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Vitamins For Healthy Urinary Tract

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What Is A Uti

Home remedies for urinary tract infection or UTI (urine infection)

A UTI is a bacterial infection of one or more parts of the urinary system. This system has several components., including:

  • Kidneys, which filter waste from your blood
  • Ureters, which transport waste from the kidneys to the bladder
  • Bladder, which holds urine
  • Urethra, the opening in your genitals where you pass urine

Do Probiotics Help Uti

It is possible to keep the urinary tract healthy and free of harmfulbacteria with the help of beneficial bacteria. According to some research, the Lactobacillus group may be helpful in treating and preventing urinary tract infections. They might be able to prevent harmfulbacteria from attaching to the urinary tract cells.

What Are Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections are caused by microbes such as bacteria overcoming the bodys defenses in the urinary tract. They can affect the kidneys, bladder, and the tubes that run between them. The urethra is the tube that carries urine from the bladder so it can be expelled from the body. The core cause of urethritis is usually infection. This can cause the urethra to become irritated and inflamed. Both males and females can develop urethritis. However, females have a greater chance of developing the condition than males and it may affect people of all ages. At HPFY, we offer several Urinary Tract Health Supplements from top brands like Azo, Zahler,Nutritional Design Inc, and Applied Nutrition to name a few.

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Foods For Healthy Bladder And Kidneys

Food rich in fibers can be good for urinary tract health and preventing urinary tract infections by encouraging regular bowel movements and relieving pressure on urine flow. A diet high in fiber paired with drinking enough water promotes healthy digestion and regular bowel movements. Drinking plenty of water is one of the best things for your urinary and digestive systems. It helps flush bacteria from the urinary tract, which prevents infection and helps the digestive tract function regularly.

The Top 6 Supplements For Urinary Tract Health

VitaPost Urinary Tract Support. Cranberry, Pro

Bladder health is easy to take for granted. That is, until you get a tell-tale pain or discomfort in the pelvis. This kind of pain may mean that you have a urinary tract infection, or UTI. Luckily, UTIs can be treated with antibiotics.

However, especially if you suffer from recurrent UTI, it can be painful, frustrating and disheartening to get infections on a regular basis.

Although antibiotics are the only way to get rid of a UTI once it has started, several different supplements can help to prevent UTIs from happening in the first place. For this reason, we have scoured the internet to find the top 6 best supplements for urinary health.

  • The Second Department of Urology, Anhui Provincial Childrens Hospital, Hefei, China
  • Address correspondence to Yong-Sheng Cao the Second Department of Urology, Anhui Provincial Childrens Hospital, Hefei, China phone: +86 18156061176 fax: 0551-62237193 e mail: caoysetyy126.com
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    The Facts Behind 5 Supplements

    Collagen.Collagen, is one of the most abundant proteins in the body and helps form our skin, bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. As we age, we naturally start reducing its production. Some studies show that taking collagen supplements can reduce signs of aging, increase bone density and improve joint, back and knee pain. But many of these studies are small and funded by the companies behind such products, increasing the opportunity for bias. Certain products also have flaws that reduce the likelihood of their efficacy: Topical creams, for example, are unlikely to make it into the deeper level of the skin where collagen is produced.

    Magnesium.Though low levels of magnesium have been associated with various sleep disorders, the evidence for the benefits of taking it for better sleep in supplemental form is thin. In fact, most people already have sufficient levels of the mineral, which helps support immune health, blood sugar regulation, and nerve and muscle function. Magnesium is easy to get in foods including nuts, greens, seeds, beans, yogurt and fish.

    Vitamin B6.This essential nutrient is involved in a number of chemical reactions that are important for the proper functioning of the immune and nervous systems. As with the other essential vitamins, the body cannot produce B6 on its own, so you can only get it from foods or supplements. Most healthy adults get more than enough vitamin B6 from their diets alone, so B6 supplements are generally not needed.

    Who Is More Prone To Urinary Tract Infections

    Who is the person with the UTIs? Women get urinary tract infections up to 30 times more frequently than men. Four out of 10 women who get a UTI will get at least one more within six months. A womans urethra is shorter than a mans, which leads to her getting urinary tract infections more frequently.

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    In Mild Cases Even Simple Home Remedies Can Help You Get Rid Of Urinary Tract Infection Here We Tell You About Them

    Do you feel burning sensation while peeing? Do you also experience an intense and urgent need to pee? If yes, you are most probably suffering from a urinary tract infection. It is a common occurrence, especially in women. Thanks to their shorter urethra than men, that is responsible for flushing out the urine. It is mostly caused by two strains of bacteria namely E.coli and Staphylococcus saprophyticus. Notably, a urinary tract infection can occur in any part of your urinary tract like bladder, kidneys, or ureter. The condition is also characterised by symptoms including bloody and smelly pee, fever, pain while peeing, etc. In severe cases, antibiotics are given to the patients to recover. However, in mild cases, even simple home remedies can be helpful. Here, we tell you about them.Also Read Bacteria from poultry products may cause serious urinary tract infections

    Why Use Urinary Tract Supplements

    Cranberry Benefits 60 Capsules

    This may come as a surprise, but a properly functioning urinary system is essential in your overall health and wellness. Some people take supplements for just about any other organ or bodily function and quickly forget about caring for their urinary tract a part of the body that flushes out wastes and toxins.

    The best and most effective urinary tract supplements contain high-quality, all-natural ingredients that optimize your urinary tracts overall function while also easing the symptoms of urinary tract infections . The right urinary tract supplement offers relief from the burning and discomfort caused by UTIs through a gentle cleanse while also giving the rest of your body that extra much-needed boost.

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    Risk Factors And Related Health Concerns

    Women are at higher risk for UTIs than men are. People with impaired immune systems have an increased risk for UTIs because their bodies dont protect them against infection as effectively. Other risk factors for UTIs include sexual activity, a new sexual partner, multiple sexual partners, kidney stones, an enlarged prostate, urinary catheter use, urinary tract abnormalities, or a recent urinary tract procedure .

    Why Do Women Get UTIs More Often than Men Do?

    Urine Analysis In Patients

    When checking indicators of infection, while evaluating urine analysis, there are several factors to consider. The presence of bacteria per high power field is the most common indicator of bacterial infection. Although some amounts of bacteria in urine may be present for any patient with symptoms, according to the definition, 5+ is considered as the standard for bacteriuria. Sometimes 2+ is also considered positive in some selective populations which are hospitalized and catheterized patients The bacterial invasion determined by general urine examination and culturing revealed that out of 75 urine specimens collected from patients complaining of signs and symptoms of UTIs, Fifty two samples were positive for bacterial infection whereas 30.66% negative. From positive cultures different bacterial type isolated, most cases were due to Escherichia coli .

    Percentage distribution of bacterial isolates in patient group.

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    What Is Urinary Health

    Poor urinary health nutrition can lead to frequent encounters with UTI, i.e., Urinary Tract Infection. Urinary Health refers to the good health of your urinary system. A healthy urinary system helps your body achieve optimal productivity throughout the day. Most of your urinary health depends on what goes inside your body. Therefore, avoiding foods that irritate the bladder and cause unnecessary troubles to your system is an effective way of keeping UTIs at bay.

    Shop Catheters has a variety of bladder health vitamins for women and supplements for male urinary tract health. Some of the best urinary tract health supplements are manufactured by our top brands like Azo and Zahler. The Azo Urinary Tract Health Supplements provide sufficient protection and prevention from urinary infections.

    How To Avoid Poor Urinary Tract Health

    Solaray Super CranActin Cranberry Extract 400mg

    There are some basic lifestyle steps you can take to prevent urinary tract issues, including drinking enough water, limiting alcohol, caffeine, and quitting smoking.

    Being physically active and eating high-fibre foods can prevent constipation, which in turn helps prevent urinary tract issues.

    Using the bathroom when needed, rather than holding urine in for a long time is also important.

    Otherwise you risk weakening your bladder muscles, which makes a bladder infection more likely.

    On the other hand, pelvic floor muscles can be done anywhere, without anyone knowing, and really help to strengthen those muscles.

    Wiping front to back, and urinating after sexual intercourse, in order to flush away any bacteria that may have entered the urethra are also very helpful things to do.

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    The Top 6 Supplements For Uti Prevention

    If you have ever had a UTI, you probably want to make sure you never have another one. We have researched which urinary health products have the best science to support their use.

    Our selections are the top 6 urinary tract health products, with a link to find them on Amazon.

    Why we love it: This product contains many of the best-researched supplements to help prevent UTI. D-mannose, cranberry, hibiscus and dandelion are all packed together in a vegan-friendly cellulose capsule.

    The product is free of gluten, soy, wheat, dairy and additives. It also contains no genetically modified organisms and is, therefore, non-GMO.

    The product is made in the USA and is cGMP certified, meaning that it complies with the FDAs Good Manufacturing Processes. A single bottle contains 120 capsules. As the serving size is 2 capsules a day, the item will last 60 days. Each serving contains 1000mg of D-mannose, 150mg of cranberry juice powder from the fruit, 150mg of hibiscus flower, and 100mg of dandelion root extract. Since dandelion is related to ragweed, you may want to avoid the product if you have a ragweed allergy. Further, because hibiscus is in the mallow family with marshmallow and hollyhock, it may cause a reaction if you are allergic to those plants.

    Amazon users like this product, which is a strong seller among urinary health products. Many reviewers have noted that it seems to prevent or reduce their UTIs.

    Kidney Function Was Normal For The Analyzed Patient Group

    Kidney function in the patients were checked by blood urea and creatinine quantity . The analysis showed that the blood urea and creatinine levels are in the normal range among both the control and patients sample . This indicates that in both the cases kidneys were functioning properly.

    Analysis showed that the serum creatinine and urea and blood hemoglobin , are normal in the patients group studied which is similar to the control groups.

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    Do Calcium Supplements Increase Risk Of A Urine Infection

    There is evidence in Urological Research, which suggests that elevated calcium ingestion may increase the risk of a urinary tract infection. Dr. Alan Gaby, in Nutritional Medicine, 2nd edition, recommends anyone taking up to 1,500 mg of calcium per day should divide their doses into two to three doses. Dr. Gaby advises that taking magnesium along with the calcium may be helpful. Suggested dose: Calcium 500 mg once or twice per day

    Best Soft Chew: Vets Preferred Cat Urinary Tract Chews

    Cranberry Benefits 60 Capsules
    • Expensive, some cats need 2 pouches per day

    Supplements Can Help Support Urinary Health, But They Arent A Substitute For Treatment

    Theres no replacement for sound veterinary advice. Whatever problems your cat is experiencing, its important to address the issue with your vet instead of trying to diagnose and treat it yourself.

    While most urinary health problems are not life-threatening for cats, they can be extremely uncomfortable even painful and lack of treatment could cause the issue to progress into something more serious. Untreated urinary problems also frequently contribute to behavioral issues like peeing outside the litter box and increased irritability.

    Treatment for urinary health concerns varies depending on the specific issue but, on top of treatment, your veterinarian may recommend giving your cat a supplement. Urinary health supplements are intended to support your cats ongoing urinary health and to help remedy or prevent issues that contribute to urinary issues.

    Before purchasing a supplement, talk to your vet about what active ingredients to look for so you can be sure youre supporting the critical aspect of your cats urinary health.

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    Can Anything Else Prevent Utis

    Doctors arent completely certain why some people experience recurring U.T.I.s and others never have them. Those who frequently contract U.T.I.s are often prescribed low-dose daily antibiotics. For the general population, though, there are simple steps to help protect against these infections.

    Basic hygiene is essential: Women should always wipe from front to back after using the toilet, to ensure bacteria from the rectum does not travel near the urethra. For both men and women, it is important to stay hydrated, and to urinate throughout the day dont try to hold it for uncomfortably long stretches, Dr. Higgins said.

    During perimenopause and menopause, women may be at higher risk for U.T.I.s as estrogen levels decrease. Topical vaginal estrogen is the gold standard non-antibiotic treatment to prevent recurrent U.T.I.s in this population, Dr. Lowder said.

    Theres really no data for it, Dr. Brucker said.

    Doctors cautioned against assuming all vaginal irritation or pain is a U.T.I. Common U.T.I. symptoms can also indicate bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, sexually transmitted infections, urinary incontinence and even bladder cancers. If a patient experiences the symptoms of a U.T.I., and especially if blood is present in their urine, they should seek a medical professional. If you dont have a primary care doctor, urgent care centers can also diagnose U.T.I.s, Dr. Higgins said.

    What You Need To Know About Urinary Tract Infections

    Urinary tract infections can affect any part of the urinary tract, including the bladder , urethra, or the kidneys.

    Symptoms of a UTI include needing to pee suddenly or much more often, as well as pain or burning when peeing, smelly or cloudy pee, and blood in your pee.

    Occasionally, you may also have pain near your lower stomach region, or tiredness.

    Older people may feel confused or agitated. Babies also may be irritable and have a raised temperature. And children may wet the bed or themselves, or hold in pee to avoid the sting.

    UTIs are usually caused by bacteria from poo entering the urethra. Because womens urethra is shorter than mens, any infection they get is more likely to reach the bladder or kidneys.

    Other things that may contribute to getting a UTI include pregnancy, a blocked urinary tract , having a weakened immune system, or conditions that make it hard to fully empty the bladder .

    UTIs are one of the most common bacterial infections globally. While treatment is usually straight forward, left untreated, UTIs can lead to more serious conditions such as kidney infections or sepsis.

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    The Science Behind Vitamin C For Uti

    Before we take a closer look at the research, lets talk about vitamin Cs role in the body in general.

    Vitamin C is an important part of a healthy diet as it plays a vital role in many areas of human physiology. It is essential for tissue health and wound healing, as its necessary to make collagen, an important support protein.

    Vitamin C is considered safe, even in the large doses often found in dietary supplements. This is because of its water solubility, which means it is readily eliminated from the body in the urine.

    Because vitamin C makes it all the way to the urine, its believed to have the ability to act directly on the pathogens that cause UTI. This is a key part of the theory.

    The Urinary Tract Has More Functions Than Just Urination

    AZO Cranberry Urinary Tract Health Dietary Supplement Softgels

    A healthy urinary tract is important because the system actually filters and flushes out wastes, toxins, and extra fluid from the bloodstream. This process separates any unwanted elements from nutrients that return to your bloodstream. Urinary tract supplements reduce the risk of infection to ensure that the entire urinary system performs its functions smoothly and completely.

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    Cranberries And Other Berries

    There has been some conflicting evidence around the efficacy of cranberry for adjunctive treatment or prevention of urinary tract infections. The sum total of the evidence appears favorable. Cranberry seems to work by preventing bacteria from attaching to the urinary tract lining. Benefit may be particularly pronounced in those at some increased risk for recurrent UTIs. Dosing used for prevention is typically 500 mg daily of cranberry capsules or 30-300 mL of pure, unsweetened cranberry juice. Use of juice cocktails and sweetened juices adds extra calories and, especially in diabetics, can raise blood sugars. At onset of symptoms, starting 500 mg twice daily is reasonable.

    A study that compared lingonberry-cranberry juice to cranberry juice alone showed superiority of the former. In general, inclusion of a variety of dark colored berries is part of a healthy dietusing these foods in higher amounts in those with recurrent or acute urinary infections is reasonable.

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