.

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What Are Some Other Reasons To Consider The O

Women who seek the O-Shot® procedure for urinary incontinence often find it solves other problems as well. While everyone is different, many women report:

  • Ability to achieve more frequent, intense orgasms
  • Increased libido
  • Increased pleasure with vaginal and clitoral stimulation
  • Vaginal opening feels tighter and more toned
  • Less dryness and increased lubrication
  • Less pain and discomfort during intercourse
  • Skin of the vulva feels and looks smoother

O Shot And Urinary Incontinence

How Does the O-Shot help treat urinary incontinence?

Charles Runels, MD, discusses the effects of the O-Shot on incontinence:The O-Shot has helped treat and even reverse incontinence for thousands of women. PRP injected into the space around the urethra triggers platelets to release several different growth factors, activating stem cells to regenerate and repair damaged tissues. Most women experience relief from urinary incontinence in a week or two following the O-Shot with continued improvement over several weeks, including eliminating the need for medications and in many cases, a complete resolution of the condition.

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What Does The O

For women who find that becoming aroused is difficult due to a variety of factors, the o shot can improve sexual response. The o-shot uses your own stem cells and increases blood flow to rejuvenate healthier tissue in the clitoris and vaginal walls. It is injected into the areas of the vagina that are the most important for sexual response. Additional benefit can be obtained by combining laser vaginal resurfacing and PRP therapy for maximal rejuvenation of urinary, vaginal and orgasmic function.

Will I Need Additional O

The O

Some have found the O-Shot treatment for UI lasts up to three years. However, many women opt to repeat the O-Shot about every 18 months for maximum effectiveness. If you fail to achieve satisfactory results with your initial procedure, you can repeat it after eight weeks. Generally, this almost always yields excellent results.

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Causes And Types Of Urinary Incontinence

Causes of urinary incontinence vary from woman to woman, but childbirth, trauma, and hormone changes due to aging can all be linked to UI. The different types of urinary incontinence include:

  • Stress incontinence Coughing, laughing, sneezing or other movements that cause you to leak urine.
  • Urge incontinence Commonly caused by inappropriate bladder contractions, urge incontinence occurs when you lose urine for no apparent reason after feeling the need to urinate.
  • Overactive bladder Occurs when abnormal nerves send signals to the bladder at the wrong time. Symptoms include frequent urination during the day and night, urinary urgency, or leakage or gushing of urine that follows a sudden, strong urge.
  • Functional incontinence A result of physical or medical conditions that might hinder the signals that your body needs to urinate, e.g. dementia or arthritis.
  • Overflow Rare in women, but this type occurs when the bladder doesnt empty properly, causing overflow.
  • Mixed incontinence Two or more types of incontinence together, typically stress and urge.
  • Transient incontinence Urine leakage for a short time, e.g. during a bladder infection, pregnancy or post-pregnancy.

What Patients Are Saying About Biote

If you suffer from urinary incontinence, decreased sexual desire, or pain during intercourse from vaginal dryness, you may be a good candidate for the O-Shot®. To learn more about this procedure, and how it can improve your sexual health, please contact Lynnette Allen, NP-C, Certfied Provider of the O-Shot in Melville Long Island to schedule your consultation.

Any woman at any age could receive an O-Shot® injection. It is recommended especially to women going through menopause, and women who experience painful sex, have lubrication problems, or have difficulty experiencing orgasms.

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What To Expect During Treatment

Many women, all too familiar with the delicate tissues of their vagina, fear this shot is painful. We want to discard this notion altogether because treatment is completely pain-free. Once weve drawn your blood sample and provided it to our onsite laboratory for processing, we apply a topical anesthetic to the treatment site. We also administer a local numbing injection to remove any possibility of pain.

Throughout all of this, you lie in a comfortable position and simply rest. After receiving back your processed blood, which is now platelet-rich plasma , we make targeted injections in the vaginal and clitoral areas. These steps take about 30 minutes, and once complete, youre free to resume your normal activities. You can even have intercourse on the day of treatment.

Solutions For A Leaky Bladder

Treating Urinary Incontinence

Research has found that at least half of people with urinary incontinence dont discuss the condition with a health care provider. But theres no need to feel embarrassed. If you have a leaky bladder, youre definitely not alone. Bladder leakage, or urinary incontinence, affects women and men of all ages, though it becomes more common later in life.

And its definitely worth discussing, because of the many ways it can interfere with enjoying daily lifefrom exercise and travel to social outings and romance, says E. James Wright, M.D., director of urology at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.

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When Will I See Results

Some women see an immediate increase in sexual desire and pleasure. In some patients, it may take several weeks to months. Results typically last an average of 12-18 months or more with one treatment. Occasionally patients may need a second touch up treatment within 6 to 12 months of initial treatment.

High Blood Pressure Drugs And Incontinence

Also called alpha-adrenergic antagonists or alpha blockers, these high blood pressure drugs — including Cardura, Minipress, and Hytrin — work by dilating blood vessels to reduce blood pressure. In fact, they are often prescribed to men to help with urination problems. In men with an enlarged prostate, a condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH, alpha blockers can help relax the muscles in the bladder neck, letting urine flow more easily and improving symptoms of BPH.

In women, alpha blockers can relax the bladder, too. Women taking an alpha blocker who are experiencing urinary incontinence should also ask their doctor if there is an alternative medication available to treat their high blood pressure.

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The O Shot Vs Monalisa Touch Laser Therapy


I am a 31 yr old female. I seemed to have a weak bladde even before I birthed my three children and its gotten worse after each birth. I have extreme stress urinary Incontinence and Im just getting so tired of dealing with it! Tired of not being able to play and jump and run with my kids. Being caught off gaird by a sneeze, cough or even clearing my throat! I asked my doctor about options. She gave me a variety from the simplist to surgery. What Im wondering is if anyone on here has tried and can give me their opinion on either the O Shot or the MonaLisa Touch laser??

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  • Posted 4 years ago

    Not tried the above options for inconvenience. What helped me was medication. Ask your doctor to try the medications available if that is a option.

  • Posted 4 years ago

    Not tried either but I think both are more for treating vaginal problems and not so much incontinence. Especially extreme stress incontinence.

    I had a TVT fitted 4 years ago for Stress incontinence and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Followed up by instructions on Pelvic floor exercises.

    Are you in UK?

  • Posted 4 years ago

    Can you tell me what a TVT is? Im just barely starting out in trying to find a solution so all is new to me!

    I know that the other options help wi H vaginal issues but was told my my provider as well as in the information I found online that it helps with incontinence as well?

    I am in the USA

  • What Is Urinary Incontinence

    Theres No Need to Suffer from Urinary Incontinence

    Urinary incontinence is the loss of bladder control. It is an extremely common problem that can be embarrassing. This disorder can range in severity from occasional leaking when you cough to an urge to urinate so strong you cannot reach a bathroom in time. In women, urinary incontinence can be caused by a multitude of things, including:

    • Pregnancy

    • Obstruction

    • Neurological disorders

    The O-Shot may be able to help prevent a leaky bladder by tightening vaginal laxity. The muscles of your bladder and urethra become stretched, but this may be treated by the O-Shot.

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    Is The O Shot Worth It

    At New You Medical in Fort Lauderdale, FL, we welcome candid conversations with our patients. If youre experiencing symptoms of sexual dysfunction or vaginal atrophy, now is your chance to speak freely. Especially when we tell you that the O Shots PRP, a treatment that rejuvenates vaginal and surrounding tissues, can improve a range of symptoms, from sexual dissatisfaction to bladder incontinence.

    The Shot That Stops Leaks: The O

    The O-Shot® has a stellar, va-va-voom reputation for revving up orgasms and libido, but it also has a more practical side. Women who have had the O-Shot® report a dramatic decrease in their urinary incontinence symptoms. In fact, the O-Shot® injection has proven to be 90% effective in treating stress incontinence.

    Its a little like finding out champagne is full of vitamins.

    Urinary incontinence is a common problem for an estimated 40 percent of women in the U.S., often as a result of pregnancy, childbirth or menopause. Now safe, minimally invasive O-Shot® is here to renew confidence and stop those little laugh leaks and sudden runs to the restroom.

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    What Is The O

    The O-Shot® is a simple procedure that delivers the healing properties of the patient’s own blood into tissues that need rapid repair. The O-Shot® got its global reputation by boosting orgasms through vaginal and clitoral rejuvenation.

    But as more and more patients experience success in revving up their libidos and sexual response, they have also experienced a decrease in the symptoms of urge incontinence and stress incontinence. Now providers can use O-Shot® to help with urinary incontinence and to help improve the symptoms of incontinence and several other gynecological issues that benefit from its rapid-healing qualities.

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