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Home Remedies For Urinary Tract Infection For Dogs

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Home Remedies For Dogs With Urinary Tract Infections

Home Treatment for Dogs With a Urinary Infection

Adrienne is a certified dog trainer and former veterinarian assistant who partners with some of the best veterinarians worldwide.

Does your dog have a urinary tract infection? Do you think that they might, but you’re not sure? Read on to learn all you need to about urinary tract infections in dogs.

Signs And Symptoms Of Uti In Dogs

It is not easy at the beginning to tell if your dog has a complaint of urinary tract infection or some other issues related to the urinary tract.

Sometimes, having a UTI home remedy in hand does nothing as the condition has become worse. Therefore, seeking medical assistance from a veterinarian is the only option you have left behind.

Moreover, the knowledge of UTI symptoms is mandatory to follow an appropriate dog UTI treatment plan.

Here Ive compiled some possible signs regarding dog UTI that will help you catch the progressing condition timely for prompt treatments.

  • Frequent urination
  • Blood in the urine
  • Inability to urinate properly

Urinary issues might become serious at times therefore, be sure to monitor your dog regularly and provide the best home remedy for UTI in dogs to avoid such incidents.

Moreover, if the symptoms get worse and persist for a considerable duration, see your local vet ASAP.

Urine Drug Concentration And Clinical Efficacy

Antimicrobial drugs must achieve an adequate urine concentration, which must be maintained for a sufficient time for a drug to be effective in treating UTI.16 It has been suggested that clinical efficacy is observed when the urine drug concentration is maintained at a concentration 4-fold higher than the isolates MIC throughout the time between doses.9

Experimental studies in rats have shown that the time for which the plasma drug concentration exceeds the isolates MIC correlates to the magnitude of bacterial colony count reduction the longer the time for which the drug concentration remained above the MIC, the lower the urine colony counts.12 Successful eradication of bacteria within the renal parenchyma or urinary bladder wall is correlated to the plasma, not urine, drug concentration.

When prescribing time-dependent antibiotics, shortening the interval between drug administration is the most effective method to allow the tissue/urine drug concentration to exceed the MIC for the majority of the dosing interval.

  • Drug elimination follows first-order kinetics, where 50% of the drug is lost in 1 half-life.
  • In contrast, doubling the dose would only add 1 half-life to the dosing interval.
  • To add 2 half-lives to the dosing interval, the initial dose would have to be increased 4-fold. The peak serum drug concentration achieved by this approach may exceed the window of safety, producing adverse drug effects.

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  • Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets NF Kidney Function Formula Canned Dog Food. …
  • Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Urinary SO Dry Dog Food. …
  • Hill’s Prescription Diet k/d Kidney Care with Chicken Dry Dog Food.
  • How Long Do Utis Last


    UTIs, when treated appropriately and promptly, can resolve quickly within a few days, to be exact. Antibiotic courses are usually very short, not requiring more than a 3 to 5 days of treatment when caught early and remain uncomplicated UTIs. Antibiotics, if prescribed, should always be continued for the duration dictated by your provider, even if you start to feel better before the course is complete. Inadequately treated UTIs could recur or result in the development of antibiotic resistance by the bacteria, making management of future infections more complicated.

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    Drink Plenty Of Fluids

    Dehydration is linked to an increased risk of UTIs.

    This is because regular urination can help flush bacteria from the urinary tract to prevent infection. When youre dehydrated, you arent urinating as often, which can create a breeding ground for bacteria.

    A examined nursing home residents and administered a drinking schedule to participants to increase their fluid intake. Following the schedule decreased UTIs requiring antibiotics by 56%.

    In a 2020 randomized control trial , 140 premenopausal participants prone to UTIs took part in a 12-month study to test if a higher fluid intake would decrease their risk of recurrent cystitis and, in turn, their risk of developing a UTI. Researchers found that an increase in fluid intake led to a decrease in UTI frequency.

    To stay hydrated and meet your fluid needs, its best to drink water throughout the day and always when youre thirsty.

    Benefits of drinking more fluids for UTI

    Drinking plenty of liquids can decrease your risk of UTIs by making you pee more, which helps remove bacteria from your urinary tract.

    evidence suggests that increasing your intake of vitamin C could protect against UTIs.

    Vitamin C is thought to work by increasing the acidity of urine, killing off the bacteria that cause infection.

    An older 2007 study of UTIs in pregnant women looked at the effects of taking 100 milligrams of vitamin C every day.

    Fruits and vegetables are especially high in vitamin C and are a good way to increase your intake.

    Consider Switching Birth Control

    Birth control methods with spermicides, as discussed above, have been linked to increased risk for UTIs. Additionally, other birth control methods, like intrauterine devices have also demonstrated to act as a source for recurrent UTIs. Talk to your healthcare provider about birth control options or if you suspect your current contraceptive may be causing recurrent UTIs.

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    Preventing Urinary Tract Infections

    Just as with humans, prevenient urinary tract infections is often the most important step in natural remedies.

    Now that we have gone over some natural home remedies for a dog UTI, letâs look at some of the ways that we can try to prevent urinary tract issues in the first place.

    • Always make sure that your dog stays hydrated. It is very important to keep a source a fresh, clean water available for your pooch at all times. There are a lot of self-watering bowls available on Amazon.
    • Keep your dog clean and well groomed. Especially around their genital area. Make sure that you are using a mild, natural dog shampoo or soap.
    • Encourage your dog to take frequent potty breaks and try to let them out whenever you can. The longer they hold in the urine, the bigger chance they have of a bacterial infection setting in.
    • You can also improve the health of your dog by adding a probiotic to their food, or by offering them some fresh yogurt or kefir as a treat.

    Hopefully, with these tips and natural remedies for dog UTI, you can help prevent and treat one, if the need arises.

    Natural Urinary Tract Infection Remedies Procedure In Dogs

    Do Cranberries Work For Urinary Tract Infections In Dogs?

    Herbal Remedies

    There are several safe herbs you can give a dog suffering from a urinary tract infection. You’ll find many anti-inflammatory herbs readily available in your local health food store. Juniper berries help to filter impurities in the kidneys causing your dog to urinate more while ridding the body of toxins which may cause the UTI or inflammation.

    Urva ursi is a natural astringent that helps with any minor bleeding or inflammation. Parsley leaf is a diuretic that can also increase urine production, helping your dog rid their body of toxins causing pain and inflammation. Marshmallow root is a herb that may reduce bacteria levels and minimize inflammation.

    Please be aware that herbal remedies can be toxic if provided in the wrong dose and it is important to consult your vet before considering them, as they may not be appropriate for your pet.

    Diet Changes/Additions

    Cranberries and blueberries are fruits that you can add to your dogs diet to support their urinary tract. Many high-quality dog foods will contain these ingredients already.

    Apple cider vinegar can be added to your dogs water bowl in small amounts and may ward off infection. Balancing your dogs pH levels can also be accomplished by adding fresh lemon juice to their water bowl.


    Time for Rest

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    Can A Urinary Tract Infection Be Prevented

    Many methods have been suggested to reduce or prevent UTIs. The single most important prevention measure is increased fluid intake. Many people develop UTIs simply because they do not drink enough fluids.

    Incomplete bladder emptying and resisting the normal urge to urinate can allow pathogens to survive and replicate easier in a non-flowing system. Some clinicians recommend washing before and urinating soon after sex to reduce the chance of urethritis and cystitis.

    Many clinicians suggest that anything that causes a person irritation in the genital area may encourage UTI development. Wearing underwear that is somewhat adsorptive may help wick away urine drops that otherwise may be areas for pathogen growth.

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    Watch Out For Symptoms

    Urinary tract infections may not be an immediate emergency, but owners should keep a watchful eye on symptoms and report signs of worsening to their veterinarians promptly. Symptoms of bladder stones may mimic those of a urinary tract infection, so it is highly advisable to consult with a veterinarian about the appropriate course of action.

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    Can A Dog Uti Cure Itself

    A dog UTI can usually resolve with natural remedies or treatment, without leaving lasting damage. But they should always be addressed.

    In some cases, urinary problems may be something more serious, like poisoning or even cancer. So, if in doubt or if it does not clear up in a reasonable manner of time, see your vet.

    Administer Chamomile Or Neem Tea

    5 Natural Remedies For Urinary Tract Infections In Dogs

    This is another home remedy for dog UTI. Neem is a potent anti-bacterial agent and can help to fight against the bacteria that cause it.

    Neem also serves as an anti-inflammatory which will help to soothe your dogs pain.

    Chamomile has the same power as Neem tea, yet it will serve as a more potent anti-inflammatory agent. This is especially great if your dog is in large amounts of discomfort or pain caused by the UTI.

    Both of these teas will act as a diuretic- which means it will prompt your dogs body to flush liquids from its system.

    Required Ingredients:

  • 1 cup of Hot water
  • Process:

  • Add your preferred tea to the hot water and allow it to brew for 3-4 minutes.
  • Once the tea is brewed, strain the tea and allow it to cool.
  • Add the tea to your dogs water bowl and let her drink at her leisure.
  • Give her the tea once daily while she has the UTI.
  • Notes: If your dog does not drink the tea from her bowl, you can give her the tea using a syringe.

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    Support Your Dogs Health With Extra Water And Vitamin C

    Vitamin C supplements made for dogs can be a general wellness tool, so there is no harm in crushing up a vitamin C pill and sprinkling it over your dogs food if they have UTI symptoms. You also want your dog to drink as much as possible encourage hydration by providing extra water bowls throughout the house and replacing them regularly. This combination of water and vitamin C might help encourage your dogs recovery from the UTI.

    Benefits Of Antibiotics For Utis

    Antibiotics are the standard treatment for UTIs because they kill the bacteria responsible for the infections. Most UTIs develop when bacteria enter the urinary tract from outside the body. The species most likely to cause UTIs include:

    More severe risks of using antibiotics include:

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    Increase Her Fluid Intake

    Dogs often do not drink water, especially in winters. You could try increasing her fluid intake by giving her broths, stews, chicken stock or soups. Buttermilk is another great option and so is unsweetened cranberry juice. Keep your pets water bowl accessible and filled with fresh drinking water so she can drink when she wants to. You can also add citrus juice to her water as this will keep her urine acidic and kill the infection causing germs. Adding fluids will encourage her to pee more often which, in turn, will help eliminate the germs.

    Give Your Dog Antioxidants

    D-Mannose powder to treat urinary tract infections in dogs and cats

    Antioxidants can help remove damaging free radicals, which are cells that try to repair themselves by stealing from other cells. Antioxidants can help reduce oxidative stress, promote a healthy inflammatory response and support the immune system. Ensuring your dog gets plenty of antioxidant-rich foods like blueberries and broccoli can help support urinary tract health.

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    Is It Safe To Treat Utis Without Antibiotics

    Antibiotics are effective treatments for UTIs. Sometimes, the body can resolve minor, uncomplicated UTIs on its own, without antibiotics.

    Complicated UTIs require medical treatment. These are some factors that can make the infection complicated:

    Can I Give My Dog Cranberry Juice

    We have heard time and time again that cranberry juice can help get rid of a UTI for humans. But what about dogs? Is cranberry juice for a dog UTI safe? We recommend speaking to your dogs vet about this. Each dog is unique, and what works for one may be dangerous for another. We strongly urge you to speak with your dogs vet before administering any type of treatment.

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    Can You Treat A Uti Without Antibiotics

    For some women with no other serious health problems, it can be possible to treat a UTI at home without antibiotics. For instance, mild or uncomplicated UTIs may clear out of the bladder naturally, as a strong immune system can help resolve these infections.

    But if you’re experiencing the symptoms of a UTI, you should always check in with your doctor first. They can help you determine whether you’re able to treat your UTI at home, without antibiotics.

    Because they’re at higher risk for complications, men and pregnant women should never try to treat a UTI at home, according to Rena Malik, M.D., a urologist and director of female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

    How Can You Tell If A Dog Has A Urinary Tract Infection

    5 Natural Remedies For Urinary Tract Infections In Dogs

    Dogs with UTIs generally attempt to urinate very frequently whenever they go outside. They also may strain to urinate, or cry out or whine when urinating if it is painful. Sometimes you might even see blood in their urine. Dripping urine, or frequent licking of the genitals, may also signal that a UTI is present.

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    Can Mild Cases Be Treated At Home

    When the symptoms are caught early enough, there are some home remedies that may help the dog overcome the infection before it may require the aid of antibiotics. Keep in mind that these will work only in UTIs at their very first stages and when very mild.

    Home remedies may not work all the time, and a veterinarian should be consulted if the dog does not respond to home treatments or he/she seems to be uncomfortable and lethargic.

    How Do Vets Test For Uti In Dogs

    To diagnose a UTI, your veterinarian should collect a sterile urine sample from your pet. The best method to collect urine is by a technique called cystocentesis, during which a needle is inserted through the body wall into the bladder and urine is removed by a syringe.

    How long does it take for a dog to get over a bladder infection?

    This typically includes either you or the veterinarian obtaining a urine sample from the dog to be examined for bacterial, crystals, and protein. Once the vet determines the cause, he will usually give the dog a round of antibiotics for one week to 10 days to clear the infection.

    What happens when a dog has a bladder infection?

    Because the disease irritates the organ, it increases the pets urge to urinate. Frequent squatting or straining without a lot of results is the biggest sign a pet has a bladder infection. Urine might also be cloudy or tinged with blood. Bladder infections can even lead to bladder stones .

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    Will Otc Products Like Azo Get Rid Of My Uti

    OTC products, such as AZO, will not get rid of a UTI. The only way to get rid of a true UTI is a course of antibiotics. AZO, whose main ingredient is phenazopyridine, will provide fast symptom relief, including burning upon urination and urinary frequency. This is a common medication that can be used in conjunction with an antibiotic prescribed by a healthcare professional

    What Is An Ear Infection

    ð¥Tips and Complete Guide home remedies for dogs uti ð?

    There are different types of ear infections. Middle ear infection is an infection in the middle ear.

    Another condition that affects the middle ear is called otitis media with effusion. This condition occurs when fluid builds up in the middle ear without causing an infection. Otitis media with effusion does not cause fever, ear pain, or pus build-up in the middle ear.

    Swimmers ear is an infection in the outer ear canal. Swimmers Ear is different from a middle ear infection. For more information, visit Swimmers Ear .

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    How To Know If Your Dog Has Uti

    As stated above, a dog with UTI will show above symptoms. You could take your pet to the vet or use dog UTI test kit or test strips. Many OTC UTI test strips can also detect glucose, bilirubin and other urine parameters. Test strip kits are easy to use and they help you determine dog urine ph. Below 7 ph value is acidic urine which is preferred as it prevents germs from growing in it. If you have just adopted a dog from the rescue center, you might want to keep dog UTI kits handy especially if your pet is known to have a history of UTIs.

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