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Acupressure Points For Urinary Incontinence

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Acupressure For Kidney Disease Important Pressure Points


When you are treating kidney disease, the first thing your practitioner will start off with is:

The kidney point 3 It is located near the inner ankle bone that improves the kidney Qi. This treats frequent bouts of urination and constipation.

The kidney 6 point The acupressure point help sort out the bladder control issues. Youll locate this point below the inner ankle bone right between the two tendons that youll find when you flex your foot.

The Kidney 7 point Locate the Kidney 7 point 2 inches above the ankle bone and it is aligned with kidney 3. This point alleviates the fecal incontinence because of diarrhea or dysenteric disorders.

Spleen point 6 Locate this point 3 inches above your ankle bone. This point helps strengthen the spleen qi and alleviates conditions such as flatulence, diarrhea, and runny stools.

Conception vessel 4 point Another point effective in treating kidney problems is the conception vessel 4. This point is located 3 cun below your belly button. It propagates multiple benefits such as improving kidney function, strengthening muscles, and spleen energy that combats with fecal incontinence.

Youll find these four Kidney acupressure point on the inner ankle. Each of these points helps deal with localized ankle pain. Each point alleviates local ankle pain. Know all about the points here.

  • Kidney 3

Benefit: It nourishes the Kidney organ system and integrates Life Force.

  • Kidney 4

  • Kidney 5

Benefit: Harmonizes menstruation cycle

  • Kidney 6

Why Might Schisandra Berry Help With Urinary Incontinence

Because it is both specifically indicated to treat urinary incontinence and also because it is an ingredient in herbal formulas known to treat urinary incontinence as a symptom .

Schisandra Berries is a Warm herb that tastes Sour and Sweet. It targets the Heart, the Kidney and the Lung.

Its main actions are: Tonifies the Kidneys and preserves the Essence. Astringes the Lung Qi and stops coughing. Retains Bodily Fluids and encourages their production. Tonifies the Heart and calms the spirit .

Why Might Foxnut Seed Help With Urinary Incontinence

Because it is both specifically indicated to treat urinary incontinence and also because it is an ingredient in herbal formulas known to treat urinary incontinence as a symptom .

Foxnut Seeds is a Neutral herb that tastes Sour and Sweet. It targets the Spleen and the Kidney.

Its main actions are: Tonifies the Spleen and stops diarrhea. Strengthens the Kidneys and restrains Essence. Dispels Dampness and relieves leukorrhea.

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The Acupressure Points For Incontinence

Acupressure, or the stimulation of acupuncture points without needles, may be used to complement a variety of treatment programs. Not a cure in itself, it can potentially increase the effectiveness of other treatment methods. Incontinence is a condition characterized by loss of bladder or bowel control. Typically occurring in older adults, incontinence can interrupt your daily life. Studies show that acupressure may augment incontinence treatment therapies. Talk to your doctor about your condition before trying acupressure.

Search Methods For The Identification Of Studies

The Acupressure Points for Incontinence

A search strategy will be designed and conducted according to the Cochrane handbook guidelines.

Electronic searches

We will search the following databases from inception to July 2014:

  • The Cochrane Incontinence Group Trials Register


  • The Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials

  • Chinese Biomedical Literature Database

  • Chinese Medical Current Content

  • China National Knowledge Infrastructure

  • Wan-Fang Data

  • Chinese Scientific Journal Database

  • presents the full list of search terms to be used.

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    Acupressure Points For Bladder Related Problems You Must Know

    Acupressure is an age-old technique closely related to acupuncture with origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine . While acupuncture requires the use of small needles to target pressure points, or acupoints, throughout the body, acupressure uses pressure from your fingers or hands to target these points.

    Acupressure is an easy practice to do by yourself or with help from a friend or family member. According to TCM, acupressure points are located along meridians on the human body. Meridians are pathways in which energy flows, and each corresponds to one of the vital organs . Acupoints are, on average, easy to find: many of them lay in small divots or crooks in the body . The amount of pressure applied will vary from person to person and depending on where the point is, but you typically want to apply firm pressure for several minutes to reap the full benefits.

    In this article, we are going to break down 18 acupressure points for the bladder, such as acupressure points to induce urination and points for an overactive bladder. If you suffer from these problems, or any other bladder issues, read to see how acupressure can help.

    Best Cure For Frequent Or Constant Urination

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    Best Acupuncture Doctor Near Me

    To choose the Best doctor for Acupuncture, it’s important that the Acupuncturist should have a decade of experience and treated at least 1000 to 2000 patients. You can also search for the Best Acupuncture Doctor near me or ask your primary care physician to refer an experienced Acupuncturist nearby. Once you find the Best Acupuncture Doctor in Chennai, you may go through their google reviews first and then fix an appointment with the doctor only when you are satisfied with the reviews.The Best Acupuncture Doctor should address your concerns and help you feel more comfortable before your first session. Acupuncture usually takes numerous sessions or several weeks to get a complete cure in any ailment but within 3 or 4 sessions the patients will experience positive differences.

    Effectiveness Of Acupuncture Treatment

    3 Acupressure Point for Incontinence

    Acupuncture is known to have analgesic, neuromodulation or hormonal effects via peripheral and central mechanisms and gives the best remedy for frequent urination or constant urination. Among the possible mechanisms, acupuncture may act as a method of neuromodulation in controlling frequent urination or constant urination. Mechanical stimulation seems to produce signaling via the sensory ganglia and interneurons to the spinal cord which modulates the activity of the motor neurons in the brainstem that control autonomic function, including urogenital activity, such as the detrusor and sphincter muscles. Several studies support acupuncture as an effective treatment option for frequent urination or constant urination.Several reviews for polyuria have focused on acupuncture or included acupuncture as one of the best treatment modalities.

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    What Are Acupuncture And Acupressure

    Acupuncture is a natural treatment that has been used in Traditional Chinese medicine for ages to treat several health conditions. Hair thin needles are inserted into specific acupoints to regulate the flow of energy all over the body to alleviate pain and other health problems.

    Acupressure involves the same concept, but the only difference is that instead of needles, manual pressure with the help of hands is applied to the acupoints. The best part about acupressure is that you can quickly learn this technique and the location of the acupoints and work these pressure points by yourself free of cost at home.

    Acupuncture For Urinary Incontinence

    The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators. Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U.S. Federal Government. Read our disclaimer for details.
    First Posted : February 28, 2006Results First Posted : August 1, 2016Last Update Posted : October 24, 2016
    • Study Details
    Condition or disease
    Procedure: AcupunctureOther: Sham acupuncture Phase 2
    Layout table for study information

    Study Type :
    Primary Purpose:
    Efficacy of Acupuncture in Treating Urinary Incontinence
    Study Start Date :
  • Percent Change in Incontinent Episodes Percent change in incontinent episodes at 1 week post-intervention relative to baseline.
  • Percent Change in Incontinent Episodes Percent change in incontinent episodes 4 weeks post true or sham acupuncture
  • Physical Health-Related Quality of Live Percent change in physical health related quality of life measured at 1 week post-intervention relative to baseline measured by the Medical Outcomes Study Short Form-36 Physical Component score. Higher SF-36 Physical Component scores are considered a better outcome.
  • Duration of Any Beneficial Effects Time to relapse in months of participants who completed true acupuncture initially or who crossed-over following sham
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    Criteria For Included Studies

    Type of studies

    Randomised controlled trials in English or Chinese will be included without restriction of publication type. Quasi-RCTs will be excluded as they are not truly randomised, and there is a greater risk of selection bias in trials in which allocation is not adequately concealed.

    Type of participants

    Participants of any race or gender with a diagnosis of OAB will be included. Participants must be at least 18years old.

    Type of interventions

    The following acupuncture methods will be included: body acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, scalp acupuncture, warm acupuncture, elongated needling, and auricular acupuncture. The control interventions of included studies may include placebo, sham acupuncture , waiting list, no treatment, and any active treatment .

    Laser acupuncture, dry needling, cupping and acupressure will be excluded. Laser acupuncture and dry needling are not routine or traditional acupuncture methods, and cupping and acupressure are different therapies from acupuncture in TCM. Studies with the following comparisons will also be excluded:

  • Acupuncture plus another therapy versus the same other therapy plus drug therapy

  • Acupuncture plus a therapy versus another different therapy

  • One kind of acupuncture versus another kind of acupuncture

  • Studies comparing acupuncture plus a therapy versus the same therapy will be included.

    Type of outcome measures

  • Number of micturition episodes over 24h

  • Number of urgency episodes over 24h

  • Secondary outcomes:

  • Pads used over 24h

  • Acupuncture Helps Bladder Control Stops Leakage

    Acupressure: Can You Pressure Away The Urge?â The Chirp ...
    12 October 2016

    A powerful type of acupuncture is proven effective for the treatment of urinary incontinence. In a Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine clinical trial, standard acupuncture stimulation demonstrated a 54% total effective rate, however a specialized electroacupuncture treatment protocol yielded an 86% total effective rate. Well take a look how these remarkable results were achieved.

    Urinary incontinence is defined as the involuntary leakage of urine. Due to loss of bladder control, urine may leak during coughing, sneezing, laughing, heavy lifting, or other activities. The condition may also present in the form of urgent urination wherein one may not have enough time to get to the restroom. Urinary incontinence may take on a more insidious nature wherein there may be frequent, often imperceptible, dribbling of urine. In all presentations of the disorder, there is a loss of bladder control.

    The discovery that acupuncture can safety and effectively treat this condition is significant. According to the CDC , incontinence presents a significant financial burden to the individual and to society. In the United States, the cost of bladder incontinence among adults in 2000 was estimated at $19.5 billion, with $14.2 billion incurred by community residents and $5.3 billion by institutional residents . Based on these figures, acupuncture is an important and cost-effective treatment option.

    Listen To the Podcast >

    • Guanyuan
    • Sanyinjiao
    • Qugu
    • SP6
    • CV4
    • KD3

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    What Can I Expect When I See A Reflexologist

    Reflexology is a new concept for many people so dont be scared to ask lots of questions! Your practitioner will likely conduct a thorough health history to make sure that reflexology is for you, and also to determine what issues you may be having so that he or she knows where to focus. Likely, the focus will be on the feet, hands, or ears, or some combination of the three.

    The reflexologist may ask you to lie down, and may start by gently washing or soaking your feet in warm water. If you are seeing the reflexologist for a specific condition, he or she may focus on that area, but will also work all points of the foot or hands, as this is thought to allow the all areas of the body to relax and promote greater healing.

    Reflexology is relaxing to most people and can be a great stress reliever.

    Why Might Cornelian Cherry Help With Urinary Incontinence

    Because it is both specifically indicated to treat urinary incontinence and also because it is an ingredient in herbal formulas known to treat urinary incontinence as a symptom .

    Cornelian Cherries is a Warm herb that tastes Sour. It targets the Kidney and the Liver.

    Its main actions are: Preserves and tonifies the Kidney, Liver and Essence. Stops sweating and benefits the Yang and Qi. Assists menstruation and stops bleeding.

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    So How Can Acupressure Treat A Uti

    After extensive research and several discussions with different acupuncturists, I discovered and learned about many acupoints that were spread all over the body. Each acupoint was associated with a meridian or a pathway that was linked with an organ. I found out the right pressure points that were supposed to treat my UTI and learned how to perform acupressure at home.

    Basically, its a massage technique in which you have to apply pressure with your fingers or thumb on pressure points, and thats all. The best part about this natural therapy is free from any side effects, unlike conventional medicine.

    It helps strengthen the urinary tract area and boosts the immune system to provide relief from UTI.

    In TCM, most UTIs are regarded as a damp-heat present in the lower jiao. To treat damp-heat in the lower jiao, TCM uses acupoints for urinary tract infection clear heat, dispel dampness, and promote urination.

    The lower jiao is part of the San Jiao meridian and is compared to a draining ditch because it transforms, separates, and excretes fluids. The lower jiao is the area below the navel. In TCM, it contains the kidney and liver and the urinary bladder. When this lower jiao does not work properly, it develops a damp heat in the body, which results in painful and burning urination.

    Qi Deficiency And Urinary Incontinence

    Urinary Bladder | proper functioning of urinary system | urine infection | Acupuncture points

    In TCM the Kidneys “govern water”, and are in charge of the metabolism of urination. Kidney Qi helps to hold the urine in the Bladder therefore, Kidney Qi Deficiency could be the root cause of an urinary incontinence or an overactive bladder. With Spleen Qi Deficiency, symptoms could include:

    • A feeling of bearing down
    • Abdominal distention after eating
    • Loose stools

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    Phlegm In Kidneys Or Gallbladder

    Pulse type: Slippery , Wiry

    Tongue coating: Sticky coating, Thick coating

    Tongue shape: Swollen

    According to Chinese medicine, gallstones or kidney stones are a form of Phlegm.

    In addition to urinary incontinence, other symptoms associated with Phlegm in Kidneys or Gallbladder include back pain, gallstones and kidney stones.

    Phlegm in Kidneys or Gallbladder is often treated with Si Ni San, a herbal formula made of 4 herbs . Si Ni San belongs to the category of “formulas that harmonize liver-spleen”, which might be why it is often recommended for this pattern. Its main action as a formula is: “Regulates Liver and Spleen”.

    Lung Qi Deficiency And Incontinence

    While not as common as the other patterns, Lung imbalances can be at the root of the cause of incontinence here a couple of the reasons why:

  • The Lungs and the Kidneys are closely interrelated in Chinese medicine, and an imbalance in one of the energetic organ systems can easily have an impact on the other.
  • The Lung energetic organ system is central in the formation of Qi energy for the whole body, thus Spleen Qi Deficiency or Kidney Qi Deficiency could be related to Lung Deficiency.
  • You may notice incontinence occurring during asthma attacks or during coughing attacks with this pattern.

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    How The Intervention Might Work

    Acupuncture works by stimulating points with needles. In TCM theory, acupuncture is thought to regulate qi circulation. For OAB, needling at points on the kidney or bladder meridians could reinforce qi and promote the recovery of bladder function., In Western medicine, the mechanism of acupuncture is as yet unknown.

    Kidney Yin Deficiency And Urinary Incontinence


    Bladder function and the Chinese medical Yin-Yang theory can also point to certain patterns of imbalance. The bladders ability to hold urine is a Yin function. With Kidney Yin Deficiency, the bladder will not be able to hold the urine with symptoms such as:

    • Frequent or sudden urination or urgency incontinence
    • Stress incontinence with a leakage of urine while lifting heavy objects, laughing, coughing, or sneezing
    • Night sweats, low grade feverish feeling, dizziness, poor memory, nighttime urination, and dry mouth

    Consider our organic Yin Valley formula!

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