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Urinary Leg Bags For Sale

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How Do You Clean A Urine Bag

How to Change Your Urinary (Foley®) Catheter Drainage Bag | Memorial Sloan Kettering

Initiate the process before going to bed, and begin with emptying the bag.

  • Once the bag is emptied properly, remove it and attach a nighttime drainage bag using Drainage Bag Accessories.
  • Use cold water to rinse the used leg bag and shake it rigorously. Do it twice for about 20 seconds and drain the water into the toilet.
  • Fill the bag with 2 parts vinegar and 3 parts water. Let it soak for 20 minutes, then rinse and let dry.
  • Follow your healthcare provider’s instructions on replacing your leg bag with a new one.
  • Where Can I Buy Urinary Drainable Bags

    We, at Health Products For You, have a huge variety of urine collection gas for adults. Our top-selling products i.e., the Hollister Urinary Leg Bag which is a comfortable low profile bag that rests discreetly against the leg with soft pleated sides, promoting independence and quality of life, and the Medline Leg Bag which comes with comfort straps and twist valve drainage port that is used for those patients who require a catheter but are able to ambulate on their own, are well-known for their durability and comfort. We also offer leg bags from brands like Covidien and Mckesson. Along with top-quality products, HPFY offers huge discounts, Reward Dollars, quick delivery, and much more to its customers. You can explore our collection today and avail exciting deals on Urologicals.

    Will I Need Extension Tubing With A Leg Bag Holder

    Extension tubing is usually necessary. Leg bags can be placed on the thigh or the calfwhichever is most comfortable for you. Extension tubing will allow for increased comfort. When tubing is too short, your range of motion could be restricted or you could inadvertently tug on the catheter itself. Extension tubing can be cut to the right length for your needs to eliminate this problem.

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    How To Use A Urinary Leg Bag

    Using a urinary drainage bag is no rocket science but for somebody who has just started using them, it can be quite difficult in the beginning. Here is how you can use a catheter leg bag –

  • Keep hygiene in check: Wash your hands with soap and water before and after touching your catheter to avoid any chances of infection.
  • Strap it nice: Your leg bag can either be attached to your thigh or calf, whichever makes you feel comfortable. Make sure the leg bag straps are tied neither too tight nor too loose, as tight straps can hamper the blood circulation in your leg and too loose straps will not keep the bag in place properly.
  • Sterilize well: Use alcohol to clean the tip of the drainage tube before attaching it to the catheter. It will help the catheter remain germ and bacteria-free.
  • Avoid constant pulling: The connecting tube should not pull on your catheter. Skin breakdown can occur if there is constant pulling on the catheter.
  • Keep an eye on the tube: Check the tube often to make sure it is not kinked or twisted. Blockage in the tube can cause urine to back up into your bladder. Your urine must flow straight through the tube into your leg bag. Always keep the leg bag below your bladder. This prevents urine from the bag from going back into your bladder, which may cause an infection.
  • Clean the bag after use: It is recommended that you clean a urine bag after every use. It keeps the leg bag safe from infection and ready for next use.
  • Extension Tube For Leg Bags


    The 18 in. leg bag extension tubing is essential for comfort and proper placement of the leg bag. The leg bag can be positioned either on the thigh or calf. The extension tubing can be cut to the length the patient requires. It includes an adapter and protective cap.

    • Kink resistant tubing safeguards against fluid buildup
    • Flexible tubing permits leg bag to be positioned on the thigh or calf
    • Sterile, Latex Free and BPA Free

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    Can You Sleep With A Catheter Leg Bag

    You have the option of sleeping with your catheter leg bag on. Since leg bags are much smaller than urine drainage bags, you can avoid frequent overnight bag emptying sessions by attaching your drainage leg bag with a slide tap to a bedside urine drainage bag. This requires attaching a tube to the bottom spout on the leg bag and using the anti-redux valve on top of the bedside urine collection bag.

    Before you connect your leg bag to the night drainage bag, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly and wipe the bottom spout of your leg bag with an alcohol pad. After you connect the tubing, hook the drainage bag below your leg on the side of the bed.

    $570 Each When Purchasing 4 Or More

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    These sterile 500ml leg bags and come in a choice of either 10cm or 30cm inlet tube.


    • Sterile – suitable for use with Foley catheters as well as Male External Catheters / Uridomes
    • 10 or 30cm inlet tube
    • Anti-reflux valve

    I find these more convenient at night. I can sleep knowing it wont leak or even the bag itself bursting. With the elastic straps the bag is held firmly and is easy to change. I can adjust the drainage tube to my liking. Good product. 4 stars from me

    I find the quality of the velcro straps is now poor after it changed several months ago.

    Paralogic Response Thank you for sharing the difficulties you have had with this product – we have passed your concerns onto the manufacturer.In the meantime we do have several other leg bags which may more suit your needs, or perhaps we can recomend the leg bag holder as an alternative. Why not give us a call before your next order and our experienced team can help you.

    Day bags

    Appreciate that these come with straps but found they bunched up a lot which will stop me choosing them as my ongoing favourite. Would rather pay a bit more for something more comfortable..

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    Where To Buy Urinary Leg Bags Online

    Shop Catheters offer different types of Urinary Leg Bags based on the type of Drainage Valve, based on the type of Leg Bag Straps, based on the type of Use and many more. Our wide collection also includes Special leg bags straps, belts, pouches from well-known manufacturers including Bard,Medline Industries, Coloplast and many more. Browse our extensive range to select the Product that best suits your needs.

    What Is A Catheter Bag

    How to Change Your Foley® Catheter Drainage Bag (English) | Memorial Sloan Kettering

    A catheter leg bag is a vinyl or latex pouch that is worn on the thigh or calf to collect urine. It is used in conjunction with a male external catheter or a Foley catheter. If you plan on wearing the leg bag on your thigh, it can be connected directly to the end of the catheter. If you want to wear it on your calf, extension tubing will need to be used to connect the end of the catheter to the bag.

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    Based On The Type Of Drainage Valve

    • Flip Valve: These urine collection bags facilitate for quick and hygienic emptying. A flip-valve bag is ideal if you have a need to empty the bag frequently.
    • Twist Valve: Such bags consist of a twist valve drain port for quick and hassle free emptying.
    • T-Tap Valve: Leg bags with T-tap valve provide one-hand operated. Small shield of these valves protects the fingers from contamination.
    • Anti-Reflux Valve: Urinary bags with anti-reflux valve prevent the back flow of urine.

    Can I Use A Urine Bag Holder In Bed

    It isnt advised to sleep with a leg bag holder. This is because the urine bag should always be kept below the level of your waist. Keeping the bag low stops urine from flowing back into your bladder and potentially causing an infection. When in bed, it is best to avoid using a leg bag holder and instead hang the bag beside the bed, below the level of your waist.

    The same is true when showering, even though you are upright. Hang the bag from the railing below waist level while you shower so that you dont have to worry about getting straps or a leg bag sleeve wet.

    MEDICAL ADVICE DISCLAIMERThe information, including but not limited to text, graphics, images, charts, and any other material on this site, is intended for informational purposes only and does not take the place of medical guidance provided by your physician. No information on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult a qualified medical professional about your condition or circumstances before undertaking a new healthcare regimen.

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    Do Straps Come With Leg Bags

    The answer to this question depends on the product. For instance, the Urocare leg bag holder does not come with a bag. However, some leg bags do come with a catheter leg bag holder. Youll need to shop for the bag and a Foley leg bag strap or another type of strap that is most comfortable for you. Some leg bags feature attached straps. If you would like to use a urinary leg bag sleeve or a preferred type of strap, shop for leg bag holders and bags separately.

    How Do You Shower With A Leg Bag

    Upgrade Incontinence Men Urine Leg Bag Silicone urine collector with ...

    If you prefer wearing your catheter bag when showering, be sure to dry off your bag, tubing, and straps thoroughly afterward. Leaving the wet supplies against your skin can lead to skin damage. However, it is not necessary to wear a leg bag while you shower. If you do not wear a leg bag during your shower, urine will simply flow down the drain.

    Additional Information

    Catheter bags are available in disposable and reusable styles. Disposable leg bags are usually made from clear vinyl. They typically last one to two weeks before needing to be thrown away. A reusable leg bag is made of thicker material and is more durable. They can be used for up to six months if well taken care of. If you have a latex allergy, be sure to use a vinyl catheter bag to avoid skin irritation. Whether you choose a reusable or disposable leg bag, it will need to be cleaned regularly with a urinary appliance cleanser such as Urolux. Doing so prevents odors and buildup and will help your catheter bag perform at its best.

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    How Do I Strap A Catheter Bag To The Leg

    Leg bags are typically attached to your leg because it makes movement much easier. It also means the bag can be hidden beneath clothing. To attach a leg bag, you will need the catheter drainage bag, a urine bag holder of some kind, and your usual supplies to change your catheter. Once you have sanitized and changed the catheter, youll then use catheter leg bag straps. Place the bag against your leg and fasten the straps around your leg and the bag. Make sure not to fasten too tightly so as not to cut off circulation in your leg.

    Types Of Urine Leg Bags

    Leg bags come in different types according to the preference of the customers. Based on the type of drainage valve there can be flip flo valve, twist valve, t-tap valve and anti-reflux valve, based on the type of leg bag straps there can be latex or fabric leg bag straps and based on the use type there can be disposable or reusable urinary leg bags.

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    Catheter Leg Bag Holder Sleeve

    Catheter Leg Bag Holder Sleeve


    • Washable, knitted fibre blends for strength and durability
    • Contours to leg shape, ensuring even distribution of urine and reduced noise.
    • Graduated lines of concentrated elastane – for support and controlled expansion when bag is filling
    • External seam prevents skin damage and provides comfort
    • Strengthened outlet hole, maintaining continuous support
    • Increased width and strength to top and bottom bands, for support and fixation
    • No unnecessary tube holes in the top seam so disconnection of the link drainage system is prevented
    • Light and comfortable

      This leg bag sleeve is very comfortable to wear and holds my leg bag securely. The pocket is narrower than my usual bag, but it works well with the bag simply slipped between the holder and the leg. I& #039 ve been looking for ages for a simple but effective holder, and now I& #039 ve found one.


    Easy to use, providing total security and maximum comfort as an alternative to leg straps.The soft fabric gives support, applying an even pressure over the whole area of the Leg Bag, holding it…

    The Simpla retaining strap can be used as a retaining strap which secures the leg bag tubing or catheter firmly and comfortably against the leg. This acts as a shock absorber against any sudden…

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    How Much Urine Does A Leg Bag Hold

    J – How to Use a Leg Bag: Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy | City of Hope

    Body-worn bags come in a variety of sizes ranging from 250 ml to 900 ml and larger. By comparison, the urine drainage bags hold about 2 liters. Since a full bladder holds between 400 ml to 600 ml, its impossible to contain a full bladder of urine in a 350 ml bag or smaller. Conversely, a smaller bag is less noticeable and lighter than the larger ones, but will require frequent emptying.

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    How Do I Empty My Foley Catheter Leg Bag

    Before touching any part of the Foley catheter bag, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Start by elevating the drainage tube to drain all the urine out of the bag. Then, while holding the bag over a toilet or large receptacle, turn the green spout to the left and let the urine drain until the bag is empty. Make sure that the spout doesnt make contact with the toilet or container to avoid contamination.

    How Do I Clean My Urine Collection Bag

    To clean the urine collection bag with a free flow catheter valve, you will need a large syringe, white vinegar, and a measuring cup. Begin by washing the outside of the bag with soap and water. Next, rinse the inside with the syringe pushing hot water through the tubing and drainage bag. When its free of deposits, drain the water out through the bottom leg bag twist valve and close it when the bag is empty.

    The next step involves mixing one cup of water with one cup of vinegar. Then, use the syringe to inject the vinegar solution into the bag before closing the drainage tubing. After letting the bag sit for about 30 minutes, drain the mixture out of the bag through the bottom drain and rinse with the syringe one last time with all the connections open. The bag will be ready to use after its completely dry.

    MEDICAL ADVICE DISCLAIMERThe information, including but not limited to text, graphics, images, charts, and any other material on this site, is intended for informational purposes only and does not take the place of medical guidance provided by your physician. No information on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult a qualified medical professional about your condition or circumstances before undertaking a new healthcare regimen.

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    Urine Leg Bag For Sale

    In order to best meet client’s needs, all of our operations are strictly performed in line with our motto “High Quality, Competitive Price, Fast Service” for Urine Leg Bag For Sale, Surgical Razor Blade, Disposable Lancet Needles, Disposables Urine Bag,Delux Urine Bag. We sincerely welcome clients from both of those at your home and overseas to occur to barter business enterprise with us. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Swiss, Bangladesh,Lithuania, Turkmenistan.To win customers’ confidence, Best Source has set up a strong sales and after-sales team to deliver the best product and service. Best Source abides by the idea of “Grow with customer” and philosophy of “Customer-oriented” to achieve cooperation of mutual trust and benefit. Best Source will always stand ready to cooperate with you. Let’s grow together!

    How To Choose A Urinary Leg Bag

    Upgrade Incontinence Male Urine Leg Bag SILICONE urine collector with ...

    Selecting a urine leg bag will be primarily dependent upon what your doctor recommends and personal preferences. These urine collection devices typically come in three different ounce sizes: 9-ounce, 19-ounce, or 32-ounce or three different milliliter sizes: 500mL, 750mL, and 1000mL. The smaller bags accommodate active users, allowing more freedom of movement, better concealment, and easier securement. Larger urine collection bags accommodate less active users, offering more storage and less frequent draining. Most urinary leg bags come with a valve to drain the collected urine when the device becomes full, while a few provide a one-use disposable capability.

    Click the following link for some other considerations for Choosing the Right Catheter Bag. Find discount leg bags for sale above at low prices.

    Caring For Your Urinary Leg Bag

    Removing your leg bag is a simple, easy process when done correctly. To remove your leg bag the proper way, follow these quick steps:

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